Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting To Know The Regulars - Part I

Its a cold morning, but thinking that next week I wont be doing any running/gym for 4  days straight (and lots of eating instead), I got up and decided to do a short run of 5 or maybe 6km at my normal jogging area.

Quite a number of the regulars are already well on their way, some probably on their 2nd or 3rd round judging from their huffs! Its been 8 months from the first day I went out for a walk that had turned into a faster walk, slow jog, and slow run. I have come a long way too .. I managed a 21.02km solo last week (i know, i know i have already gloated but this is just a wee bit reference lol)

During this time, I have made many "nodding" friends, you know .. you pass by each other and smile and nod and walked on .. some of these have graduated to a hi, good morning, or a wave. I know them by face and likewise, I am sure. We pass by each other almost everyday, minimum 3-4 times a week!

And I have nicknames for them :) there's pinky, baldy, uncle & aunty, the mp3 adik, the barefoot runner, the smart one, the lady in white, adidas guy, the pakciks, and the ramasamys, and my guy (the one that i stalked) lol! These are people that are mostly around , whenever I go for my runs.

I notice them because they are different, quirky and interesting :) Today, Pinky, baldy, lady in white, mp3 adik and the smart one were there. Let me introduce them to you :) and when I bump into the rest I will introduce them to you too !

Pinky outshines everyone with his big PINK dyed hair and runs really fast, i tried to follow him once only to stop after 500m, out of breath .. no more following pinky. Baldy on the other hand is slow but consistent and he will jog non stop for a few rounds - he is my warm up guy! I am always happy to see him cos I know then I will get a proper warm up, I must thank him one of these days.

MP3 adik is a young thing abt 22, chubby and pretty .. she's always meddling with her MP3, sighing and cursing sometimes (i guess when its not playing her song?) and will only walk 2rounds and no more, she will sit by the longkang and sings to her MP3  .. once I cajouled her into walking with me "jomlah dik, lagi satu round teman akak" (come to think of it, i think she shd be calling me auntylah haha) didnt work then still didnt work now, gonna keep on urging her .. today when she saw me coming,  from afar she put up her hands and shook her head vigourously LOL .. I am determine to make her walk with me another round one of these days!

Lady in white, is Karen. We talked last week. I was walking around cooling down when she finished her run and we just got into talking. She is 52 (more like a 45 to me) and walks everyday for 5km, 7 days a week. She's always impeccably dressed in white attire, tshirt,  shorts and shoes, every time! and always has a ready smile. She is very consistent, she will walk for a bit and go into a slow jog till her last round .. but she's always there earlier than me, I get to be  with her 1-2km normally.

The smart one is in his 50's. He comes every morning 7:45 and will walk till 8:15 without fail. I often wonder if he went to work after the walk. I must ask him one of these days. You see he comes in his shiny black working shoes, his pressed pleated pants and always a smart short sleeved shirt .. only item missing is a tie! he will just stroll for 30 minutes and then walk out and cross the road and goes off to his next destination. I am very very curious as how he got to the place cos he always walked away, and where did he come from/going to?? few times he wished me a good morning and i'd return the nice gesture.

I look forward to see these regulars on my runs, they are sort of my running buddies .. we dont know each other but we are still very familiar to each other. And when new year comes I have decided that I will try to get to know each of the regulars better, one by one at least by name. I might give the pakciks a miss takut the makciks think I am "tackling" their hubbies pulak hahaah ..

And I wonder, if I am giving people nicknames, chances are they'd be doing the same thing too. I wonder what's my nickname LOL

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ARZ said...

The baldy can't be me cos I don't run. I only cycle