Thursday, December 17, 2009

He doesnt get it, but will I ??

My husband doesnt get it.

This new found passion of mine. The running. The joining of marathons. The need to go out and run/walk even when on a holiday. The waking up early to run (instead of sleeping in). The being on the road for 3 hours 10 mins and 13 seconds (and he is still oblivious to the 6hrs x mins and x secs that I hope to do)

But I hope him not getting it will not be an issue in giving me the "licence to run". Hopefully.

And I have to know to play my cards well. I guess I will have to pick and choose my runs instead of trying to go for anything that comes around ! At the moment that is what I am feeling, marathon overdose.

So, I sent him an email.

- Asking for permissions not to ask permissions to register for normal morning runs in kl/klang vicinity
- Asking for special permission for night marathon (the much talked abt shape run) next year
- Asking for special permission for the human race spore (if they are having it again), penang bridge,
  and the Singapore International Marathon
- Asking for a birthday present in form of permission to do the Putrajaya Night Marathon February next
- Keeping it one marathon a month, if its more then will seek permission again

Seems like I have some marathon chart for next year already and this is coming from someone who doesnt give a hoot to running before this.

I hope to get a favourable reply, soon.


oops did I just say that? said...

Aiyo AJ, where you get the semangat? I need semangat to lose the lemak2 dibadan also sooooooooo difficutlt...!!

June Malik said...

heeh mimi, once u put your mind to it, anything is possible, your dad is one good example!! never in my wildest dream did i ever see me doing a 21km run/walk but i did it, so yeah .. apa lagi ? get ur running shoes and go out!