Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year is here, again!

Time really flies. Its the first day of 2010. Last year I resolved to lose weight, not buy any books and start cycling again. I lost weight, broke the 2nd resolution but only bought less than 10 books and did not cycle, but I ran instead. 

This time around, I hope to 

a) keep my weight as it is
b) TRY not to buy books and finish ALL that's in the cupboard
c) take the bicycle out more often
d) complete a full marathon - the whole 42.195km

Running (or slow jog in my case) is in me. I cant deny it anymore. And this year I hope to run better than I did last year. Beat my own best personal time. That's all. No need to win, just to finish the runs (but I do choose  runs with finisher's medal hahahah)  And I hope to run a marathon this year. No one will dispute when you finish  42.195km and say that you have ran a marathon.

I hope sometime this year I  will be able to blog and say that I ran a full marathon.


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