Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anak Mami in Chennai - Part 2

And the story  continues ,

- gosh, still eating sinfully but this morning I had oatmeal, toast and omellette .. cant stomach another indian meal lah .. so much so for me being an "anak mami"

- trudged terribly on the treadmill for another 5km .. how lah you all go hours on it???

- tried their "tut-tut" - truly not for the faint hearted but its such a thrill and you dont have to fear of falling off because the next car is just three inches away from your shoulders that you'd be nudged back in LOL

- regretted for not bringing the extra duffle bag, could have bought more books .. 

- the most fun part ? i get more discount than the rest whenever we go out shopping, special discout for "mem sahib who is so pretty like one of us" 

- had a good time at the traditional village today and this time I had my camera with me :) pictures in the next posting 

- somehow I got three wives  promising that they will start running once they are back in their respective places, not bad huh? told them running was my secret to looking healthy and ehem, awet muda LOL 

- gonna wear sari, the whole 6 yards of it with full costume jewellery etc for the gala dinner tomorrow nite and actually gonna do a catwalk with three other ladies from the office ..  I still dont know how they managed to rope me in this and I am already having jitters, I'd rather run a half marathon or even a full .. and hopefully it will not end up in you tube LOL .. hubby's condition? CANNOT SHOW PUSAT hahahahaah hahahah hahahah
(each lady is sponsored by a boss and I got the VP sponsoring mine ..eerr .. does this mean I can choose the more expensive one ka?? gonna go gala dinner shopping tomorrow ! and it just occurred to me that I am probably, the oldest "model" in the industry -makcik buat catwalk babe :) just hope I will not stumble and fall flat on my face, never strutted in heels on a stage before lah, ayo yo kadawalai ! 

- jokes aside, AISHWARYA RAI is staying in this very hotel, few got a glimpse of her yesterday and I have taken the liberty to walk with the camera with me in the hotel vicinity!!! i do hope i get to see her even for a few seconds .. 

how are u all doing back home???


SAM0309 said...

wah...itu Ashwarya was with Abhishek? Always wondered....does she have green eyes and unblemished skin?

June Malik said...

she was alone and yes green blue eyes and flawless skin !