Monday, February 08, 2010

A Medal for my Birthday !

This has got to be the best pre-birthday present for me from me ! A Half Marathon finisher medal :)

After yesterday's morning drama, I knew I wont be able to run the race. I am glad the doctor agreed to give me a painkiller jab instead of pills. It sure helped me a lot. I  was determined to go and if I had to walk all the way, thats what I'd do! And I didnt want to let Serena down again. I had to miss the Putrajaya 12-hour walk resulting in her not going too. Her husband injured his toe, so if I missed this then I'd let her down again, what' worst its the same location. Must break the jinx. I thought she didnt want to friend me anymore after that, hehe but we worked things out :)Most of all, I had set my heart on this run for a long time.

Serena came at 530 and we left. We were gloating about ourselves now trying for a 21km race when we just only started our first race in June last year. We actually trained much harder for our 10k run then LOL. Hehe , its ok to gloat about yourself once in awhile kan? But I was also a bit worried, my knee was throbbing from time to time, and I was having pain at the hip and it crept to my back.Serena got worried when I started rubbing my back while driving! Told her I'd walk all the way if I had too.

We arrived about 640pm (we got lost for a few minutes) and went on our way to check out the place. Lots of runners were already there and some were already warming up. Took a stroll to the main area, met Idaizumi from CAR and few others. Stopped for a short chat. Met up with Kumar, my running friend that came down from Penang for this run. We sat around looking at people and chit chat. I met up with Che who brought the glow bracelets and Hailmy, who gave me the Bareno run slip (which is now missing!). Shariff, the Singapore Blade Runner walked pass and I went over to say hello. He is cool! Got a pleasant surprise in the form of the sweet Azza, a new blogger friend ! She memorized my bib number and in the sea of people, somehow managed to see me and came over to say hello. Looked around for Rara, but did not see her. Didnt see Shafina, another friend or my cousin Shariff and his team! The lovely Ruby, who was smoking hot in her Adination tee sauntered over to say hello!

Was a bit disappointed because did not bump into marathon mom Haza especially Serena, who really wanted to say hi and congrat her for her Abu Dhabi run. I owed her a hug. Haza is our idol! Then we moved into the waiting area, the runners were getting excited, and it was quite humid. Serena was actually feeling sleepy at that point of time! I was looking for Seah, my running sifu and then checked my phone saw that he had called me. Immediately called him and he came to meet us at the fence and took a snap of us before the run .. I also passed him my jacket so that I dont have to run with it tied to my waist! (dont ask me why I had it because, I dont know). Seah signed up for full marathon but was not able to join because he was down with fever and flu. Next year Seah!! But he came to support us all and had a bottle of water for me at the finishing line .. that is the best thing to get after crossing the line ! and he took a picture of me drenching wet. (still considering whether or not to post here hehe) , thanks Seah.

Serena & Kumar wanted to run with me. I told them I'd be slowing them down since I wont be able to run my pace with my knee throbbing (like i run THAT fast lol) and  that they should break away whenever they want. The gun went off and so did Serena lol. She has this thing about having to run fast at the start, and I am a slow starter. I saw her turned back a few times looking for me but I guess there were too many people. Kumar paced with me and we could see Serena ahead of us. I could jog without pain at certain pace and I kept at that. Serena was nowhere to be seen. She totally smoked us :)

Was doing well till the 3.3km and my knee started to throb. OOps, loooong way more to go lah. My cousin Shariff came and went, Shafina too, chatted a bit and she continued on. And then Syura passed me too. At 5km I had to slow down a bit, and told Kumar to go ahead. I could always see him ahead of me, that kept me going. Kumar was also nursing a knee injury  and was much slower than what he could really do (he clocked 2:38 at last year's KLIM) I jogged when I could and walked when I could feel the strain. Met Irina, ran with her a bit and lost her after the water station. Looked behind and cant see her. Caught up with Kumar at 8km and then lost him totally. My knee would throb, comes and goes. I had another problem. Felt like a pebble in my shoe and its really pressing against my feet and its quite painful. Stopped and opened my shoes and and hit it hard shaking all contents out and ran again. Still there, must be in the socks. Forget it, not wasting my time. I was worried if I stopped for long then my knee would gave way. So now its knee throb and this stupid sharp thing. I decided to ignore it and tried to think of happy thoughts (Kumar's idea when I told him at 8k meet up) didnt worklah. Decided to curse it, felt better and went on.

Sometime after 12km I saw Kumar. He must have slowed down. My knee was throbbing now and whatever it was in my shoe was getting to me. I looked at my time, and calculated and my heart sank. I will only cross the finishing line after 3hrs30mins. I knew I wont be able to beat my PB but I was hoping to still finish it within the time limit. Saw that Kumar was power walking. His knee must be troubling him. I am sure he jogged all the way till now. Caught up with him at 13.3km.  Just to double check (which I am SO GLAD I did) asked him how long we've been walking. A little after two hours he said. Huh? Are you sure? He looked at me, and confirmed. Huh? I thought I was closer to 3 hours. Then I realised, Kumar was not that slow. He had to be right!! I was wrong. THAT gave me the boost. I could see that Kumar was slowing down. I had only 8km to go, hey I can still do it within the time limit and MAYBE improve my time. Even by 10 seconds would be great. So I told Kumar, hey I am in pain and I have to go!  not I am in pain and I will walk with you or I am in pain and want to DNF, but I am in pain and I have to go.Bless Kumar for not holding this against me !

So I left Kumar. I knew he cant go any faster,he had a far more bad injury than mine.  But me? It was a swell from the morning strain, nothing else. Its not going to kill me. I ignored my knee and my thing in the shoe and I started to jog slowly. When its too much I power walked. Caught up with Azza at 14+, chatted a bit and left her, caught up with Syura at 17km. She was not happy to see me LOL. She was like "kak june you caught up with me already" and she was slowing down , cramps creeping and dead tired. Urged her on and went again. I was really going now. Met another girl, saw that she was tired (I truly forgot about being tired by now) and urged her on. She looked vaguely familiar. (later realised that we were chatting with each other in the putrajaya website before the race hehehe). Felt the cramps creeping up at 18km .. not now pleaseee. My calf was a bit tight. I trudged on, when its a bit too much  slowed down. Knee throbbing, feet painful and cramps coming .. Having cramps would mean I'd have to walk slowly and painfully till the end. I alternated with slow jog and walk. Syura was close. Once I hit 20km I was already too happy to care. So I started to run slowly, my knees was complaining and my feet was shouting but I was not going to stop.

Suddenly the START/FINISH was just ahead and I ran and crossed it , and saw Shuk. He was waving and calling. OOh a familiar face. I went over truly overly happy LOL. High fived with him and he told me my time. Huh? ? I was a whole FIVE minutes ahead of my PB (waiting for official result to confirm) and I proudly told him that, rambling like a crazy makcik. Haha. Thanks Shuk for tolerating that :) Shuk clocked abt 2 hours and was already looking all relaxed and presentable. I was crazily happy and totally drenched lol. Go get your medal Shuk said. OOh yes, that. Thanked him and headed to the back, then I heard someone called. My friend Rozie and her entourage was there as promised. Gosh I was sooo happy. Told them to wait, got my medal, met Seah, got my water and a picture and went back to Rozie. Are you ok? she asked, your knee how? Oh its painful, very painful,  I said but there I was hopping up and down and laughing and all. Her kids must surely think I am a truly crazy aunty. Her husband watched, amused. But hey, he thought I was cool, running and all. We chatted and they told me that quite a few came back with the ambulance, and I was telling them abt what happened in the morning with full demonstration. They left soon after. Rozie, thanks again for coming.

I was still high with adrenalin and crazily happy. Smiling to almost everyone in my path. I dont care if they thought I was crazy or over reacting. OOh Serena! Texted her and we met up and hugged and laughed. She was in cloud 9 as well. Her first ever 21k distance and she did well. She was truly worried she'd hit the wall at 15k (her longest distance before this) and I was looking out for her at 15 just in case but I knew she'd finish. Congrats my friend.

Once I was a little bit more calm we walked. Aahh the throbbing was still there heheh .. Serena was tired too. Texted Kumar and we met up at the luggage collection place. While we ladies were too happy to do anything else but celebrate our finish, he was already changed and looking cool. It must have been quite something for him having to put up with us ladies, rambling away non stop LOL. Left him to guard our bags and went to change and proudly wearing our medal and walking hihihi.

Kumar had to fly to Brunei the next morning. Serena was tired. I was still all hyper but my knee was throbbing bad, and was already limping by the time I changed. So we decided to go back. Was actually planning to stay on and grouped up with others that finished for a while longer. Next time. Needed to drop Kumar at Bangsar and he mentioned about McD. Ahh coffee would be great. So we stopped for coffee for me and Serena and I had some french fries while Kumar simply kept us company. I popped a pain killer there. We parted ways, Kumar only had to walk a bit to his brother's place and we drove home, still talking and excited about the race. My knee was really lashing out at me for being stubborn. I was driving and massaging my knees but it was all worth it.

It was a great night for both of us. It was more for me. I managed a small good deed  and got my pre-birthday present all in one day. What more could I ask for??  .. eerr new set of knees perhaps?? LOL

Post Race Report and Stories coming up.

Congratulations to every single person that crossed the finishing line. HOOHA.

update from Stupe@FB ;
Let us have a minute of silence to a dear runner, Mr. Yau Sze Chow of Klang Pacer that passed away. He fainted and was sent to Putrajaya Hospital, but never made it. My deepest condolence goes to his family members. Rest in Peace, friend.


Che said...

u did well kak! (and hopefully the glowie too) :P see u @ Energizer then?

and Happy Birthday! Bile tu?

RaYzeef said...

Congrats on your 1st Half Marathon, i completed my very 1st too that night. It's sad to hear a fellow runner died while running, my heart goes out to his family.

rara said...

congrats!! u did very well!! am so proud of u la.. age really ain't nothing but a number. hehehe..
both u and haza boleh jadi my idol.

Julin Julai said...

Congrats Kak June! It's exhilarating to cross the finish line kan?

azza said...

I was so glad to meet u at this event, guess my lucky day :D I said to myself b4..mcm mana laa nak cari K.June dlm ribuan org nih?? U did very well, congrats! & i just read abt the morning incident earlier.. my dear,u are indeed an angel :) R u joining Cyberjaya Night Run??..reach me at -

ian yusof said...

kak june, u did well ... congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! may your future is filled with good health and many more running stories :)

-partner, in running- Ian

June Malik said...

thank you all,and congrats to you all pun, julin next year, if no hal, do this! i am still giddy happy lol.

che : glowies was fun, u must promote more, dont worry i will help ;) err this saturday, 13th heheh

rayzeef : congrats on ur 1st too, best kan??

rara : finishing is the goal kan?? congrats 2U2!
with ur sakit kaki and all, u did swell :)

julin : oh yess, memang exhilarating, macam menang 1st place LOL

azza : glad to have met you, memang fated dpt jumpa :) keep in touch .. cyber tak tau lagi but will keep you posted !

Ian, thanks .. great 47th for me :) see u when i see you !

June Malik said...

Its sad about the runner that died. Could happen to anyone. But you know what, I am glad that during his last moments, he was doing what he likes. Rest In Peace.

Sue said...

Congratulations on realizing your goal and having a great day!!!

shuklazim said...

congrats again june. told you, you gonna ace this one.

rest well and start training for energizer.

ruby said...

congrats k.june... c u in the next running event k... ;p

June Malik said...

thanks ruby :) and shuk, first time i am happy to get "i told you so" lol

Che said...

thanks kak. we'll promote for Bunny Race this march :) nanti blanje u milo ais okeh? hehe..

serena said...

Hi. Congrats to you too. Although very tired but with you in my mind from 16km to 21km, it was bearable. Another memorable run. Thanks!

SH said...

HI June, congrats & happy birthday! My hubby passed away abt a year ago doing what he loves, i.e. running. Tho I miss him so very much, i m comforted in the thot that he didnt suffer.

ahfatt said...

Hi, congrates on your first half marathon!
I remember that i pace with you in the previous kelab penembak run, during the last 2km. If not mistaken, i just ahead of you and two malay ahmoi which run together when cross the finish line.

I plan to make my first half-M attempt during the SCKLM coming june.

Justiffa said...

Heheheheh... you did it (was there ever any doubt) ;D

Anonymous said...

tahniah kak june and happy bhirthdays

June Malik said...

thanks all :) wouldnt have done it without your support and encouragement!

Serena : always a pleasure. you finally commented :)

SH, sorry about your loss. But I see determination in you. Life goes on but the memory stays. Be strong and happy dear, he is in peace and happy too.

ahfatt : i am planning a half in SCKLM too, do come and say hello next time u see me. Kelab Penembak's run was something else kan? I am going there again for training! the same ahmois were doing half too, but I smoked them this time!

Shuk/Ruby : hopefully next race dpt duduk chit chat lah

Tiff : one for the makciks hihi .. had you in mind so mestilah no doubts :)

crushhio said...

congrats kak june! and happy birthday too!

Tee Horng Hean said...

Hi Kak June,

I spotted myself in your photo ( I am standing behind your friend wearing the white vest.


June Malik said...

thanks crushhio and tee :) to you too !!