Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fair & Lovely, Dark & Not so Lovely???

What is the obsession of being fair, or fairer than you already are? 

Whenever I walk past a cosmetic counter, they are bent on trying to convince me to get their products that allegedly would make me fairer. Me fairer? hahaah .. big joke. I mean, look at me lah .. I am dark (nicely tanned is the term I like to use ) and I dont think any cream on earth would make me any fairer than I already am .. gelap lagi boleh lah !

I am blessed with easily burned skin .. duduk bawah bumbung zing, and the heat alone I can burn .. kalau mandi laut or stay out in the sun toksah ceritalah .. that is when the term "hitam berkilat" or "hitam legam" really rears its ugly head !! Even when I go out running in the morning on a very cloudy day, my face can still burn from the heat of the running .. how else can I convince them that I am naturally black and will stay black all my life ha ha.. the thing is, it doesnt bother me, one bit. Orang kata hitam itu menawan kan? black is beautiful hehe .. hitam pun hitam manis (or kelat in my case) apa pun, dah hitam terima ajelah ..

I hate all this fair people that will cringe at a stray of sunlight on their skin and will go "eee i dah hitamlah" or "mesti i hitam legam lepas nie" and these are truly fair skinned people, paling teruk kulit turn red kejap itu aje .. and they will turn and look at me and say "you oklah" ,, meaning?? ok cos I am already burned? ok cos I dah gelap and doesnt matter? like, hello?

Last week, a salesgirl was hell bent on selling me the fair and lovely cream ..she claimed that in mere 4 weeks i can get fairer skin ..

Me : betul ke dik?
Her : betul kak .. gerenti .. dulu saya macam akak , sekarang kan dah cerah (she is fair ok, likes of erra fazira and to think that she was MY skin colour, wow.. some product !!)
Me : habis nak sapu satu badan??
Her : eh muka ajelah kak ...
Me : nanti muka aje putin, tangan semua masih hitam macam mana?
Her : aa ... aa ... 
Me : takpelah dik, kalau boleh putih semua akak beli .. 

Needless to say she didnt make her sale to me and hordes of others that had tried in vain !

Being an anak mami, (I will tell more abt this)  I am supposed to be dark , even though ada anak mami yang putih macam hindustan, generally we are quite dark skinned and I am ok with that .. I think my husband berkenan kat I pun tang the kulit hitam manis (and he is really fair, ok)

Do you know the song hitam manis? During our anak angkat programme travelling from Shah Alam to Kedah, (eon years ago) in the bus .. this group of boys actually dedicated this song to me and they sang it over and over again .. I am sure the other girls are either a) jealous cos the dark one got the attention or b) hate me or c) hate me again lol ..

I still remember it and it still make me smile .. they did it in  english you see .. it goes

"black sweet, black sweet
the black sweet, i see no forget, i see cannot sleep ..
I see no forget, i see cannot sleep

when the moon is bright and the night is young .... 
i look in the sky and i see your face
the black sweet, the black sweet
i see no forget i see cannot sleep ... 
hitam manis ku june, i cannot sleep .. "

there's more but  I cant remember ha ha ..

secretly, i was of course flattered and i got that nickname through out my stay in ITM! those young innocent days, I mean really innocent days not like our youngsters nowadays that grows up too fast knowing and DOING things that we at that time didnt even dare to mention !! "my parents DID NOT DO THAT" was a common exclamation"

So to those that is wanting to sell me all this making your skin fairer product, thanks but no thanks .. 
I leave you with words of wisdom from my late gramma :-

"kalau kita hitam, orang kata tenguk dia tu .. hitam2 pun lawa .. isssh kalau putih lagilah lawa, tapi kalau orang tu putih nanti orang kata .. nasib baik putih, kalau hitam tak lawa langsung"

So, yeah I think I will stay 'black sweet'


Haza said...

My hubs said only superficial people think fair-skinned girls are upmarket, while top modeling agencies capitalize on Tyra Banks, Alek Wek and Imaan Chanel. hehe. There are pro eyes out there who don't think dark is not so lovely lah. I so hate those iklan esp when the husband/bf dump them or they don't get lucky at job interviews etc just because they are dark.

And btw, it's better to be nicely, evenly tanned than spotted/belang2 like me.

Rule said...

hehehe.....i really like d story...i teringat one dialog in cerita mekanik many years back..org putih ke, org biru ke, org hitam ke kita org malaysia kan.....
well....walau apa color pun kita,yg penting hati mau baik ....but to be frank, you memang sweet.....Luv u:) ....keep on writing cuz!!

Cieri said...

I am proud with my color as nobody in my college is as tan as I am.
but I do use some fairness cream/sunscreen just to make sure I am not belang2 and to make sure my skin tone is even.
xmo lah karang org cakap `dah la itam, belang2 plak` or `dah la gelap, berjerawat plak tu`

althought I am tan, sometimes especially during winters, I dont even have to use blushers as my skin glows by itself. sangat sukeeee time tu~ not the fake blusher effect but glow from the inside-y sort of glow

Sabrina Ismail said...

true enough all of ur statement, I'm dark, so what.. I get married 1st instead all the other branded girlfriends out there.. I lg laku haha.. we are a special breed.. love our family so much~

ARZ said...

Congrats for finally having your own blog. Nice story about skin color. Glad that Reliv will not make you any fairer, or else you will not be consuming the product..ha..ha..

BB = Beautifully Black :-)

June Malik said...

well too bad some people are so "coloured" but in the end , hati jugak yang penting .. i guess my best compliments would be when we were staying in france, they were all so captivated with my "bien bronze" skin lol

ARZ : the BB can really work for lots of things ;)

Hannah said...

Woot. Ibu hitam manis, I'm kemerah-merahan (I mean, really red. Never bought a blusher in my whole entire life).Podi to those that can only see beauty so idealistically/close-mindedly/zaman-mana-you-ni? Beauty is subjective..Takde maknanye org putih/fair konon lawa. Orang hidung mancung trus kata lawa padahal my grand-uncle dulu cakap "Pengantin tu caaantiikk...hidung dia maaancung sgt smpai tertutup lubang hidung dia." LOL. All this drilled-in-your-head that ur pretty only when u have big eyes, double eyelids, fair and hv sharp nose is nonsence. I can't ever judge a person based on looks I don't know as long as I don't know her inside out. Like make random comments, "she's so pretty." Except celebrities lar cuz that's what they're there for. So yay to us coloured ppl! Woot!

Sabrina Ismail said...

to amalina - are u a "glow in dark" girl?? hahahahahhaha

sessionist lounge said...

you don't say no more.. hahaa..
black sweet aunty june is sweet indeed! :)