Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am now a 1/4 marathoner

Is there a 1/4 marathon? Well if you join a 10km marathon, then you are running a 1/4 marathon (its a running category in the Penang Bridge International Marathon this year)

I can now proudly say I have ran a quarter marathon and just recently, added another 2km to that distance. Never in my wildest dream have I ever thought that I will one day finish running (slow jog in my  case) 10km and in the events that led up to it, had fun, made new friends, *cough* lost some weight *more cough*  and am now totally hooked .. when you browse the marathon calendar more than checking other stuff on the net, if you are reading all the runner's blog and getting excited by it, or stalking a certain runner (in my case, its Haza - she inspires me and so so many others)  its a sign ! Oh yes, I am totally hooked, all the way ..

My aim now  is to run a half marathon, next year. My goals are a) i cross the finish line running/walking/crawling and not in an ambulance  b) i finish it within the time limit and c) hope to improve my personal best time in my 5km and 10km while doing the half marathon. From now till then, I will be walking shuffling, jogging and hopefully run a bit , have fun and make more new friends  .. and joining all the shorter distances marathons to prepare me for my goal next year :)

You want to join me ??????

Finishing my 1st marathon in style :)
Last few hundred metres of my New Balance Klang Pacers 12k, I seriously need better running shorts!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And finally, this anak mami is blogging :)

I signed up for a blog account September 2006 and finally, after 3 long years .. this anak mami finally found her "voice" lol .. My ex boss, En Ramli a.k.a boss a.k.a ARZ has been urging me to start and I have told him that I will numerous times .. guess its high time I fulfilled my, "yes, i should start "

The thing is, I am not a writer - suruh gelak boleh lah, that is my "trademark" .. loads of remarks, "i thot it was you, then dengar the gelak, confirm memang you" hahah .. I still dont know what it is about my laugh that will single me out in a crowd.

Been reading lots of blog and the words just seem to flow in nicely for them and of course the most important question is , apa yang nak tulis?? ada ke orang baca??? and while I think of my next write up , do check out the bubbly Mimi, her notes will tickle you !!