Sunday, February 28, 2010

Err, what say you?

 My friend gave me a nike running shorts as a belated birthday present. I told her I wouldnt have bought it because its, well, a tad too short for my comfort. She said, "you've been whining that you dont have a good running shorts, this is good, I have the same one". She is still young and with body to die for, of course its good for her. Has she forgotten that I am err not-so-young anymore? and a body to die with?

Anyway, this morning I decided to try the shorts. Not too bad, its just a tad shorter than what I have. And its really comfortable, has a small pocket at the back for keys or something. But as I start running it rides up and became really short ha ha. Still not the short shorts that the young ones are wearing that is just below the bum but its still a few more inches shorter than mine. I am so glad I did not run from home but drove out and parked my car at the jogging area. I do not want to be the cause of eye infection or eye irritation or worst, popped out eyes to all the pakciks and makciks having breakfast at the stall that I have to pass on my way back home.  

The thing is, it is not that bad if paired with a decent running  tshirt instead of a sleeveless running vest. (I tried it with a sleeveless top, too much even for my eyes LOL) Still quite decent and acceptable by my account (then again my "account" is always different from the rest) but I know many will not agree ha ha ha. The other thing is, my friend is right. Its really really good, by far the most comfortable pair of running shorts for me. The next thing is, I did not get as many cat calls or uncalled for remarks compared to when I run with my knee length lycra.

Conclusion 1 : running with the knee length lycra gives the ILLUSION of a nicely contoured legs which could be the reason for the honks and calls and remarks  but having bared it almost all, showing the thighs of an elephant, no one would look twice and god help them for looking in the first place !

Conclusion 2 : I will use this for my competing runs and spare the kampong people of popping their eyes and getting their jaw locked, when you are with few thousand other people, no one will notice its a tad too short for a makcik like me, some might frown but hey, I am just there to run.

Err, what say you?


sugguna said...

Err.... it does not matter what people think.... what matters most is what YOU think. Bless the giver and Enjoy the gift girl!

Serena said...

What Sugguna said is right!!! You should wear it and show it to me. How about Mon or Tues, just let me know. See you at jogging area.

Julin Julai said...

Kak June, in the Runner's Rule Book by Mark Remy, it's stated in rule no berapa ntah ( lupa) that if you're in doubt of wearing a certain tights/shorts, then don't wear it. It's no use running and fussing over them shorts at the same time. But then, if you're confident enough with them, then rock on.

oops did I just say that? said...

AJ where got elephat thighs..slim thighs got laaa...:D

June Malik said...

thanks girls esp mimi, for the slim thighs comment lol

julin : i am ok with it and am comfortable so will use this for my competition runs .. orang nak kata what to do kan? LOL ..

ARZ said...

June Bond,

Aint you a Bond girl? Wear it and let SRK come running after you. Err...please slow down for him..heh...heh..