Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post Marathon Stories/Update : 15km Shooting Club Run

I heard that the guy that won 1st place was later disqualified because he was a foreigner. It was open to only locals and Singaporeans. Why was he allowed to run in the first place??? Maybe he was not aware that he couldnt run but the organisers should have known better. There's some talk about runners trying to cheat about their time, and I think someone turned back halfway and claimed he/she had finished the run not realising that a blue ribbon was given at  check point when doing the U-turn. You need to have  your purple ribbon that was given during registration and the blue ribbon at finishing line to proof that you actually did the whole distance, duh, things people do to win.

View the results here despite the horrendous hills, these people were fantastic .. my consolation is that I am probably the least experience runner in my category LOL. And I am not, and never will be, a runner in the true sense of a proper marathoner. I will be a brisk walk/jog/slow run participant. And I am not entitled to say that I am a "marathoner" until I have done the 42km run. And I shall abide to that. The people who does the 42km, some doing it  over and over again, are, the true marathoners. My time shall come.

For the moment, I am just a mom that enjoy running. I think, we, running moms are stronger too. The men can go back and relax after their run, but we immediately get into our mom/wife mode .. house to clean, laundry, cooking , etc that is waiting after our runs !! I am lucky I dont have any small kids, so mine are independent enough to get their own breakfast on my race days :) (the father, is a different story, manja lah!! still wait for me to do breakfast after my run, even if its a bit later than normal).

Was too excited writing about the run yesterday. I am more collected, sane and cool today. It was, after all, only 15km ha ha ha. I met/saw some interesting people on the run, that I would like to share with you :)

- A lady ran blindfolded accompanied by two guys roped to her hands on each side. She was fast and confident. I dont think I can even walk 100 metres blindfolded and she ran the whole 15km and was, faster than me.  Cheered her on when she was on her way back and passed me on my way to the U-turn. Awesome feat!

- I joined this lady after the 2nd hill and she was already cursing the route. When I told her we have 6 more to go and that we are taking the SAME route back again, she simply stopped and asked me if I was serious and I said yes. Well she simply told me she is quitting and walked away! I called her and told her we could do it together but she said she's had enough of hills already. I am not sure if I did the right thing telling her about the remaining hills , yikes .. strike one, Ms Bond.

- This guy walked passed me and some other runners and he was FARTING  .. prett, prett, prett .. and he kept on apologising "sorry, sorry, sorry" I hope he didnt have to endure that through out the run ! but he was fast, probably walking too fast and the friction and rubbing of two "cheeks" had some doing! Gave us a good laugh and breaking the tension.

- I thought I saw a guy from my running area and jogged up to him to say hi but it turned out it was not him, so I said still said hi, commented on the sky (cant think of anything else so quickly lol) and  ran away from him .. strike two, Ms Bond. But I was a tad faster than I planned, so not too bad hihi 

- A young girl, probably in her early twenties ran pass me and urged me "jom kak lari sama-sama" uuggh, she called me kakak. Let's go. I ran with her for about 700 metres and the hill came along (thank god for that!) and we said goodbye (due to my knee, I promised myself that I WILL NOT run up the hills even though I feel ok) I must remember to tell all the young ones to call me "kakak" when they pass me, sure gave me extra boost of energy LOL. 

- I came upon this guy, walking. Simply walking. So I walked a bit with him. "what's wrong?" "my knees, i ran up and down and now its painful" "ahh I know that, I have same problem", we just about arrived the U-turn so its a long way more to go, and still the 8 hills. "can u finish?" "going to walk all the way and finish" he was determined and I remembered "hey, I have power gel, you want??" the smile said it all, so I parted with my gel and said goodbye and continued my journey. I saw him limping crossing the finishing line, (I was walking to my car to get something) and I gave him my water,  he was really happy and high fived me. Made another young friend. Point 1, Ms. Bond.

- Met another  guy from my running place (correct one this time!) walking back with his friends after the run, said hi and his friends all went ... "ohhh u got malay girlfriend!!!" and he was blushing like mad haha ..err point or strike?? 

- I realised that I could actually now launch into a slow run AND talk at the same time, and not out of breath. Awesome feeling of achievement. Point 2 Ms. Bond.

There were many others but these are the few that I would remember most from this run. I ran pass quite a lot of people and a lot of people ran pass by me too .. everytime without fail followed with a hi, hello .. u ok? a bit more to go .. let's go .. all strangers but becoming one to achieve the same goal, to reach the finishing line. So even though when you stand at the starting line alone, not knowing anyone at all, by the time you reach the finishing line you would have made some friends and trust me, if they see you at the next run, they WILL remember you. 

I had fun. And I am actually planning to conquer these hills again, (planning is the key word here) maybe in 10 days time. Part of my training  for the next important step in my running. I am joining the Half Marathon, doing 21km next month.

Wish me luck. Bond or no Bond :)

Photo courtesy of Mr. Tey Eng Tiong, thanks.


jue said...

well written! had a good laugh especially abt the guy who ... eeerrrr . . . . fart . . LOL

Tee Horng Hean said...

Hi June, my friend and I measured the distance prior to the run. My car's odometer showed approximately 16km while my friend's GPS watch showed 15.7+ km.

seah said...

The 1st disqualify foreigner was warm during the registration, but he mentioned he have PR and working permit. In the last minute, he just cannot provide the evident. Sorry for him lo....

The 5th man open is disqualify because the nearer u turn, but he is carry 2 ribbon, expect pass from someone. He is a seasoner and experience runner. Very sure on his intention. Organiser very angry and disqualify him.

Photographer Mr. Tey would like to boikot him from all the photo.

I sad to hear this type of news. Running is very healthy sport, and it mind should be clean.


June Malik said...

Jue : it was funny, at first i thot .. no lah!! then it went on and on hahah .. poor guy but he was faster than me meh !

THH: my car read 15.80 but when I ran using my nike bracelent it was 14.92, since we started outside the club I am guessing its abt 15km finally, but funny how all the different readings :) but most important, cross the finishing line !

Seah : very true .. it shouldnt be marred by incidents like this , everyone must go with good intention!

June Malik said...

that poor guy .. he ran a good race though!

ARZ said...

Ms Bond,
Pretty hilarous write-up. Was laughing while reading. The KF (King Farter)was using turbo power.

So, what was your finishing time?

wei-min said...


Enjoy reading your blog, you make it so fun! i m tee's friend, the guy with gps watch ;p. i like your attitude of enjoying the fun during the run. Respect to Mums!

since you mentioned what you see. i would like to add one:
i saw 1 guy after the "gerbang: welcome to Klang", light a cigaratte and smoke while running"

and for your information, the blind fold lady is most likely vision impaired (cannot see well) that's why she need two people in front to guide the way. I saw this in standard charted run.

good luck on your next run (putrajaya?)!

June Malik said...

Wei-min thanks for your encouraging comments :) i have only just started blogging and enjoying this too !! I think the pintu gerbang is the marker for runners to know its almost over .. I was so happy to see it too ha ha .. yep next run putrajaya , maiden 21km!

sugguna said...

Hi June,

Wow...you running ladies make the rest of us proud to belong to the same species.
I am glad to be reading and following your experiences during the competitions.
Best wishes to you for the next feat.

June Malik said...

Sugguna : thanks :) my feat is nothing compared to the other female runners, but hey I do what I can :) glad you are on my side !! thanks for all the support girlfriend!

rara said...

salute u! a running mommy!
anyway, u ran a good run and made friends with strangers too. i never talked to anyone during my run. maybe i should be more friendlier after this :)

June Malik said...

rara, u shd try :) its really cool, no names asked no phone numbers exchanged (though there are some that i have both heeh) its just two strangers on the same goal making it together :)