Monday, December 28, 2009

Alamak !!

Since my 21km I havent run properly. A dismal 5k, or 3k or simply trying out a hill or just walking with a friend.
Its the weather, or I am under the weather or both and also being away on wedding do's and on a big eating binge. I feel bloated and fat and sluggish. And going away again tomorrow for two days that will include bingeing again !

Hopefully by 4th January I will be back to my normal self. Running everyday. Meanwhile I will continue to feel bloated, fat and sluggish. Running is definitely in the veins already.

And I think I will "die" come january 10th , tackling the hilly 15km route .. yikes!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weddings 2009

I love weddings.

This is the best venue for family gatherings, of meetings with the older relatives, uncles, aunties, and cousins and little nephews and nieces and friends.

We had 5 weddings in the family this year, the last one being yesterday in Ipoh. All  from my husband's side, the Malik clan., 4 cousins and 1 niece. And each wedding was special and we all had fun meeting up and exchanging stories, gossiping and showing off singing and dancing skills - especially doing the crazy poco-poco .. even I will be moving to the tunes while my husband watched from the sideline, I am sure shaking his head from time to time ha ha ..

Malik clan is unique. Its not often you see man hugging and kissing (on the cheeks aje ok) each other in public, but in the Malik clan its normal. The brothers will hug and kiss each other, passionately at times!! You greet all your uncles and aunties and cousins and nephews and nieces with hugs and kisses .. all around for everyone :) I am sure everytime we gather in the wedding hall, outsiders will be looking and wondering how come this group of people are going round hugging and kissing everyone that is in their path ha ha ha .. and we are a noisy lot too .. jokes and laughter and bantering are heard through out the function. If you marry into this  family, you will have to have a HUGE sense of humour and you cant be the jealous type because your partner will be kissed and hugged all the time by the family members, so deal with it, cant beat 'em, join 'em.

Its always a merry time for everyone and we will all go back home with this warm feeling in your heart filled with love. That is what you get in the Malik clan, you feel loved and included in the family in every sense.

Next year, so far only once cousin's wedding is in the calendar but then again, who knows?? many more might just jump on the wagon train.

Here are the lovely couples on their wedding day, looking handsome and beautiful!

January couple : Mas & Azam (cousin)

               April couple : Azni & Fiza (cousin)

May Couple : Akmar & Lukman (niece)

                         November couple : Muzafry & Norul (cousin)

  December couple : Nana & Hazrin (cousin)

Nana's dad insisted that my husband came in full traditional gear, to help him receive guests, and he is also representing his late father, THE Abd Malik. This is quite the first time in our twenty some years of marriage that we actually coordinated our costume, normally he is not in favour of having a same colour theme dressing :) and this is also the first time since OUR wedding that he is in full traditional garb, sampin included. I guess if he said that he is attending a wedding and don the full gear, I should be worried?

Of the five couples, Akmar & Lukman are expecting their first baby in March 2010. We hope the rest will follow the footsteps real soon :)

To all these couples, may your union be blessed and that you all have a happy life together!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting To Know The Regulars - Part I

Its a cold morning, but thinking that next week I wont be doing any running/gym for 4  days straight (and lots of eating instead), I got up and decided to do a short run of 5 or maybe 6km at my normal jogging area.

Quite a number of the regulars are already well on their way, some probably on their 2nd or 3rd round judging from their huffs! Its been 8 months from the first day I went out for a walk that had turned into a faster walk, slow jog, and slow run. I have come a long way too .. I managed a 21.02km solo last week (i know, i know i have already gloated but this is just a wee bit reference lol)

During this time, I have made many "nodding" friends, you know .. you pass by each other and smile and nod and walked on .. some of these have graduated to a hi, good morning, or a wave. I know them by face and likewise, I am sure. We pass by each other almost everyday, minimum 3-4 times a week!

And I have nicknames for them :) there's pinky, baldy, uncle & aunty, the mp3 adik, the barefoot runner, the smart one, the lady in white, adidas guy, the pakciks, and the ramasamys, and my guy (the one that i stalked) lol! These are people that are mostly around , whenever I go for my runs.

I notice them because they are different, quirky and interesting :) Today, Pinky, baldy, lady in white, mp3 adik and the smart one were there. Let me introduce them to you :) and when I bump into the rest I will introduce them to you too !

Pinky outshines everyone with his big PINK dyed hair and runs really fast, i tried to follow him once only to stop after 500m, out of breath .. no more following pinky. Baldy on the other hand is slow but consistent and he will jog non stop for a few rounds - he is my warm up guy! I am always happy to see him cos I know then I will get a proper warm up, I must thank him one of these days.

MP3 adik is a young thing abt 22, chubby and pretty .. she's always meddling with her MP3, sighing and cursing sometimes (i guess when its not playing her song?) and will only walk 2rounds and no more, she will sit by the longkang and sings to her MP3  .. once I cajouled her into walking with me "jomlah dik, lagi satu round teman akak" (come to think of it, i think she shd be calling me auntylah haha) didnt work then still didnt work now, gonna keep on urging her .. today when she saw me coming,  from afar she put up her hands and shook her head vigourously LOL .. I am determine to make her walk with me another round one of these days!

Lady in white, is Karen. We talked last week. I was walking around cooling down when she finished her run and we just got into talking. She is 52 (more like a 45 to me) and walks everyday for 5km, 7 days a week. She's always impeccably dressed in white attire, tshirt,  shorts and shoes, every time! and always has a ready smile. She is very consistent, she will walk for a bit and go into a slow jog till her last round .. but she's always there earlier than me, I get to be  with her 1-2km normally.

The smart one is in his 50's. He comes every morning 7:45 and will walk till 8:15 without fail. I often wonder if he went to work after the walk. I must ask him one of these days. You see he comes in his shiny black working shoes, his pressed pleated pants and always a smart short sleeved shirt .. only item missing is a tie! he will just stroll for 30 minutes and then walk out and cross the road and goes off to his next destination. I am very very curious as how he got to the place cos he always walked away, and where did he come from/going to?? few times he wished me a good morning and i'd return the nice gesture.

I look forward to see these regulars on my runs, they are sort of my running buddies .. we dont know each other but we are still very familiar to each other. And when new year comes I have decided that I will try to get to know each of the regulars better, one by one at least by name. I might give the pakciks a miss takut the makciks think I am "tackling" their hubbies pulak hahaah ..

And I wonder, if I am giving people nicknames, chances are they'd be doing the same thing too. I wonder what's my nickname LOL

Thursday, December 17, 2009

He doesnt get it, but will I ??

My husband doesnt get it.

This new found passion of mine. The running. The joining of marathons. The need to go out and run/walk even when on a holiday. The waking up early to run (instead of sleeping in). The being on the road for 3 hours 10 mins and 13 seconds (and he is still oblivious to the 6hrs x mins and x secs that I hope to do)

But I hope him not getting it will not be an issue in giving me the "licence to run". Hopefully.

And I have to know to play my cards well. I guess I will have to pick and choose my runs instead of trying to go for anything that comes around ! At the moment that is what I am feeling, marathon overdose.

So, I sent him an email.

- Asking for permissions not to ask permissions to register for normal morning runs in kl/klang vicinity
- Asking for special permission for night marathon (the much talked abt shape run) next year
- Asking for special permission for the human race spore (if they are having it again), penang bridge,
  and the Singapore International Marathon
- Asking for a birthday present in form of permission to do the Putrajaya Night Marathon February next
- Keeping it one marathon a month, if its more then will seek permission again

Seems like I have some marathon chart for next year already and this is coming from someone who doesnt give a hoot to running before this.

I hope to get a favourable reply, soon.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I can gloat today because
i ran 21km ..
what's so special u say?
Oh you wont know if  you have not done it

I can gloat today because
I came back feeling good
and can still smile and have a lovely day

I can gloat today because
this is no easy feat
for someone like me
I  "just do it"

I can gloat today because
I am still able to walk in a straight line
and free of any blisters, or chaffs
even though I will start to walk like a cowboy tomorrow
and will dread walking up and down the stairs
or even sitting and getting up from the throne

I can gloat today because
i did this
way ahead of my schedule
of the time that I think I will be ready for it

I can gloat today because
I did this
in what I think is a good time considering,
its my very first time

I can gloat today because
I was out on the road
running, jogging, walking,  shuffling
for 3 hours 10 minutes and 13 seconds

I can gloat today because
never in my wildest dream
I thought I will achieve this feat
and yet today, I did

I can gloat today because
I have friends who truly understand
and allow me to, well, gloat ..

 I can gloat today because
what I thought was impossible
actually was not

I  can gloat today because
today I made it
and not just want to make it

I can gloat today because
I am now nearer to achieving my other goal
that  will give me the right to gloat again

I can gloat today because
well, I can
and I am 

So, what are you waiting for?
Go do something that you too
can gloat!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just when you think its do-able !!

I ran 12km this morning, I am slow , much much slower than this someone that I know who claims to be a sloth ;) but I did improve my time by a full minute hahah .. just one minute and I am so happy? well for people like me, a minute is a minute ok ! And I am planning to do 12km now on my normal day runs and try to get more on the longer run (it used to be 5 to 6 norm and 8 to 10 long !!!), insyallah and I think I am ready for my first 15km challenge, next month 10.01.10 .. mesti lepas kan? But Seah, a season maratoner, a friend, went for the trial run last sunday and told me that its a tough route and it got me a bit worried, if Seah said its tough, adoi .....

So, this morning my friend, Serena & I took a drive to see the route of our next challenge, it starts from the shooting club, a narrow road out onto the main road, and a slope awaits before we turn .. at the first turn , we were both speechless, and for a full minute my car was just idling by the side ... OH MY GOD ..looming ahead is a really high hill that awaits to be conquered, and I slowly drive up and up and up and it goes down and gives you the full view of the whole stretch ahead of you and let me tell you, its a sight  to behold because another killer hill is looming ahead .... there are 7 hills in total with slopes in between and the real challenge will be these two high ones on the way back, and its at the END of the route !!

This will be a real challenge for me, cos I have not ran a hill before, let alone SEVEN! But come 10.01.10, god willing and if all is ok I will be at the starting line and my one prayer is to reach the finish line on my own feet and not via ambulance or a ride !! This will be the most celebrated medal this year :)

I really should have taken pictures but both of us were simply stunned that it did not occur to us to do it, then again I dont want to scare the would be runners for that day too LOL 

I dont know if I will finish this race but I sure as hell am gonna give it my best and looks like I cant do anything less than 12km anymore .. the M bug has to be squashed and squished till there is no evident that it existed !

Good luck to all that is running this marathon .......

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tale of an Anak Mami

I am an anak mami. 100%. The look, the colour , the all that it takes to claim this title ! You are an anak mami if one or both parents have mamak/indian bloodline and in my case, its in every generation way back to my great great great great grandparents , and without planning I married  half a mamak! My late father in law was pure mamak but mom in law is melayu jati. So my children are well, double dosage darah mamak .. but my eldest is not so mami looking , (she takes a bit of the melayu look) lots of people mistakes her for a chindian .. but aahh my second one is, like me, has 100% anak mami branding and my son, I guess orang tenguk boleh taulah dia ni keturunan mamak A more glamour term to anak mami is peranakan penang.

When you are an anak mami,  you are often blessed with one, two, three or if you are trully blessed, all of the following :-
a) nice skin tan colouring (anything from fair to teh susu, kopi susu, cair or pekat ) but of course in some cases, like me, terlebih colouring sikit lol
b) nice big eyes
c) long curly  eyelashes
d) hidung mancung
e) nice white even teeth 
f) thick black hair
g) good height - there's more but these are the most relevant ones :)

(and I just realised that MY son actually has almost all of the above traits! .. just have to get rid of his adolescence pimples) .. kalau zaman dulu2 boleh main booking2 buat menantu kan?  

People often give me this look when I tell them I am from Port Klang .. and I see the  angkat of the kening or or kerut of the dahi .. and the next obvious question or remark "oh ingat dari Penang" to which I will always acquiesce  with them that well yeah ada "darah orang Penang" and the smile that follows the next remark "tu lah dah agak mesti anak mami", come to think of it I should just tell people I am from Penang, anak mami tanjung, to make things easy.

But more often than not, people always think that I am indian too, much to the pleasures of my indian friends, cos then I am in "their group" ha ha ..and very very rare few times as a Eurasian.  I dont really mind and I cant blame people for thinking I am indian, the colouring is right hehehe .. if only I can speak Tamil/Hindi I am sure lagilah orang confuse!

I can automatically switch to speak the lingo when surrounded by my relatives from Penang, though the accent is not as good as theirs, I can still wiggle  my way in ! Its hingar bingar bila a room of orang penang bersembang .. and the foreign words to some ears :-

awat, habaq, mai lah sat, lampu lip lap, panaih, merlap merlip, kakarus , melilau, panchok, kanjiprak, cheq, depa, la nie , toksah, lagu mana , lagu nie, (not referring to a song ok) loklak, putaq beliaq, cemey, and many interesting more ...... do you even know what a KANJIPRAK or PANCHOK is??? and the intonation of the sentences .. its really quite unique! When a person who has the looks speaks and refers to her/himself as "chek" chances are they are still living in Penang!

I havent been back to my late grandma's kampong for a long time now, maybe I should take my kids to see their roots eh? she stayed in Kampong Dodol (more known as kg dodoi) and those days rumah bertiang, and some of her neighbours buried their family right under the house .. I remember being freaked out walking pass by these houses yang ada kubur, always imagining a ghost would jump out anytime to scare me! malam-malam sorilah nak keluar, thank god the bathroom is in the house!

Mak Long, Pak Long titles are replaced with Mamu or Mami, then you have the Mak Kecik and Mak Besak haha .. Nani/Dadi and Nana/Dada is nenek and datuk, Nana can also be for elder brother or male relative, or your panggilan sayang for your husband .. Imagine me saying this to my husband "oklah Nana, pi keja beik beik , nanti balik cheq masak kari ikan tau .." LOL LOL .. 

My nieces and nephews should be calling me Mami but dah moden sikit so I am aunty chik  (chik is my housename and only family members call me by this), or aunty june or AJ (the most glamour version lol) .. kids of my nieces and nephews are calling me by the tanjung style "Nani" and my  own grandkids are gonna call me the real mami version DADIMA! I really like the way it sounds, reminds me of the movie Bobby (remember  the ooh then so handsome rishi kapoor and dimple kapadia??) she calls her gran dadima .. I doubt my husband wants to be called DADA OR NANA OR DADAPA  lol .. i guess its plain TOK Z  for him! 

Being an anak mami is like a different race totally, I remembered once I went for a job interview and under race I ticked "lain-lain and wrote down anak mami as the explanation" LOL I didnt get the job and neither did they ask me to elaborate about it during the interview, tak inquisitive langsung! Or when in conversations and I would go  "tu lah orang melayu, memang macam tu" and my malay friends would turn to me and say, "eh you pun melayu tau" and I would go "I mamaklah tak sama" hehehe I am sure many of my malay friends are really really really bengang with me .. bukan tak suka melayu, but nak buat macam mana dah bukan melayu .. in the old days we were often referred to as having "darah keturunan keling, DKK" which actually could really offend some of the DKKs when said to their face and I wonder why, kan dah betul?

Specialty of being an anak mami? You must know how to masak kari ikan .. mamak style .. bila makan bau kari lekat kat jari ! Not to brag, but I dish out really mean fish curry!! and I will make sure my daughters will get their curry right!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Duh .. bila takde internet ..........

dulu tiada internet
tak pernah kecoh
sekarang takde internet
asyik mengeluh

tak dapat masuk facebook
menyibuk hal semua kawan
tak ada facebook
hidup tak keruan

hari ni bahagia
internet dah ada
nanti esuk lusa
boleh tulis cerita

tentang anak mami
yang kulit manis, yang putih gigi
nak tahu lagi
dua tiga hari nanti

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fair & Lovely, Dark & Not so Lovely???

What is the obsession of being fair, or fairer than you already are? 

Whenever I walk past a cosmetic counter, they are bent on trying to convince me to get their products that allegedly would make me fairer. Me fairer? hahaah .. big joke. I mean, look at me lah .. I am dark (nicely tanned is the term I like to use ) and I dont think any cream on earth would make me any fairer than I already am .. gelap lagi boleh lah !

I am blessed with easily burned skin .. duduk bawah bumbung zing, and the heat alone I can burn .. kalau mandi laut or stay out in the sun toksah ceritalah .. that is when the term "hitam berkilat" or "hitam legam" really rears its ugly head !! Even when I go out running in the morning on a very cloudy day, my face can still burn from the heat of the running .. how else can I convince them that I am naturally black and will stay black all my life ha ha.. the thing is, it doesnt bother me, one bit. Orang kata hitam itu menawan kan? black is beautiful hehe .. hitam pun hitam manis (or kelat in my case) apa pun, dah hitam terima ajelah ..

I hate all this fair people that will cringe at a stray of sunlight on their skin and will go "eee i dah hitamlah" or "mesti i hitam legam lepas nie" and these are truly fair skinned people, paling teruk kulit turn red kejap itu aje .. and they will turn and look at me and say "you oklah" ,, meaning?? ok cos I am already burned? ok cos I dah gelap and doesnt matter? like, hello?

Last week, a salesgirl was hell bent on selling me the fair and lovely cream ..she claimed that in mere 4 weeks i can get fairer skin ..

Me : betul ke dik?
Her : betul kak .. gerenti .. dulu saya macam akak , sekarang kan dah cerah (she is fair ok, likes of erra fazira and to think that she was MY skin colour, wow.. some product !!)
Me : habis nak sapu satu badan??
Her : eh muka ajelah kak ...
Me : nanti muka aje putin, tangan semua masih hitam macam mana?
Her : aa ... aa ... 
Me : takpelah dik, kalau boleh putih semua akak beli .. 

Needless to say she didnt make her sale to me and hordes of others that had tried in vain !

Being an anak mami, (I will tell more abt this)  I am supposed to be dark , even though ada anak mami yang putih macam hindustan, generally we are quite dark skinned and I am ok with that .. I think my husband berkenan kat I pun tang the kulit hitam manis (and he is really fair, ok)

Do you know the song hitam manis? During our anak angkat programme travelling from Shah Alam to Kedah, (eon years ago) in the bus .. this group of boys actually dedicated this song to me and they sang it over and over again .. I am sure the other girls are either a) jealous cos the dark one got the attention or b) hate me or c) hate me again lol ..

I still remember it and it still make me smile .. they did it in  english you see .. it goes

"black sweet, black sweet
the black sweet, i see no forget, i see cannot sleep ..
I see no forget, i see cannot sleep

when the moon is bright and the night is young .... 
i look in the sky and i see your face
the black sweet, the black sweet
i see no forget i see cannot sleep ... 
hitam manis ku june, i cannot sleep .. "

there's more but  I cant remember ha ha ..

secretly, i was of course flattered and i got that nickname through out my stay in ITM! those young innocent days, I mean really innocent days not like our youngsters nowadays that grows up too fast knowing and DOING things that we at that time didnt even dare to mention !! "my parents DID NOT DO THAT" was a common exclamation"

So to those that is wanting to sell me all this making your skin fairer product, thanks but no thanks .. 
I leave you with words of wisdom from my late gramma :-

"kalau kita hitam, orang kata tenguk dia tu .. hitam2 pun lawa .. isssh kalau putih lagilah lawa, tapi kalau orang tu putih nanti orang kata .. nasib baik putih, kalau hitam tak lawa langsung"

So, yeah I think I will stay 'black sweet'

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am now a 1/4 marathoner

Is there a 1/4 marathon? Well if you join a 10km marathon, then you are running a 1/4 marathon (its a running category in the Penang Bridge International Marathon this year)

I can now proudly say I have ran a quarter marathon and just recently, added another 2km to that distance. Never in my wildest dream have I ever thought that I will one day finish running (slow jog in my  case) 10km and in the events that led up to it, had fun, made new friends, *cough* lost some weight *more cough*  and am now totally hooked .. when you browse the marathon calendar more than checking other stuff on the net, if you are reading all the runner's blog and getting excited by it, or stalking a certain runner (in my case, its Haza - she inspires me and so so many others)  its a sign ! Oh yes, I am totally hooked, all the way ..

My aim now  is to run a half marathon, next year. My goals are a) i cross the finish line running/walking/crawling and not in an ambulance  b) i finish it within the time limit and c) hope to improve my personal best time in my 5km and 10km while doing the half marathon. From now till then, I will be walking shuffling, jogging and hopefully run a bit , have fun and make more new friends  .. and joining all the shorter distances marathons to prepare me for my goal next year :)

You want to join me ??????

Finishing my 1st marathon in style :)
Last few hundred metres of my New Balance Klang Pacers 12k, I seriously need better running shorts!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And finally, this anak mami is blogging :)

I signed up for a blog account September 2006 and finally, after 3 long years .. this anak mami finally found her "voice" lol .. My ex boss, En Ramli a.k.a boss a.k.a ARZ has been urging me to start and I have told him that I will numerous times .. guess its high time I fulfilled my, "yes, i should start "

The thing is, I am not a writer - suruh gelak boleh lah, that is my "trademark" .. loads of remarks, "i thot it was you, then dengar the gelak, confirm memang you" hahah .. I still dont know what it is about my laugh that will single me out in a crowd.

Been reading lots of blog and the words just seem to flow in nicely for them and of course the most important question is , apa yang nak tulis?? ada ke orang baca??? and while I think of my next write up , do check out the bubbly Mimi, her notes will tickle you !!