Friday, February 05, 2010

Pre Race Jitters

 26 hours from now I will be running my first Half Marathon. With my partner in crime Ms. SC, well, until she decides I am too slow and with my full blessing leave me :)

I am definitely having the jitters. Overwhelmed by anxiety, and excitement all in one package. And I woke up this morning heavy headed with migraine threathening to visit. Crushed it with meds and deep sleep for 4 hours. Cant be sure its my normal migraine attack or the jitters attack LOL. But I am ok now.

I dont know why but since two days ago, everytime I think of the race, my stomach starts to have .... , cant exactly pinpoint the feeling, not exactly butterflies, closer to tiny baby frogs jumping up and down ha ha ..

Managed to exchange my vest to the proper female one, dont really like it but might use it because its white and people can see me easier. Hate the bib, its not the normal plastic cloth type, its pure hard cardboard. It will surely be quite uncomfortable for awhile till I adjust to having it plastered to my body! We were warned not to tamper with the bibs, so I guess I cant use my DIY bib. 

Been doing checklist in my mind, fill up car tank, some cash, ic and driving licence, race reporting chit, power gel, ORS, cramps cream, extra change for after the race, extra food or water, fix the chip, fix bib to vest, socks, toe socks (as shown in pic, got it from new balance, helps to prevent blisters on the toes, tried it and seems to be ok)  talk to shoe to go faster, charge my nike+ sportsband, charge my ipod, charge my phone and charge myself , and another set of contact lense. If you see me running haphazardly when there is no one infront of me, means my lense has popped out hahah, please be kind and direct me onto the right path .. have to bring extra so that I can drive home, for without them I can only see 2 feet away. Just to be on the safe side, I have been taking one pack of ORS since yesterday. Hopefully it is now communicating with my body and negotiating with them to be good and let Mr Cramps stay comatized.

I havent been to many races, this will be my 6th and the longest distance. Insyaallah, I can finish the race, I fervently hope so. I have done it on my own twice, I suppose this being an official run, makes it more exciting and challenging. Not that I am going to be top 50 even ha ha. I guess my worst worry is that I might come in last, yikes! But even if I am last I'd still finish it right? That has always been my number one goal, to cross the finishing line and hopefully a good decent picture of that moment :) and the finisher medal. I am still new, so getting a medal is still a big deal hehehe.

Been having weird dreams too. Decided to cycle to Putrajaya instead of driving because its FASTER. Three hours to race and I am stuck in some flood somewhere in town. Lost my way during the race and ended up eating nasi briyani at some restaurant (this is priceless).Wonder what I will get tonight.

So till tomorrow, its more eating and drinking and resting. Hopefully no migraines and the frogs will stop jumping. I wonder what it will be like when I finally want to try the full marathon. Let's not dwell on that now! 

Good luck to all running the PNM tomorrow. To the first timers like me, dont pay attention to my ramblings, its from an old makcik, you the young ones will be fine :) 

To Rara and Azza if you are reading this : 

Rara, good luck, this is your 2nd half so dah kira alright, and holler if you see me. We can run together for a bit then you can leave me :)

Azza, good luck on your first run, if I am not too slow for you, if we bumped into each other we run together-gether ok ..

Ready or not, Ms Bond is going to Putrajaya! (dah sedaplah pulak use this title)

Note : please be warned that I am much darker in person compared to my profile picture ok. Its the flash lah!


shuklazim said...

dun worry u'll ace this one. have fun. hope to meet u and say hi!.

ARZ said...

Go go June Bond. Your dream to cycle in Putrajaya will materialise soon, won't complain though if it includes the beriani!

All the very best for tomorro nite endurance!

June Malik said...

thanks shuk, same to you. will look out for you to say hi :)

boss, its a deal : cycling in putrajaya and nasi briyani after that !!

rara said...

2nd time pon still kira beginner jugak. :) plus i didn't really train.. i think i injured myself badly during hiking last week coz my leg still sakit a bit until today.
anyway, good luck to u too! whatever it takes, let's just finish the race!