Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And finally, this anak mami is blogging :)

I signed up for a blog account September 2006 and finally, after 3 long years .. this anak mami finally found her "voice" lol .. My ex boss, En Ramli a.k.a boss a.k.a ARZ has been urging me to start and I have told him that I will numerous times .. guess its high time I fulfilled my, "yes, i should start "

The thing is, I am not a writer - suruh gelak boleh lah, that is my "trademark" .. loads of remarks, "i thot it was you, then dengar the gelak, confirm memang you" hahah .. I still dont know what it is about my laugh that will single me out in a crowd.

Been reading lots of blog and the words just seem to flow in nicely for them and of course the most important question is , apa yang nak tulis?? ada ke orang baca??? and while I think of my next write up , do check out the bubbly Mimi, her notes will tickle you !!


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