Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Countdown : 2 days to go

Dearest Kakak,

You, my baby, will be 21 in two days time. OH MY GOD. You are no longer a kid. No longer my small little girl. You can now make decisions about your life without our consent anymore , gulp and yikes!! and double gulp and yikes !!!

I remember when I was 7 months pregnant with you,  I freaked out. Suddenly I  realised that I , was actually having another living person INSIDE me, alive and breathing and moving. You know the alien movie? Yeah, I felt like an alien, LOL. God's miracle. And the first time I saw you. Mere minutes after the delivery. On my belly. How everything else around me simply disappeared and it was just you and me staring at each other.

I am so happy that we have a strong bond and a great mother-daughter relationship, and that even till now, you still share with me about things, your friends, worries and problems, your boyfriend, and other stuff .. and that you still come to me for advise and little girly things. I am blessed for you are a wonderful daughter and now you have  turned into a wonderful young adult. I have been spared from teenage outbursts, adolescence rebel, or the growing up problems. We talk freely about things and enjoy our time together. Movies, eating out, window shopping, actual shopping :), just hanging out. Its nice to see that you and your siblings are much more closer now and that you guys have so much fun together especially when you start goofing. LOL.

You are still looking for yourself,  I wish you all the best. This is a journey that you need to embark on your own but know that I am always here for you for advise, guidance, direction or just here. You do have a lot of your father's traits, but on a softer side compared to dad. Ha ha. And some of mine and most of your own.

Remember my college pictures? at  your age today shows very similar resemblance, even you have to agree in some photos I looked like you (or is it the other way round??). And kakak, dont worry too much  about your weight lah , I do think that now you are just the perfect size for your height and built.  Whatever it is, Kak, you are a beautiful young woman. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

So, Kakak .. Happy 21st. I am two days early, I cant help it :)  I love you. We all love you. I hope that you will get what you wished for and that your dreams will come true. And that you will have courage, wisdom and strength to face the challenges that life will throw at you and that you will always try and not give up. And you will always give it your best, no matter what you do. And that you will have emphaty, and love and respect to all around you. And that you will be kind, and humble  and always be there for someone else. And that you know life wont be a smooth sailing journey but you will face it anyhow. And that you remember my time, place and ocassion rule, and to always draw a limit line. You can go as far as you want, soar as high as you want, but the line will always remind you of who you are, what you are and to guide you back to the right path.

And know that we are always here for you, no matter what. For the good times, for the hard times, for the bad times. Having said that, I only ask one thing from you. You not only carry your name but your father's and mine. Carry it well, make us proud. Make you proud. May Allah keeps you close and guide you.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses



Kumar Ramasamy said...

Very nice tribute from mum to her daughter, nice one June Bond. Happy 21st Birthday Wishes to Kakak ! ;) May she be always blessed with all the outstanding things that life has to offer ! ;)

ARZ said...

June Bond,

If ever there was something that you should have done much much much earlier, it is .... WRITING.

I am glad you started, finally. Better late than never.

Happy 21st Birthday Arlina!

rara said...

you sure are one wonderful mommy!

oops did I just say that? said...

tell her I say happy birthday!!!

Sue said...

They grow up SO fast!!! Happy birth DAY to the mom too!

Dancing Ciken said...

i like this post, thanks for sharing

happy birthday kakak!

Serena said...

Well...my friend. It's very touching to read your blog. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday again to you mom and Happy 21st Birthday to your kakak. Many happy returns of the day.

June Malik said...

Thank you all .. :) Will pass the message to Arlina <3

Hannah said...

Aw I cried. Lol.

June Malik said...

Aw Hannah .. <3