Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anak Mami in Chennai - Part 1

So far ..

- love the shower in my room, huge shower head from the ceiling like being in pouring warm water rain!!

- not much of a shopper so not much fun there but enjoyed the thrills of being in the traffic, and slamming on the imaginary brakes most of the time LOL, half deaf due to the non stop blaring of honks

- not many places to see but lots of bazaars and small shopping places, Mark & Spencer is 3 minutes walk from the hotel and is now on sale and dirt cheap compared to Malaysia .. so guess who shopped even though claiming to be not much of a shopper ? *this happened an hour ago*

- going ga ga over the beautiful girls and  hot looking guys working in the hotel

- hit the treadmill this morning to a disappointing 5km, got bored after that but been eating sinfully so tomorrow must do more! plan to check out the pool this evening

- been forgetting to bring the camera along !! must improve in that department

- looking forward to go to  bookstore tomorrow .. this i will definitely spend .. good thing travelling business class (only when travelling with hubby on business trips, if not economy only lah) so got extra weight limit :)

- still thinking abt the lovely salwar kameez suit yesterday .. simple and yet alluring and my friend reminded me of the sexy gagra choli .. oohh..

- girls outing at 430pm, 35 mins to go :)

- been eating sinfully .. i know i mentioned it but need to say it again .. sigh .. truly sinfully!


rara said...

enjoy your trip! n pls tangkap gambar banyak2!! nak tengok.. hehe..

ian yusof said...

waahhh ... this is the longest FB entry ... hehheheh ....

Part II - Bring it on!!!

Have fun Kak June! and take care.

ARZ said...

How could you FORGET your camera????

In my vocab, it's like forgetting your PASSPORT.

June Malik said...

thanks Ian :)

rara and boss .. sigh yana is the official photographer but i will bring camera next i go out, promise !

mummy-who-cooks said...

June.. hang pakai sari nanti they might mistaken you with that Ms Rai..

Anonymous said...

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