Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The other side ...

I was hoping against hope that we are not moving hehe .. but of course its not meant to be. 

Yesterday the department gave my husband a surprise farewell do, done at the same time during the section get together. I was the surprise guest :) 

He gamely went on stage to dance, a side of him that's never been revealed  except the selected few LOL. I think his staff will remember this for a long time. Haha. And he is on youtube. Sshh he doesnt know it, yet. LOL

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"The man's one ....."

Two days ago I was out walking with Serena, and as usual I was  the one who talked and she listened. I am a chatterbox lol.

There were this two guys behind us, catching up on us. I was telling Serena about my running shorts, and by the time the guys overtook us, what they heard was :-

"THE MAN'S ONE BETTER, BIGGER AND LONGER" , I didnt realise my blunder but Serena was already blushing and holding her laughter. I was looking at her, confused. Then she pointed out my sentence and the guys.

Oh my god. It dawned on me. Oh my god. Hahahaah. I wonder what they guys thought about that remark. They must think I am some kind of pervert. Hahahaha. Poor Serena got tangled into this. Sorry girlfriend :)

Seriously, what would you guys think if you passed by and heard that remark?????

Friday, March 26, 2010


See my expression? Well we knew what the announcement was about, but the timing caught both of us off guard.

Now that it has been made official and been announced, I can tell you all.

We are moving to Johor Bharu end of this year. Well, me and my kids. My husband will be going middle of next month to start his new job (we initially thought it will only be in June) and he will be a weekend husband or once every two weeks husband or once a month husband depending on his work load, or I travel up (down?) to see him when he cant come down (up?). I decided to stay behind because Azam is sitting for his PMR this year and moving him now to a new school will really mess things up for him. And I still have to settle Yana into a University/College. We will all move when the school ends in November. My two girls will stay at their respective university hostels, they can choose to travel to JB or my mom's place for  weekends and back to us for longer breaks and I can travel to see them from time to time.
Zaki's job/position is such that we move every 3-4 years. We stayed in France for 3+ years, Japan for 3+ years, came back home for 2 years and went back to Japan for almost 3 years. But we've been back home for almost 5 years and he was in a different department, so we thought finally, we can settle down for good and wham, we got the news of this transfer. There were few places they had in mind for him, UK (this I wont complain), JB, Singapore, or Turmeknistan (or something to that sound) after crossing out and all, finally JB was decided for him. It will be a promotion and a totally new challenge for him. He will be working in Pasir Gudang and we will probably stay near there or JB itself.

So, this means beginning next year, I wont be able to run in many marathons since most are centred here in KL and surrounding areas. I will try to come back for the major ones. No more trying to join it all. So from now till year end, I am going to try to join as many as I could. But of course if Zaki comes back on a marathon weekend, he gets the priority. I will just register and keep my fingers crossed ! So I have to try and go to all runs and get acquainted with friends that I have not met in person while I am still here. I am just getting to know some of you.

It will be quiet there with only Azam at home with us. Honestly I dont want to go. I would stay if I could. But its not good for him to be there alone too right?  And my place is rightly with my husband. Once he settled in the first week, I will go over for a few days to look at our house options. Several places have been recommended.

It will get busy for me towards the end of the year. We have yet to decide whether or not to sell our current house. And one of the cars have to go too since another one will be provided there. This is a minimum 3 year posting. My sisters are willing to look after the house. But how often are we coming back to stay here? When we are back here, it will be a weekend trip, or a short holiday trip divided between our two families.

The one family member that is truly happy is Arlina. You see, her boyfriend is there, in Pontian. I guess this will give me an opportunity to get to know my "besan" to be? (I have a feeling these kids are gonna make it as a couple, insyaallah)

My only hope is that I can still run there. A park or a road like I have here now. Or I will make my own route. On a brighter note, its easier for me to go for the Singapore Marathon. And you guys can come and have a stopover in my place before crossing over or on the way back.  I can cook my fish curry. Not too bad lah eh?

I guess the people in whichever neighbourhood we will be staying will have to get use to the sight of this makcik running around hehehe. And think of the talks to follow. Juicy stories.

People will be watching us like a hawk. The new boss and his family. The newbies from town. LOL. Hehehe this can be fun too. From what I heard the current boss's wife is a really nice and quiet lady. Here comes Ms Bond outspoken and one who laughs heartily and still struts around in jeans and sleeveless tops  and running around in shorts. LOL. And I will be a totally different species of boss's wife the staff would have ever encountered. I wont be June Bond if I am like the others right???

Not one to surrender, and looking forward for new changes and challenges, JB folks, get ready! June Bond is making her entrance. Anak Mami is coming to town. I am not sure if they are ready for me or ever will be. Hehe. My oh my, what an adventure this will be.

Note to a certain friend :  that's why I can only confirm Bidor on week of run itself ;) .. err if I promise not to utter a word and keep quiet, really quiet  in the backseat, you wont even notice i am there, can I jump in your car?? eheheehheehheehheh

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When a makcik gets a compliment .....

I went out to run this morning. Or attempted to run more like it. Anyway, it was terrible. I had been taking it too easy after PNM and then the week of eating sinfully in Chennai and last week I was down and out , especially when migraine+low bp decided to join venture and visit me.

Anyway, I brisked walk some, jogged some, ran some and sprinted some. Decided to give the heart a bit of jolt and remind my body that the regime is starting again. I've got to get it working again.

The jogging place was bustling with people this morning. I arrived at 730am, got caught in traffic sending my son to school. Horrors of going through Klang town nowadays. A lot of new faces and and familiar ones.

A group of guys (in their 30's) was already resting and yakking when I was doing my 4th round and one of them waved and said hi. Uugh he looks vaguely familiar but cant really place him. I nodded and ran on.

I finished my run and stretched and walk towards my car. The guy that waved was at his car too. He smiled and asked "dah habis?" to which I replied. And then he simply said, "dulu you gemuk sekarang dah cantik, slim" He caught me totally off-guard, and I am sure it showed on my surprised expression. LOL. I  I mumbled a thank you rather akwardly and went to my car.

In the privacy of my car, I was elated.

You see, when a makcik like me, gets a compliment like that, our heart swells and fills with pride and make us smile like a goofy, ear to ear grin in giddiness. I am still smiling ear to ear, even now ;0) maybe I can run better tomorrow too !

Friday, March 19, 2010

I "know" a Celebrity - Ian Yusof

I am yet to meet Ian in person but we've been sort of friends via blogs and facebook. He has been a good buddy/brother encouraging me in my runs and trainings !

You can find out more about him here, and he is also launching his new book this weekend at PWTC, go and get a copy!!

Congratulations Ian. May this be the start of many to come.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It starts here for Yana

I didnt write this earlier because I hadnt seen her in person to congratulate her. Now that I am home and all that is out of the way, I can do it.

Yana got through her SPM with 2A's for Maths and Science and B+ for the rest of the subject. I am happy and proud of her. We are not the type of parents that  demand straight A's. As we see it, as long as they had given it their best, we will be there for them.

Yana has never been the studying type and sometimes I am amazed that she can get through her exams. She hates the idea of being cooped up and have to study things that she will not use at all in future (which is quite true) and simply do what is necessary to just make it. Barely sometimes.

Lots of small talks, and discussions and finally we did see her making a better effort at studying for her SPM. I am not going to dwell on "without proper studying she passed all her papers, if only she had studied more" because she is what she is. 

She has decided to pursue Mass Comm/PR and photography on the side. And it suits her. You see, she may slack in the studying department, but she excels in the people department. She is bubbly, energetic and has a pleasant personality , she easily makes friends and has deep empathy. I know she will do well in life because of these traits. And she is street smart too. She reminds me of me. A lot of me. I guess that's why we logged heads sometimes ha ha.

So Yana all the best, and know that we are here for you, for something, for nothing, for everything. Congratulations and you are now venturing into a totally new adventure. Good luck sayang ! We all love you :)

Anak Mami in Chennai - Part 4

Well actually, anak mami is back home and loving it here :) Managed some pictures here and there and also took some from friend's camera .. I am hopeless when it comes to taking photos and lesson learned well when I didnt get a photo with the beautiful Aishwarya Rai who was just 2 feet away .. what is done is done !!

 (me and MY  Shah Rukh Khan)

It was a good trip, made many new friends (the wives of the participants) and managed to see some places in Chennai. I was in Delhi, Agra, Lucknow and Jaipur about 10 years back and I am not sure of how these places are today but in Chennai its a big change from what I saw. Its much cleaner, they have big shopping malls, almost everyone speaks english even a word or two, The traffic didnt change though, busy and noisy and dangerous and its a miracle that they can avoid a road accident !! Taking their "che ator" (tut-tut) was a harrowing but exhilarathing experince he he, but not recommended for the faint hearted ! Chennai has many temples and churches and not much else but its a shopping haven for sarees and salwar kameez and punjabi suits, costume jewelleries, bangles, and loads more .. you can go crazy with choices and its dirt cheap compared to the prices here ! From the cheapest to the most expensive, its your choice. And of course their cheap cheap books, their main bookstore, Landmark can equal our own MPH!

Food was super delicious, everyday we had variety of choices to try  different styles of  curry, dhals, chutneys, the crispy wade and fantastic tosai and naan and  briyanai and their oo sooo wonderful coffee and ice cream from fresh cow's milk. I am not a milk fan but when its their ice cream, cow or no cow I simply keep having spoons after spoons. Seriously, I gained 2/3kg in the 8 days and now will need two months at least, to shed it off :(

Something came up at the very last minute and I had to ditch my saree to salwar kameez much to my disappointment (and many others too LOL) - its a really LONG story ha ha so lets not start. But I did manage to get some pictures of me in what was supposed to be .. now must find another occassion that I can have the reason to don on the saree!

Highlight of the trip was of course being in the same room with Aishwarya Rai, a mere two feet apart and also the "announcement" by the big boss  making it official for my husband's new "position". More details to follow.

Some pictures , more can be viewed here and the ride (sorry, uploaded the wrong size and dont know how to change it lol) .. trust me its way faster that it looks :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anak Mami in Chennai - Part 3

Awestruck. Dumbstruck.

I was walking into the hotel, after going through all the security checks  and the lovely, ohh so lovely Ms Aishwarya Rai walked by, she was going out flanked by her bodyguards and entourage.

She's beautiful, perfect, flawless. And I was just a few feet away from one of the most beautiful women in the world.  And I didnt have my camera. I was just standing there awestruck, dumbstruck. And she looked in my direction and smiled. Of course she had to look my way, I was probably looking foolish with my mouth hanged open ! I cant even remember if I smiled back. Just like that she was out.

And there I was still awestruck and dumbstruck. And I was not the only one.

Anak Mami in Chennai - Part 2

And the story  continues ,

- gosh, still eating sinfully but this morning I had oatmeal, toast and omellette .. cant stomach another indian meal lah .. so much so for me being an "anak mami"

- trudged terribly on the treadmill for another 5km .. how lah you all go hours on it???

- tried their "tut-tut" - truly not for the faint hearted but its such a thrill and you dont have to fear of falling off because the next car is just three inches away from your shoulders that you'd be nudged back in LOL

- regretted for not bringing the extra duffle bag, could have bought more books .. 

- the most fun part ? i get more discount than the rest whenever we go out shopping, special discout for "mem sahib who is so pretty like one of us" 

- had a good time at the traditional village today and this time I had my camera with me :) pictures in the next posting 

- somehow I got three wives  promising that they will start running once they are back in their respective places, not bad huh? told them running was my secret to looking healthy and ehem, awet muda LOL 

- gonna wear sari, the whole 6 yards of it with full costume jewellery etc for the gala dinner tomorrow nite and actually gonna do a catwalk with three other ladies from the office ..  I still dont know how they managed to rope me in this and I am already having jitters, I'd rather run a half marathon or even a full .. and hopefully it will not end up in you tube LOL .. hubby's condition? CANNOT SHOW PUSAT hahahahaah hahahah hahahah
(each lady is sponsored by a boss and I got the VP sponsoring mine ..eerr .. does this mean I can choose the more expensive one ka?? gonna go gala dinner shopping tomorrow ! and it just occurred to me that I am probably, the oldest "model" in the industry -makcik buat catwalk babe :) just hope I will not stumble and fall flat on my face, never strutted in heels on a stage before lah, ayo yo kadawalai ! 

- jokes aside, AISHWARYA RAI is staying in this very hotel, few got a glimpse of her yesterday and I have taken the liberty to walk with the camera with me in the hotel vicinity!!! i do hope i get to see her even for a few seconds .. 

how are u all doing back home???

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anak Mami in Chennai - Part 1

So far ..

- love the shower in my room, huge shower head from the ceiling like being in pouring warm water rain!!

- not much of a shopper so not much fun there but enjoyed the thrills of being in the traffic, and slamming on the imaginary brakes most of the time LOL, half deaf due to the non stop blaring of honks

- not many places to see but lots of bazaars and small shopping places, Mark & Spencer is 3 minutes walk from the hotel and is now on sale and dirt cheap compared to Malaysia .. so guess who shopped even though claiming to be not much of a shopper ? *this happened an hour ago*

- going ga ga over the beautiful girls and  hot looking guys working in the hotel

- hit the treadmill this morning to a disappointing 5km, got bored after that but been eating sinfully so tomorrow must do more! plan to check out the pool this evening

- been forgetting to bring the camera along !! must improve in that department

- looking forward to go to  bookstore tomorrow .. this i will definitely spend .. good thing travelling business class (only when travelling with hubby on business trips, if not economy only lah) so got extra weight limit :)

- still thinking abt the lovely salwar kameez suit yesterday .. simple and yet alluring and my friend reminded me of the sexy gagra choli .. oohh..

- girls outing at 430pm, 35 mins to go :)

- been eating sinfully .. i know i mentioned it but need to say it again .. sigh .. truly sinfully!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

It could easily be You and Me

When someone close to you suffers from an illness or  an ailment then you will probably take more interest in the subject. As in my case, I am always reading and looking up for reports and read ups that is related to heart patients since my husband is one.

And we tend to ignore (though not consciously or purposely) or not be interested in things that dont really concerns us. Sometimes without realising, we take things and people for granted. Life is short and full of challenges, we may have been lucky but our luck could easily change in a split of a second.

My ex-boss, En Ramli and his wife were invited by their friend Pn Muhaini to join her and her team to the Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association in Taman Gembira. She was conducting a drum circle session and also introducing laughter yoga for the members of the Assc. He asked me if I wanted to tag along and I jumped on the bandwagon with Yana, my 2nd girl.

This association is located in a housing area, run by Ms Sara Lew, whose father is a Parkinson sufferer for the last 20 years. She has a working committee and they all work on voluntary basis. Talking to her you could feel her enthusiasm, earnest and deep feeling for this cause like she's just been doing this, when the fact is she has been at it for 16 years!!

Three times a week, tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays they open the house for people with Parkinson's to get together. Its a really good network and support group. They hold singing sessions, dancing class and other activities to help these people to improve their motor skills movements and vocal abilities. They have groups that volunteers to come in and help out with a session or invite someone to share someting with the group. I am still reading up on Parkinson, you should too. From what I know they lose their movement and control over their body slowly but their minds are intact. 

It humbled me to see them. They came in walking slowly but willing themself to take the next step, some shuffling with walking sticks, some with the non stop shivering on their hands, some on  wheelchairs but they all came. It tears my heart to see them, knowing how frustrating it must be for them, having absolutely no control on how their bodies are slowly deteriorating and yet they are still mentally fully alert. It must be hard trying to steel yourself up everyday and move on and knowing that someday you  will be totally unable to take care of yourself and have to 100% depend on someone else. That, by the way is my biggest fear. 

But I saw  determination in their eyes. They know what is coming and yet they are not giving up and using the time they have left to the maximum of their capability. It helps that they have strong support from their family members and friends and a network like this to make them feel normal and not excluded.

After a short introduction session Puan Muhaini started the session. We started off with  singing and everyone sang their hearts out. From Bee Gees Words to San Francisco and John Denver's Country Road, they sang with all of us with gusto. I was looking at them and they were all into this whole heartedly. Puan Muhaini then started the drum session - this was a lot of fun, and totally new experience for me. Drums, rebanas, bells, were given out to the group and we all then try to synchronise our beatings into a rhythm and you have a conductor to guide you.  I had a go at conducting as well as En. Ramli and Yana and few more people and it was fun. You could really get into it like a trance ! What was more exciting was that each and every single parkinson member were giving it their best, albeit some with very limited movement , they still gave it their best.  They were beating to a fast beat, slow beat, up and down beat and simply having fun. Looking from outside in, it could easily be a session for a kindergarten class but this was exactly they needed .. exercising their hands and improving their movements.

We took a short break and managed to coax a member to sing. I think he was waiting to be called. He sang a chinese song , I wish I understood the words because it sounded so lovely and so touching. His wife dabbed her eyes and yeah got yours truly really misty too. His voice cuts through your heart. Another member,  who had Parkinson due to a road accident, also sang his heart out. His speech was a bit slow and blurred but he sang with devotion. It tugs your heart. We were then serenaded with another song from the first gentleman. 

Let me tell you a bit of laughter yoga. From the little I learned, you mimicked some actions/movements and do it with laughter to different intonations and different sounds of laughter! We did few moves and it was fun, everyone gave it their full energy and the room was filled with giggles and laughter and you really work your lungs and got the adrenalin pumping! Puan Muhaini then closed the session and we spent some time talking to Sara and mingling with the members.

About 10 members came, mostly in their 50's and 60's. They have all had Parkinsons for many years, few for more than 20 years. And they were really happy to see us, new faces. A lady came shuffling with her walking stick to thank all of us one by one. I was never more proud of Yana when I saw her giving the lady a mighty hug and a kiss. I must have done something right along the way!

Did you know that you can have Parkinsons as early as in your late 30's or early 40's? Its a scary revealation. It could easily be you and me. Sara mentioned to us about a guy who was in his late 30's that came to join the group. He had a glimpse of what his future holds for him looking at the advanced stage of some of the members and never came back. I hope that he will find it in his heart to come again so that he will not be alone to battle this war.

Please contact Ms. Sara Lew, the President of MPDA at 0133415418 or for further details on how to join them or how you can help them. Check out their website too. 

Puan Muhaini runs her own consultant company and is involed in charity works and has a lot of unheard of certificates that is truly awesome. Contact her for more details of the drum circle sessions and laughter yoga at

You can see pictures here, and do check my ex-boss's (I must find a better term for him hehe)  blog for more story, pictures and video clips on this visit. He writes better than me :) If its not up yet, do check periodically.

If you know anyone with Parkinsons or have someone in your family with Parkinsons and dont know about this association, let them know. Do call them up and join them. Ms Sara will help you out. And you will  get infected with her high spirits and laughter ! Its a place filled with love and laughter and no one would be made to feel that they are any different from the rest of us. 

And if you have some spare time, go with friends and families. Spend some time with these wonderful people. I guarantee that you will walk out with a wonderful feeling. And it reminds you of the realities of life.