Sunday, February 28, 2010

Err, what say you?

 My friend gave me a nike running shorts as a belated birthday present. I told her I wouldnt have bought it because its, well, a tad too short for my comfort. She said, "you've been whining that you dont have a good running shorts, this is good, I have the same one". She is still young and with body to die for, of course its good for her. Has she forgotten that I am err not-so-young anymore? and a body to die with?

Anyway, this morning I decided to try the shorts. Not too bad, its just a tad shorter than what I have. And its really comfortable, has a small pocket at the back for keys or something. But as I start running it rides up and became really short ha ha. Still not the short shorts that the young ones are wearing that is just below the bum but its still a few more inches shorter than mine. I am so glad I did not run from home but drove out and parked my car at the jogging area. I do not want to be the cause of eye infection or eye irritation or worst, popped out eyes to all the pakciks and makciks having breakfast at the stall that I have to pass on my way back home.  

The thing is, it is not that bad if paired with a decent running  tshirt instead of a sleeveless running vest. (I tried it with a sleeveless top, too much even for my eyes LOL) Still quite decent and acceptable by my account (then again my "account" is always different from the rest) but I know many will not agree ha ha ha. The other thing is, my friend is right. Its really really good, by far the most comfortable pair of running shorts for me. The next thing is, I did not get as many cat calls or uncalled for remarks compared to when I run with my knee length lycra.

Conclusion 1 : running with the knee length lycra gives the ILLUSION of a nicely contoured legs which could be the reason for the honks and calls and remarks  but having bared it almost all, showing the thighs of an elephant, no one would look twice and god help them for looking in the first place !

Conclusion 2 : I will use this for my competing runs and spare the kampong people of popping their eyes and getting their jaw locked, when you are with few thousand other people, no one will notice its a tad too short for a makcik like me, some might frown but hey, I am just there to run.

Err, what say you?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ms. Aimie Aliesya

I have been a grand aunt many times over, but its always a day to celebrate and go ga ga over the tiny little bundle of joy ! Sometimes  I do wish for another one of my own when I look at this tiny ones, the smell of a new baby, (dont you just love the smell??? I can go on and on kissing and "keeping" the baby scent) the cute little clothes ahhh ..  BUT before all of you tell me to go ahead and just do it , please note that I am way over the age limit for child bearing. He he .. phewww. And I love the luxury of my time too much to be tied down again for many years, selfish,  but hey I already have three kids lah !!

My nephew and his wife, welcomed their second daughter this morning, she sure took her time! Her due date was  15th Feb and I was hoping she'd share the same birthday with me and when the time passed, maybe she'd share her birthday with Aunty Lina, but I guess she wants the day to herself (at least in the family circle .. in the world millions are being born on the same day !!). We are going over to see her later, but here's a sneak peek courtesy of the proud dad ! Doesnt she look like her elder sister ???

Little Aimie Aliesya
Big sister, Aisya Amiera 

Congrats to Boy (you see nicknames from small do stick till you die ha ha, so do THINK before you want to give your child a nickname) and Mah and Kak Aisya on the new addition to the family. Love you all !!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its not everyday you turn 21 !! Arlina's surprise birthday party :)

I didnt  call to wish Arlina happy birthday today, trust me it was not easy  because I knew she would be waiting and wondered why  I did not call. Why? Because I had planned with her roommates for a small surprise party and I drove over to her hostel with her new "2nd hand" car, her grand birthday present, and the Edward birthday cake and Twilight cup cakes and all ... The look on her face? priceless .. Let the pictures tell the stories .. photos courtesy of Atika (her cousin) Belle, her classmate and Yana, my 2nd daughter. Too bad Azam and Daddy cant join us. We will have a family belated birthday dinner when she comes back :)

And a big thank you to Nita, who did the beautiful cake and cupcakes. Its from the Twilight series, Arlina likes Edward and I thought this would be a great cake , and the cupcakes are all the theme from the books !! Do visit her blog and do call her for your special orders, she can cater to your whims and fancies :) and she's got a "hot" delivery guy too .. but he belongs to her, so just feast your eyes !!



I am sorry the pictures are haphazardly arranged, I still cant work that function in the blog LOL ..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAKAK. Glad you loved everything!! (err this is for 21 only ok .........)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Countdown : 2 days to go

Dearest Kakak,

You, my baby, will be 21 in two days time. OH MY GOD. You are no longer a kid. No longer my small little girl. You can now make decisions about your life without our consent anymore , gulp and yikes!! and double gulp and yikes !!!

I remember when I was 7 months pregnant with you,  I freaked out. Suddenly I  realised that I , was actually having another living person INSIDE me, alive and breathing and moving. You know the alien movie? Yeah, I felt like an alien, LOL. God's miracle. And the first time I saw you. Mere minutes after the delivery. On my belly. How everything else around me simply disappeared and it was just you and me staring at each other.

I am so happy that we have a strong bond and a great mother-daughter relationship, and that even till now, you still share with me about things, your friends, worries and problems, your boyfriend, and other stuff .. and that you still come to me for advise and little girly things. I am blessed for you are a wonderful daughter and now you have  turned into a wonderful young adult. I have been spared from teenage outbursts, adolescence rebel, or the growing up problems. We talk freely about things and enjoy our time together. Movies, eating out, window shopping, actual shopping :), just hanging out. Its nice to see that you and your siblings are much more closer now and that you guys have so much fun together especially when you start goofing. LOL.

You are still looking for yourself,  I wish you all the best. This is a journey that you need to embark on your own but know that I am always here for you for advise, guidance, direction or just here. You do have a lot of your father's traits, but on a softer side compared to dad. Ha ha. And some of mine and most of your own.

Remember my college pictures? at  your age today shows very similar resemblance, even you have to agree in some photos I looked like you (or is it the other way round??). And kakak, dont worry too much  about your weight lah , I do think that now you are just the perfect size for your height and built.  Whatever it is, Kak, you are a beautiful young woman. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

So, Kakak .. Happy 21st. I am two days early, I cant help it :)  I love you. We all love you. I hope that you will get what you wished for and that your dreams will come true. And that you will have courage, wisdom and strength to face the challenges that life will throw at you and that you will always try and not give up. And you will always give it your best, no matter what you do. And that you will have emphaty, and love and respect to all around you. And that you will be kind, and humble  and always be there for someone else. And that you know life wont be a smooth sailing journey but you will face it anyhow. And that you remember my time, place and ocassion rule, and to always draw a limit line. You can go as far as you want, soar as high as you want, but the line will always remind you of who you are, what you are and to guide you back to the right path.

And know that we are always here for you, no matter what. For the good times, for the hard times, for the bad times. Having said that, I only ask one thing from you. You not only carry your name but your father's and mine. Carry it well, make us proud. Make you proud. May Allah keeps you close and guide you.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting Nearer to the big FIVE O

Alhamdulillah,  I am 47 today. Healthier and slimmer than I was 20 years ago. Haha, really. Ask my ex boss  and my other friends. I was tall, big and well, on the over plump side before!! I have no qualms about getting old. No stress when I turned 40, nor any now. Age is just a number. Its your heart that determines who, what and how old you are :) I pray that God will bless me with long life, good health, love and happiness around me and that I get to see my children marry, live a good life and enjoy my grandchildren(s). Waiting for the time when a little cute voice will call me "Dadima".

Honestly, at this point of my life, I am truly happy. Of course there are stuffs, matters, things , that can make life  better, but if this is how my life will be for the years to come, I dont mind.There will be bumpy roads, long winded road, pot holes, endless roads, dead end but I hope that I will be able to pass all these roads and come out still feeling like I do now. I hope that when I am lost or hurt, I will be able to walk on the right path again with my head held up high.  I hope God will give me the strength to face all his challenges and other things in life.

I thank God for my husband, my children, family and my friends  that's always there for me.

And, at 47 I am  I am finally happy  with my body. Hah! how many women can say that? That tummy bulge and the flabby arms that refuse to go away? I have since accepted them and move on in life with it, cant beat 'em, join 'em!! Its hard work  trying to control your  diet, not to gain weight, trying to reduce the huge thighs,toning up the chicken wing arms, trying to avoid wrinkles creep up your face, hide the veins in your hands ..the list goes on and on. I have come to a plateau and I am happy, I think I am pretty ok for a makcik. In my opinion lah. Can still strut in jeans/sneakers and tshirt, my favourite casual wear. Survived so far without any surgery, botox, injections, implants (eerrkk) expensive creams, facials, etc. Only my faithful Olay products. I might  add fair & lovely, NOT! I am ok with me. I look forward for my big 5-0. Insyaallah. To age gracefully is so much easier than trying not to grow old LOL.

And I am going to continue my newfound passion, to run and have fun and make new friends. And get to have younger friends (some a good 20 years or more) which I believe will help me to feel young, hahah. This hobby also enables me to eat what I want as much as I want, no need to worry that the extra pound will creep back! An easy and cheap way to keep healthy. You should try. You will get addicted, trust me. And its a good healthy addiction.

My wish? that all my loved ones, family and friends will be blessed with long life, good health, happiness, love and all good things come your way. And may what you wished for will come true. And may you have the strength to face the challenges of life. Did I get my wish? Yeah some of them. Better some than none right? And I will be working hard towards achieving my dream to hold a full marathon medal in my hands before I turn 48, insyaallah!
Thank you all .. for the love, support, and just accepting me for what I am and who I am. I remain, faithfully, Bond, your one and only June Bond :0) God Bless You All. Amin.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post Race - Putrajaya Night Marathon

12/02/10 Update : check out your PNM photos here, and get it for only RM2.99 per copy!!
 I did quite well, and I am happy. Net time of 3:03:52 (from my own 3:10:13) and smoked my 10k!! I did 1:29:59 at SCKLM last year and this time I clocked 1:17:16 !! Scrutinized the results list. I left 321 half marathon runners behind me. I am so proud of myself. Talk about being vain LOL.  One for the makciks!!

Went for a walk yesterday, just to loosen up the muscles. Purely lazy and purely leisure walk. 3.07km in 1:06:00 ha ha. Serena and I were reminiscing our run again!                                

                                                                      knee throbbing, feet painful but determine to get that good timing .. getting ready for the last dash!
Its good to be out and I was itching to run but I think I should rest the knee. No more swells, or throbs. But yeah, rest it a bit.  And I am also nursing a blister from that thing in the shoe. That thing turned out to be the  plaster from my big toe that came off and plastered itself against the socks and rubbed against my skin with a tweeny weeny stone as well. I got home took off my shoes and saw a 2 inch blister forming. Hey did you know they have special plasters for blisters? I didnt till yesterday when I sheepishly asked the pharmacist if she had any cream or plaster for my blister and voila she handed me a box of blister plasters. All runners must have this.

Personally I had a good run. I have never done long distance and I am glad for the well organised event that provided enough water and sponges. How I love the sponging stations. I saw this girl at the 2nd sponging station standing by the bucket and furiously dipping her sponge and wetting her head over and over again. She saw me looking and simply said, "air tak kena kepala lagi kak" .. I can understand, it was hot and humid and she was donning the tudung. Bravo. I might have passed out already. I truly admire those running with their tudungs. Its tough, really tough. Honestly if I was brave enough (or had better abs) I'd be donning the sports bra LOL. Eeww ok, let's not go there. Shucks, nanti di kata cari jantan lagi hahahahah ..Ok. Stop. hahahahahahah. Sorry, cant help it. hahahahhahahah.

Many complaint about the heat and humidity. This is only my 6th run and my longest. But I think I prefer this more to morning. Maybe its the sun that I dont like? At least I saved one session of getting burned. I didnt like the last 2km to the finish line though.

I woke up feeling fresh and albeit a sore knee and slightly strained back, I was walking normally. No cowboy walks and no wincing going up and down the stairs. Fast recovery this time. I thought it was going to be a bad day, I was already limping after the race and sitting and getting up from the chair in McD was already hard.

And I am now itching to register for my next race. Its going to be another half marathon! Energizer is high on the list and also Bidor half marathon. Also eyeing walking up and down the KL Tower. Just walk for fun. A different kind of medal. Now to work on getting the permission.

Been a quiet few days but my heart is still glowing. I am sure those who did their first Half Marathon that night would still be feeling the same.

Have a great day my friends. 

Monday, February 08, 2010

A Medal for my Birthday !

This has got to be the best pre-birthday present for me from me ! A Half Marathon finisher medal :)

After yesterday's morning drama, I knew I wont be able to run the race. I am glad the doctor agreed to give me a painkiller jab instead of pills. It sure helped me a lot. I  was determined to go and if I had to walk all the way, thats what I'd do! And I didnt want to let Serena down again. I had to miss the Putrajaya 12-hour walk resulting in her not going too. Her husband injured his toe, so if I missed this then I'd let her down again, what' worst its the same location. Must break the jinx. I thought she didnt want to friend me anymore after that, hehe but we worked things out :)Most of all, I had set my heart on this run for a long time.

Serena came at 530 and we left. We were gloating about ourselves now trying for a 21km race when we just only started our first race in June last year. We actually trained much harder for our 10k run then LOL. Hehe , its ok to gloat about yourself once in awhile kan? But I was also a bit worried, my knee was throbbing from time to time, and I was having pain at the hip and it crept to my back.Serena got worried when I started rubbing my back while driving! Told her I'd walk all the way if I had too.

We arrived about 640pm (we got lost for a few minutes) and went on our way to check out the place. Lots of runners were already there and some were already warming up. Took a stroll to the main area, met Idaizumi from CAR and few others. Stopped for a short chat. Met up with Kumar, my running friend that came down from Penang for this run. We sat around looking at people and chit chat. I met up with Che who brought the glow bracelets and Hailmy, who gave me the Bareno run slip (which is now missing!). Shariff, the Singapore Blade Runner walked pass and I went over to say hello. He is cool! Got a pleasant surprise in the form of the sweet Azza, a new blogger friend ! She memorized my bib number and in the sea of people, somehow managed to see me and came over to say hello. Looked around for Rara, but did not see her. Didnt see Shafina, another friend or my cousin Shariff and his team! The lovely Ruby, who was smoking hot in her Adination tee sauntered over to say hello!

Was a bit disappointed because did not bump into marathon mom Haza especially Serena, who really wanted to say hi and congrat her for her Abu Dhabi run. I owed her a hug. Haza is our idol! Then we moved into the waiting area, the runners were getting excited, and it was quite humid. Serena was actually feeling sleepy at that point of time! I was looking for Seah, my running sifu and then checked my phone saw that he had called me. Immediately called him and he came to meet us at the fence and took a snap of us before the run .. I also passed him my jacket so that I dont have to run with it tied to my waist! (dont ask me why I had it because, I dont know). Seah signed up for full marathon but was not able to join because he was down with fever and flu. Next year Seah!! But he came to support us all and had a bottle of water for me at the finishing line .. that is the best thing to get after crossing the line ! and he took a picture of me drenching wet. (still considering whether or not to post here hehe) , thanks Seah.

Serena & Kumar wanted to run with me. I told them I'd be slowing them down since I wont be able to run my pace with my knee throbbing (like i run THAT fast lol) and  that they should break away whenever they want. The gun went off and so did Serena lol. She has this thing about having to run fast at the start, and I am a slow starter. I saw her turned back a few times looking for me but I guess there were too many people. Kumar paced with me and we could see Serena ahead of us. I could jog without pain at certain pace and I kept at that. Serena was nowhere to be seen. She totally smoked us :)

Was doing well till the 3.3km and my knee started to throb. OOps, loooong way more to go lah. My cousin Shariff came and went, Shafina too, chatted a bit and she continued on. And then Syura passed me too. At 5km I had to slow down a bit, and told Kumar to go ahead. I could always see him ahead of me, that kept me going. Kumar was also nursing a knee injury  and was much slower than what he could really do (he clocked 2:38 at last year's KLIM) I jogged when I could and walked when I could feel the strain. Met Irina, ran with her a bit and lost her after the water station. Looked behind and cant see her. Caught up with Kumar at 8km and then lost him totally. My knee would throb, comes and goes. I had another problem. Felt like a pebble in my shoe and its really pressing against my feet and its quite painful. Stopped and opened my shoes and and hit it hard shaking all contents out and ran again. Still there, must be in the socks. Forget it, not wasting my time. I was worried if I stopped for long then my knee would gave way. So now its knee throb and this stupid sharp thing. I decided to ignore it and tried to think of happy thoughts (Kumar's idea when I told him at 8k meet up) didnt worklah. Decided to curse it, felt better and went on.

Sometime after 12km I saw Kumar. He must have slowed down. My knee was throbbing now and whatever it was in my shoe was getting to me. I looked at my time, and calculated and my heart sank. I will only cross the finishing line after 3hrs30mins. I knew I wont be able to beat my PB but I was hoping to still finish it within the time limit. Saw that Kumar was power walking. His knee must be troubling him. I am sure he jogged all the way till now. Caught up with him at 13.3km.  Just to double check (which I am SO GLAD I did) asked him how long we've been walking. A little after two hours he said. Huh? Are you sure? He looked at me, and confirmed. Huh? I thought I was closer to 3 hours. Then I realised, Kumar was not that slow. He had to be right!! I was wrong. THAT gave me the boost. I could see that Kumar was slowing down. I had only 8km to go, hey I can still do it within the time limit and MAYBE improve my time. Even by 10 seconds would be great. So I told Kumar, hey I am in pain and I have to go!  not I am in pain and I will walk with you or I am in pain and want to DNF, but I am in pain and I have to go.Bless Kumar for not holding this against me !

So I left Kumar. I knew he cant go any faster,he had a far more bad injury than mine.  But me? It was a swell from the morning strain, nothing else. Its not going to kill me. I ignored my knee and my thing in the shoe and I started to jog slowly. When its too much I power walked. Caught up with Azza at 14+, chatted a bit and left her, caught up with Syura at 17km. She was not happy to see me LOL. She was like "kak june you caught up with me already" and she was slowing down , cramps creeping and dead tired. Urged her on and went again. I was really going now. Met another girl, saw that she was tired (I truly forgot about being tired by now) and urged her on. She looked vaguely familiar. (later realised that we were chatting with each other in the putrajaya website before the race hehehe). Felt the cramps creeping up at 18km .. not now pleaseee. My calf was a bit tight. I trudged on, when its a bit too much  slowed down. Knee throbbing, feet painful and cramps coming .. Having cramps would mean I'd have to walk slowly and painfully till the end. I alternated with slow jog and walk. Syura was close. Once I hit 20km I was already too happy to care. So I started to run slowly, my knees was complaining and my feet was shouting but I was not going to stop.

Suddenly the START/FINISH was just ahead and I ran and crossed it , and saw Shuk. He was waving and calling. OOh a familiar face. I went over truly overly happy LOL. High fived with him and he told me my time. Huh? ? I was a whole FIVE minutes ahead of my PB (waiting for official result to confirm) and I proudly told him that, rambling like a crazy makcik. Haha. Thanks Shuk for tolerating that :) Shuk clocked abt 2 hours and was already looking all relaxed and presentable. I was crazily happy and totally drenched lol. Go get your medal Shuk said. OOh yes, that. Thanked him and headed to the back, then I heard someone called. My friend Rozie and her entourage was there as promised. Gosh I was sooo happy. Told them to wait, got my medal, met Seah, got my water and a picture and went back to Rozie. Are you ok? she asked, your knee how? Oh its painful, very painful,  I said but there I was hopping up and down and laughing and all. Her kids must surely think I am a truly crazy aunty. Her husband watched, amused. But hey, he thought I was cool, running and all. We chatted and they told me that quite a few came back with the ambulance, and I was telling them abt what happened in the morning with full demonstration. They left soon after. Rozie, thanks again for coming.

I was still high with adrenalin and crazily happy. Smiling to almost everyone in my path. I dont care if they thought I was crazy or over reacting. OOh Serena! Texted her and we met up and hugged and laughed. She was in cloud 9 as well. Her first ever 21k distance and she did well. She was truly worried she'd hit the wall at 15k (her longest distance before this) and I was looking out for her at 15 just in case but I knew she'd finish. Congrats my friend.

Once I was a little bit more calm we walked. Aahh the throbbing was still there heheh .. Serena was tired too. Texted Kumar and we met up at the luggage collection place. While we ladies were too happy to do anything else but celebrate our finish, he was already changed and looking cool. It must have been quite something for him having to put up with us ladies, rambling away non stop LOL. Left him to guard our bags and went to change and proudly wearing our medal and walking hihihi.

Kumar had to fly to Brunei the next morning. Serena was tired. I was still all hyper but my knee was throbbing bad, and was already limping by the time I changed. So we decided to go back. Was actually planning to stay on and grouped up with others that finished for a while longer. Next time. Needed to drop Kumar at Bangsar and he mentioned about McD. Ahh coffee would be great. So we stopped for coffee for me and Serena and I had some french fries while Kumar simply kept us company. I popped a pain killer there. We parted ways, Kumar only had to walk a bit to his brother's place and we drove home, still talking and excited about the race. My knee was really lashing out at me for being stubborn. I was driving and massaging my knees but it was all worth it.

It was a great night for both of us. It was more for me. I managed a small good deed  and got my pre-birthday present all in one day. What more could I ask for??  .. eerr new set of knees perhaps?? LOL

Post Race Report and Stories coming up.

Congratulations to every single person that crossed the finishing line. HOOHA.

update from Stupe@FB ;
Let us have a minute of silence to a dear runner, Mr. Yau Sze Chow of Klang Pacer that passed away. He fainted and was sent to Putrajaya Hospital, but never made it. My deepest condolence goes to his family members. Rest in Peace, friend.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

When My Heart Goes Pounding

Note : this is going to be a painfully long blog. But I hope you will read it to the end. Because like me today, you might just be able to save someone's life. 

My mom said its a gift. I dont know.

The minute I opened my eyes, my heart went pounding madly. Like I had just done the 100m dash. Oh no, not again, was my thought. You see, everytime I have this pounding heart episode, something is bound to happen. Either to me, to someone I know, family or friend  or even a total stranger, sometimes I am there and sometimes I am not. I've had this episodes that resulted in news of death, brush with accidents, being at the right place and the right time to lend a hand, or something.  I told my husband to be careful today. He was going golfing. He looked at me and  I simply put my hand on my chest. He told me to be careful too.

I hate when this happens. Sometimes the pounding would go away and nothing happens.  Sometimes it stays the whole day, even two days without anything happening. But most of the time something will occur, even if its something small, like tripping on the stairs. But I am always glad when it stops pounding because whatever it was, then it has passed. Its over.

I decided to go for a walk after dropping Yana at the agent for her L class.  Just to calm my nerves. My heart was beating furiously, I swear I could hear it go thump, thump and thump, and then thumpthumpthumpth! Just before we left, I saw a safety pin on the floor. Picked it up and without giving it a thought, put it in my pocket. That pin, I think, saved someone's life today.

I reached about 720am. Quite a number of people were already there.  Walking with a friend or alone. I started my walk and read some quran verses to calm my nerves. But my heart just pounded harder. I walked 2 rounds. My heart didnt get any better. One last one I told myself.

Ahead of me I saw this guy bent at his waist, coughing. As I got nearer he suddenly stood up straight and started to stagger backwards. I reached just in time to catch him from the back and staggered with his weight but managed to put him on the ground. Felt a sharp pain in my right knee. Took one look at him and I knew he just had a heart attack and going into a stroke. Few people came to help. I propped him against a guy. Told someone to call the ambulance. Found his phone and passed it to someone to try and get his family member.

The man was really weak and his face muscle was loosening. I panicked. Then it all came back to me. What I had been reading all these years and committed it to memory and all the things to be done, that I had played in my mind over and over again came back in a rush. No point in doing the the stroke test. He definitely had one. Next step. I needed something sharp. THE SAFETY PIN. Most of the joggers are with us by now. I scanned the crowd and saw Karen and nodded to her. She came over immediately. I started pricking his fingers one by one and let a drop or two of blood flowed and told Karen to rub his other hand, and did the same with his other hand. And methodically without thinking I did his earlobes. And suddenly the ambulance siren was blasting, and two guys were with us. I told the medic what happened and what I did. Someone shouted "I am his son". I stood and watched the medic checked him over and do their thing. His son came over and I cant remember giving him my number or taking his. Next thing I knew he was already in the ambulance and ready to leave. One of the medics came to me. "Kak you saved his life" patted me on the back and then they were blasting away.

Suddenly I had to sit down. Someone produced a bottle of water. I gulped it down. Now the people fussed over ME. I am okay I told them. Just in shock. Need sometime to recover. No one continued walking, they stayed to talk about what just happened. Karen stayed with me till I felt better. One guy asked me if I was a nurse and how I knew what to do. I simply smiled. Didnt trust myself to start speaking for I might just burst into tears that was so threathening to come. I felt better got up and got an ovation from the crowd. Some of the older guys came and patted my back. One told me that he hoped I would be around if that happened to him! They walked me back to my car and made sure I was ok. I assured them I was. I drove straight to my GP. My knee was throbbing. I think I must have twisted my knee when I caught him and staggered with his weight.
Slight swelling. Told him I have a run tonight. He looked at me and sighed. "Ok, I will give you a jab" but no guarantee. If you walk and there is pain you stop. I promised to be a good girl and listen to my knee. Before 10am  I was home, I showered and had breakfast. And sat and replayed what happened. I shuddered at the thought that things might have gone wrong. And realised. My heart stopped pounding. I dont know if what I did saved him. But I do know that I tried my best.

How did I know what to do? Simple, my husband is a heart patient. He had angioplasty when he was 35, 99% blockage of the main artery  and come June this year, it will be two years since he had his bypass operation. He just turned 48 and as healthy as he should be. After his angio doctors told us that even with the procedure done, he still would face the risk of a blocked artery that might cause a heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately for him its hereditary. Both his parents and their siblings all have a heart condition. Most died of heart failure, even his own father succumbed to heart attack. He was genetically flawed, the doctor said. So I went online and look for ways to help when someone has a heart attack or a stroke. What can be done to help. I am sure you would have had received emails about how to detect that someone had a stroke or how to deal with it. I came across two articles that I thought was a good one. Some medical journals say this is not accurate but I think today I have proven it otherwise. I memorised what needed to be done. And I would play it over and over in my mind, how to do it, and do it right. Since he did his angio and till he had his bypass, I would from time to time read back the article and play it in my mind. Just in case I have to do it to him. I slacked a lot in the last two years because his bypass meant he was not in any danger of sudden blood clot or heart attack. And I am glad it all came rushing back to me. I will retype the notes here.

His son called me around 11ish with good news. He was in ICU but stabilised. I might go and visit him this afternoon before I head out to Putrajaya. Oh yes I am coming tonight. I am now putting ice pack on my knees. Its not too bad. You will see me tonight. I would probably walk all the way. Kissing my sub 3 hours target.(Err 2:59:59 is still sub three right??) I will just finish it in style with  my glow in the dark bracelets just like how my heart is glowing now.

I am so glad for the dropped pin (even though there's always one in my wallet,  it meant running to my car to get it) and that I decided to walk and calm my nerves. Because sometimes when I have this "episode" I simply stayed home. I thank God for guiding me and giving me courage to help the poor man. And I thank him over and over again for not letting this man die in my arms. I browsed thru FB before writing this and Kash's  update was "what is there to do on a race morning?" I guess I had one hell of a morning :). I lost my cool at the very same place a few days back, I hope today I redeemed myself!

Signs of a Stroke
The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke notes these major signs of stroke:
Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arms or legs
Sudden confusion or trouble speaking or understanding others
Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, or loss of balance or coordination
Sudden severe headache with no known cause

If the victim is aware do this three simple tests

. ask the person to smile
. ask the person to raise both arms
. ask the person to speak a simple sentence (my name is ali)

if they cant perform any of this its a sure sign of a stroke.


(do not wait, call ambulance immediately when any of the above symptoms occur and describe it to the despatcher)

Bloodletting, the procedure I did, some medical journals said its doesnt help in anyway but some argued it does help the victim. its an ancient chinese procedure that is supposed to release the the blood and hence prevent further clotting. do read up on these and make up your own mind.

Sterilised a pin or needle (or as clean as u can get it), prick abt 1mm from the fingernail. prick till blood comes out. if it does not start to drip squeeze with your fingers. do all ten fingers. victim shd be looking looking better of become more conscious. if the mouth is crooked pull on earlobes until its red, and prick each earlobe for two drops of blood. victim should be in much better state. get help immediately.

Try to remember this. You might just save someone.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Pre Race Jitters

 26 hours from now I will be running my first Half Marathon. With my partner in crime Ms. SC, well, until she decides I am too slow and with my full blessing leave me :)

I am definitely having the jitters. Overwhelmed by anxiety, and excitement all in one package. And I woke up this morning heavy headed with migraine threathening to visit. Crushed it with meds and deep sleep for 4 hours. Cant be sure its my normal migraine attack or the jitters attack LOL. But I am ok now.

I dont know why but since two days ago, everytime I think of the race, my stomach starts to have .... , cant exactly pinpoint the feeling, not exactly butterflies, closer to tiny baby frogs jumping up and down ha ha ..

Managed to exchange my vest to the proper female one, dont really like it but might use it because its white and people can see me easier. Hate the bib, its not the normal plastic cloth type, its pure hard cardboard. It will surely be quite uncomfortable for awhile till I adjust to having it plastered to my body! We were warned not to tamper with the bibs, so I guess I cant use my DIY bib. 

Been doing checklist in my mind, fill up car tank, some cash, ic and driving licence, race reporting chit, power gel, ORS, cramps cream, extra change for after the race, extra food or water, fix the chip, fix bib to vest, socks, toe socks (as shown in pic, got it from new balance, helps to prevent blisters on the toes, tried it and seems to be ok)  talk to shoe to go faster, charge my nike+ sportsband, charge my ipod, charge my phone and charge myself , and another set of contact lense. If you see me running haphazardly when there is no one infront of me, means my lense has popped out hahah, please be kind and direct me onto the right path .. have to bring extra so that I can drive home, for without them I can only see 2 feet away. Just to be on the safe side, I have been taking one pack of ORS since yesterday. Hopefully it is now communicating with my body and negotiating with them to be good and let Mr Cramps stay comatized.

I havent been to many races, this will be my 6th and the longest distance. Insyaallah, I can finish the race, I fervently hope so. I have done it on my own twice, I suppose this being an official run, makes it more exciting and challenging. Not that I am going to be top 50 even ha ha. I guess my worst worry is that I might come in last, yikes! But even if I am last I'd still finish it right? That has always been my number one goal, to cross the finishing line and hopefully a good decent picture of that moment :) and the finisher medal. I am still new, so getting a medal is still a big deal hehehe.

Been having weird dreams too. Decided to cycle to Putrajaya instead of driving because its FASTER. Three hours to race and I am stuck in some flood somewhere in town. Lost my way during the race and ended up eating nasi briyani at some restaurant (this is priceless).Wonder what I will get tonight.

So till tomorrow, its more eating and drinking and resting. Hopefully no migraines and the frogs will stop jumping. I wonder what it will be like when I finally want to try the full marathon. Let's not dwell on that now! 

Good luck to all running the PNM tomorrow. To the first timers like me, dont pay attention to my ramblings, its from an old makcik, you the young ones will be fine :) 

To Rara and Azza if you are reading this : 

Rara, good luck, this is your 2nd half so dah kira alright, and holler if you see me. We can run together for a bit then you can leave me :)

Azza, good luck on your first run, if I am not too slow for you, if we bumped into each other we run together-gether ok ..

Ready or not, Ms Bond is going to Putrajaya! (dah sedaplah pulak use this title)

Note : please be warned that I am much darker in person compared to my profile picture ok. Its the flash lah!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ms Bond lost her cool !

Two days ago, while I was out walking/jogging, I lost my cool. I mean, I totally lost it. There I was making a scene, in public, having a real go  (like bullets from automatic machine gun) at this lady. I was so angry. And I dont get angry easily. But there I was fuming mad. I was so angry that I felt I could kill her. Now I know how anger sometimes lead to a person clobbing another person. I felt exactly like doing that. Mind you, this was just over something that she said. I was two mind to blog about this, but I am going to share. Because I cant believe that people can still be like this. And I cant believe how it got to me.

I was wearing my shorts (just a tad above my knee) and my chartered bank vest. Its probably not suitable for a soon  to be 47 year old makcik to still be wearing like that. But hey, I wasnt showing any cleavage or any butt crack. But I guess its a bit too much for this particular lady, for she decided to chide me, commenting in loud voice every time I pass her and her friend. She was probably in her mid 30's and her friend late 20's.

The first time I passed them, she whispered something to her friend and they laughed and sniggered. You know, the kind that you know its about you. I heard the word, "mengada" Oh well, whatever. Second time I passed, another comment for me, "tak senonoh pakai. Macam lah lawa sangat badan tu." Ok, hmm .. well they thought I had badan lawa, even though they dont admit it. I can live with that heheeh , I simply went on. I went out on the road for 2km  and came back in. And there they were, ahead of me. I had started brisk walking and went pass by them, again. "Eleh, pakai camtu .. keluar cari jantan lah tu" Ok. That's it. I mean, I dont mind them making remarks about me.  Say lah what you want. I dont care. But this, "keluar cari jantan", boils my blood to the max. Berdesing telinga. It is way over the limit. Oh I have my limits, I live by my limits. Those close to me will know not to cross my limit line. Ever. I am not joking when I say, I am the best friend you can ever have but I am also your worst enemy. Y O U R  W O R S T. 

I simply turned around and stepped infront of her, blocking her path.  "You cakap pasal I?" "You ingat I pakai macam ni cari jantan?" "You pakai tudung camtu kira baiklah? tak tenguk jantan? tak cari jantan?" "You ingat I takde kerja lain ke nak cari jantan??"  she was speechless and turned pale. Her friend took a few steps back and was about to pull this lady's hand . I pointed my finger at her and she stopped. She stammered something about them just joking or something. I simply looked at her and she stopped. People passing us were curious but I guess the look on my face told them not to interfere. Some stopped a few feet away to see. If looks could kill, she would have died instantly. I was so angry. I could easily hit her. You know, slap her, push her down and kick her. Aarrgghh. I pointed my finger right at her face and told her "mulut jaga dik. jangan senang2 mengata orang, kalau tak tau tak kenal" "akak tak kacau pun adik, kalau akak menggatal dengan jantan awak fahamlah jugak nak marah, akak dtg nak lari, yang tak pasal2 nak cari hal apa sebab??"'jaga, kalau laki awak lari sini, memang nanti I cari dia, dia jantan kan" (I cant believe  actually said this, sigh)  I could see she was shaken. I guess she didnt expect me to turn on her like that. She took a step backward and fell down and started to cry. I have a hard cold heart when I am unjustly judged. I simply left her there, walked away and drove home, took the long way to calm me down.

I could have easily just ignored her remarks and went on my way. Why bother with this kind of people? But I believe that sometimes, you just have to do it even though its so childish and seem so stupid,  so that they know, they are actually, wrong. You dont judge a person just by how he or she dress, talk or walk. Period.

I was back there again yesterday. Dont know if she'd ever come back. Its a public place. She can come and go at her will. I wouldnt bother her or be bothered by her , unless she is so stupid to utter the word "jantan" again!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Am I Ready?

Putrajaya Night Marathon is 4 days away. Got my racepack yesterday. Just the reporting tickets, the number, the chip, vest and info guide catalog. I think I got the guy's vest and now must try to get an exchange.

The thing is I havent run much and hardly any runs more than 10km. I managed one 21k last week and one painfully slow 6k! and been slacking since. Errands to run, rain, simply cant make it during my run time. And this morning at 2:00 am I got up to go to the toilet, half asleep and eyes probably closed, bumped my knee into the corner of the tv table, oucchh .. of course it had to be THE troubled knee!

I hope to get some km's in this evening and hopefully I will finish the run on Saturday hahah (I need to get the medal lah, its my early birthday present for me from me!!) But most of all I am looking forward to meet face to face with so many running friends from FB, and blogs. We've been "talking" and writing to each other and finally its a chance to meet !

And ooh I ordered some glow in the dark bracelets for the run, for fear that people will not see me.  No time to go and get my Fair & Lovely cream yet lah ! 

I think everyone running should wear at least one (I will use 3, just in case lol), it will be fun and cheery too, blips in the night moving along and all the colours !! get yours now !