Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post Race - Putrajaya Night Marathon

12/02/10 Update : check out your PNM photos here, and get it for only RM2.99 per copy!!
 I did quite well, and I am happy. Net time of 3:03:52 (from my own 3:10:13) and smoked my 10k!! I did 1:29:59 at SCKLM last year and this time I clocked 1:17:16 !! Scrutinized the results list. I left 321 half marathon runners behind me. I am so proud of myself. Talk about being vain LOL.  One for the makciks!!

Went for a walk yesterday, just to loosen up the muscles. Purely lazy and purely leisure walk. 3.07km in 1:06:00 ha ha. Serena and I were reminiscing our run again!                                

                                                                      knee throbbing, feet painful but determine to get that good timing .. getting ready for the last dash!
Its good to be out and I was itching to run but I think I should rest the knee. No more swells, or throbs. But yeah, rest it a bit.  And I am also nursing a blister from that thing in the shoe. That thing turned out to be the  plaster from my big toe that came off and plastered itself against the socks and rubbed against my skin with a tweeny weeny stone as well. I got home took off my shoes and saw a 2 inch blister forming. Hey did you know they have special plasters for blisters? I didnt till yesterday when I sheepishly asked the pharmacist if she had any cream or plaster for my blister and voila she handed me a box of blister plasters. All runners must have this.

Personally I had a good run. I have never done long distance and I am glad for the well organised event that provided enough water and sponges. How I love the sponging stations. I saw this girl at the 2nd sponging station standing by the bucket and furiously dipping her sponge and wetting her head over and over again. She saw me looking and simply said, "air tak kena kepala lagi kak" .. I can understand, it was hot and humid and she was donning the tudung. Bravo. I might have passed out already. I truly admire those running with their tudungs. Its tough, really tough. Honestly if I was brave enough (or had better abs) I'd be donning the sports bra LOL. Eeww ok, let's not go there. Shucks, nanti di kata cari jantan lagi hahahahah ..Ok. Stop. hahahahahahah. Sorry, cant help it. hahahahhahahah.

Many complaint about the heat and humidity. This is only my 6th run and my longest. But I think I prefer this more to morning. Maybe its the sun that I dont like? At least I saved one session of getting burned. I didnt like the last 2km to the finish line though.

I woke up feeling fresh and albeit a sore knee and slightly strained back, I was walking normally. No cowboy walks and no wincing going up and down the stairs. Fast recovery this time. I thought it was going to be a bad day, I was already limping after the race and sitting and getting up from the chair in McD was already hard.

And I am now itching to register for my next race. Its going to be another half marathon! Energizer is high on the list and also Bidor half marathon. Also eyeing walking up and down the KL Tower. Just walk for fun. A different kind of medal. Now to work on getting the permission.

Been a quiet few days but my heart is still glowing. I am sure those who did their first Half Marathon that night would still be feeling the same.

Have a great day my friends. 


crushhio said...

kak june, energizer night race quota are filling fast.. register quick! nanti nyesal.. heheh

June Malik said...

oh ok, thanks crusshio !!

Che said...

next one kita gossip2 pulak di ENR. hari tu x sempat borak2 pun :P

三人 said...

Hi, i like your sharing, u make running sounds so fun. i did not join this run, but according to my friend (Tee on shooters club), it is tough due to the heat. Thanks goodness i did not go. Anyway, looking forward to see u at eergizer half marathon. If u need details of the track (elevations....), just let me know, i can give u. I have done my homework last month! ;p

ian yusof said...

Kak June, let's do both the Bidor and ENR. Kiasu to the max. :)
Glad to know that you did VERY well in the PNM. Yeahhh, toast to you!!!

rara said...

woww!! 3'03".. no wonder u didn't see me. ehehhehe... i'm so far behind ler. ;p
my sis n her friends already registered for bidor, still contemplating whether or not to join it.

June Malik said...

che, boleh aje, gossip2 haha :)

ian .. i like the idea, kiasu to the max hehe .. and thanks again *blush* ENR yes insyaallah, now working on Bidor haha

rara : my good day, you will get yours too :)

err mr ____, share with us your homework !

oops did I just say that? said...

AJ: good job on getting the medal below! :D
i read also i feel tired..hahahah...lazy mimi

June Malik said...

mimi, start with 2km a day :) takkan tak leh kot????

三人 said...

just call me Ooi, i know chinese wording is giving u a hard time. ;p
Will post up the information later tonight when i go back.

June Malik said...

thanks Ooi :)

karenLoh said...

if i do the half M in energizer, and kalau takda teman, i run with you. then pace with me lah. after that you can go slightly faster too, not that i will go faster. i just want to enjoy the run.

talking about jantan....i say, all that gaya men wearing tights.... it was quite inspirational running behind them, but lepas itu, they bergaya without skills, lambat betul dia orang. but the good ones went rather fast at the beginning and then they paced themselves towards the end.

三人 said...

sorry for late reply, holiday season ;p
energizer run, 4 major hill, 51m 59m 50m,52m,45m and 48m

hope it helps! Ooi