Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just when you think its do-able !!

I ran 12km this morning, I am slow , much much slower than this someone that I know who claims to be a sloth ;) but I did improve my time by a full minute hahah .. just one minute and I am so happy? well for people like me, a minute is a minute ok ! And I am planning to do 12km now on my normal day runs and try to get more on the longer run (it used to be 5 to 6 norm and 8 to 10 long !!!), insyallah and I think I am ready for my first 15km challenge, next month 10.01.10 .. mesti lepas kan? But Seah, a season maratoner, a friend, went for the trial run last sunday and told me that its a tough route and it got me a bit worried, if Seah said its tough, adoi .....

So, this morning my friend, Serena & I took a drive to see the route of our next challenge, it starts from the shooting club, a narrow road out onto the main road, and a slope awaits before we turn .. at the first turn , we were both speechless, and for a full minute my car was just idling by the side ... OH MY GOD ..looming ahead is a really high hill that awaits to be conquered, and I slowly drive up and up and up and it goes down and gives you the full view of the whole stretch ahead of you and let me tell you, its a sight  to behold because another killer hill is looming ahead .... there are 7 hills in total with slopes in between and the real challenge will be these two high ones on the way back, and its at the END of the route !!

This will be a real challenge for me, cos I have not ran a hill before, let alone SEVEN! But come 10.01.10, god willing and if all is ok I will be at the starting line and my one prayer is to reach the finish line on my own feet and not via ambulance or a ride !! This will be the most celebrated medal this year :)

I really should have taken pictures but both of us were simply stunned that it did not occur to us to do it, then again I dont want to scare the would be runners for that day too LOL 

I dont know if I will finish this race but I sure as hell am gonna give it my best and looks like I cant do anything less than 12km anymore .. the M bug has to be squashed and squished till there is no evident that it existed !

Good luck to all that is running this marathon .......


ARZ said...


Challenge yourself and reap the rewards.

Hannah said...

Sounds like a rough terrain! (Ok maybe not a terrain but it might as well be,lol)

Good luck and remember to HAVE FUN while doing it! :P