Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weddings 2009

I love weddings.

This is the best venue for family gatherings, of meetings with the older relatives, uncles, aunties, and cousins and little nephews and nieces and friends.

We had 5 weddings in the family this year, the last one being yesterday in Ipoh. All  from my husband's side, the Malik clan., 4 cousins and 1 niece. And each wedding was special and we all had fun meeting up and exchanging stories, gossiping and showing off singing and dancing skills - especially doing the crazy poco-poco .. even I will be moving to the tunes while my husband watched from the sideline, I am sure shaking his head from time to time ha ha ..

Malik clan is unique. Its not often you see man hugging and kissing (on the cheeks aje ok) each other in public, but in the Malik clan its normal. The brothers will hug and kiss each other, passionately at times!! You greet all your uncles and aunties and cousins and nephews and nieces with hugs and kisses .. all around for everyone :) I am sure everytime we gather in the wedding hall, outsiders will be looking and wondering how come this group of people are going round hugging and kissing everyone that is in their path ha ha ha .. and we are a noisy lot too .. jokes and laughter and bantering are heard through out the function. If you marry into this  family, you will have to have a HUGE sense of humour and you cant be the jealous type because your partner will be kissed and hugged all the time by the family members, so deal with it, cant beat 'em, join 'em.

Its always a merry time for everyone and we will all go back home with this warm feeling in your heart filled with love. That is what you get in the Malik clan, you feel loved and included in the family in every sense.

Next year, so far only once cousin's wedding is in the calendar but then again, who knows?? many more might just jump on the wagon train.

Here are the lovely couples on their wedding day, looking handsome and beautiful!

January couple : Mas & Azam (cousin)

               April couple : Azni & Fiza (cousin)

May Couple : Akmar & Lukman (niece)

                         November couple : Muzafry & Norul (cousin)

  December couple : Nana & Hazrin (cousin)

Nana's dad insisted that my husband came in full traditional gear, to help him receive guests, and he is also representing his late father, THE Abd Malik. This is quite the first time in our twenty some years of marriage that we actually coordinated our costume, normally he is not in favour of having a same colour theme dressing :) and this is also the first time since OUR wedding that he is in full traditional garb, sampin included. I guess if he said that he is attending a wedding and don the full gear, I should be worried?

Of the five couples, Akmar & Lukman are expecting their first baby in March 2010. We hope the rest will follow the footsteps real soon :)

To all these couples, may your union be blessed and that you all have a happy life together!

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