Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is it a sign??

The other day at the jogging area, I bumped into mp3 adik. She was leisurely walking and meddling with her, well, mp3. I sneaked up behind her and gave her a nudge. She was all smiles and even sang outloud a few lines of the song that she was listening to.

She was on her 2nd and LAST round. And no, she is NOT going to walk another round. I told her that she could run if she didnt want to walk. She gave me the horror of horror look ha ha.

This is part of our conversation :-

"Lama tak nampak akak" (I must remember to tell her to call me aunty next time, ehem)
"Ada, lari pagi lebih"
"Eh, akak dah gelap lah sikit"
"Lari kat panas banyak" (in my mind I was actually thinking, really? have I gone darker??)

And we talked a bit more and somehow I managed to get a promise from her that the next time I see her, she is going to walk one full round with me, no matter how many she has done. And I am going to hold her to that promise!

When I got home  I looked in the mirror, this time properly. Aahh she is right. I am much darker. Infact a whole lot more. Its just that it never was an issue with me, being dark and thus I never really bothered. But, I am at least two and half shades darker than I normally am. I dont think the title "black sweet" is apt anymore, cos its closer to "bitter sweet". And I have been running in the morning and avoiding the sun as much as possible. Imagine if I ran in the afternoon? My problem  is I burn easily. From my own body heat, after a run even in the morning and the sun was hardly up, I'd be flushed and red (not that you can see red on me ha ha) and burned.

So when my husband got home that night, after his shower and while having dinner and talking, I asked him if he realised that I had gone darker. He simply laughed. Ahh so its true. I asked if he minded? "If I wanted someone fair, I would have married one" Aww.. isnt that sweet, .. and he continued "but toksah lah hitam belegam sangat ok" Aww .. i wish I could smack him on his head!

Nothing much can be done and in cases like this, I simply move on. Let's face it. I am always gonna be dark. I'll just have to somehow find a way not to be dark-er! 

So, we got settled and switched on the TV and we were greeted by none other that the FAIR & LOVELY cream advert. My husband laughed till he almost choked on his drink and I simply stared at the screen, wondering, is this a sign???


Hannah said...

HAHAHA. Kelakar gler uncle. Ibu nk try pkai, then try satu kali lar. If u like the results then invest on it! Actlly takde org ksh sgt pn if u go 4 shades darker. Still maintain lawa.
And sbnrnye if u didn't ask unc he prob wouldn't hv noticed. lol.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..uncle z dari dulu sampai la ni dok bagi the classic reason -"If I wanted someone fair, I would have married one"