Friday, February 26, 2010

Ms. Aimie Aliesya

I have been a grand aunt many times over, but its always a day to celebrate and go ga ga over the tiny little bundle of joy ! Sometimes  I do wish for another one of my own when I look at this tiny ones, the smell of a new baby, (dont you just love the smell??? I can go on and on kissing and "keeping" the baby scent) the cute little clothes ahhh ..  BUT before all of you tell me to go ahead and just do it , please note that I am way over the age limit for child bearing. He he .. phewww. And I love the luxury of my time too much to be tied down again for many years, selfish,  but hey I already have three kids lah !!

My nephew and his wife, welcomed their second daughter this morning, she sure took her time! Her due date was  15th Feb and I was hoping she'd share the same birthday with me and when the time passed, maybe she'd share her birthday with Aunty Lina, but I guess she wants the day to herself (at least in the family circle .. in the world millions are being born on the same day !!). We are going over to see her later, but here's a sneak peek courtesy of the proud dad ! Doesnt she look like her elder sister ???

Little Aimie Aliesya
Big sister, Aisya Amiera 

Congrats to Boy (you see nicknames from small do stick till you die ha ha, so do THINK before you want to give your child a nickname) and Mah and Kak Aisya on the new addition to the family. Love you all !!

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