Friday, January 08, 2010

My name is Bond, June Bond - Part 1

I went to collect my tshirt and bib number this morning.  I hope my bib number will give me the needed energy :) If only it came with the tricks and gadgets !! I decided to look at the route again and this time take pictures of it (photographs taken by Yana) because I know after the race, I will not be able to do anything anymore. I hope I will have some energy left to drive home ! Yikes !!

On Sunday, 10.01.10,  I will be attempting to run (i think walk is more likely) 15km on a really horrendously hilly route. Maybe for some its nothing, for me, its a gargantuan task ! I leave you with pictures of my nightmares for the next two nights, and will report back again on Monday , if I can find my hands, legs, fingers and toes :)

this is the first view of what to come, i nearly had a heart attack!

the gentler slopes

can you see how long it is ?.. and its really "wavy" too ... there are 2 killer ones like the first picture, 6 of not so gentle ones and the waves in between, and you go through ALL of it on the way back .. U turn route !! by my car's speedometer, its about 15.80km .. 800 metres extra is extra long in this race lah! My aim? Just to cross the finishing line (preferably not in a feeder transport)

BOND, MY NAME IS JUNE BOND - I hope I can live up to it LOL

(p/s : I am hoping F stands for fabulous, not f***** up!!)


Sue said...

Woohoo June! You did it! I hope you have fun with your blog. I'll be looking forward to more updates!

ARZ said...

Dear Ms Bond,

The route...yes the route. On my bicycle, I have many gears to use to tackle the hills. Once at the top, I just coast downhill. I wonder how the runners do it. Guess I will stick to cycling!

By the way, F stands for 'finishing fast'

sessionist lounge said...


June Malik said...

Sue : thanks and now that I have started cant seem to stop lol

ARZ : I brisked walk up and run down (the terror ones run all the way) - i cant finish fast but i will finish, insyaallah god willing :)

sessionist : yes, its the finishing i am looking for :) (and the finisher's medal .. teehee teehee)

Kumar Ramasamy said...

Best Wishes and Good Luck in your run tomorrow ! Your definately ace it ! :) June BOLEH ! ;)

sessionist lounge said...

finishers medal sounds suh-weeeet! :)
how was it den?