Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anak Mami in Chennai - Part 4

Well actually, anak mami is back home and loving it here :) Managed some pictures here and there and also took some from friend's camera .. I am hopeless when it comes to taking photos and lesson learned well when I didnt get a photo with the beautiful Aishwarya Rai who was just 2 feet away .. what is done is done !!

 (me and MY  Shah Rukh Khan)

It was a good trip, made many new friends (the wives of the participants) and managed to see some places in Chennai. I was in Delhi, Agra, Lucknow and Jaipur about 10 years back and I am not sure of how these places are today but in Chennai its a big change from what I saw. Its much cleaner, they have big shopping malls, almost everyone speaks english even a word or two, The traffic didnt change though, busy and noisy and dangerous and its a miracle that they can avoid a road accident !! Taking their "che ator" (tut-tut) was a harrowing but exhilarathing experince he he, but not recommended for the faint hearted ! Chennai has many temples and churches and not much else but its a shopping haven for sarees and salwar kameez and punjabi suits, costume jewelleries, bangles, and loads more .. you can go crazy with choices and its dirt cheap compared to the prices here ! From the cheapest to the most expensive, its your choice. And of course their cheap cheap books, their main bookstore, Landmark can equal our own MPH!

Food was super delicious, everyday we had variety of choices to try  different styles of  curry, dhals, chutneys, the crispy wade and fantastic tosai and naan and  briyanai and their oo sooo wonderful coffee and ice cream from fresh cow's milk. I am not a milk fan but when its their ice cream, cow or no cow I simply keep having spoons after spoons. Seriously, I gained 2/3kg in the 8 days and now will need two months at least, to shed it off :(

Something came up at the very last minute and I had to ditch my saree to salwar kameez much to my disappointment (and many others too LOL) - its a really LONG story ha ha so lets not start. But I did manage to get some pictures of me in what was supposed to be .. now must find another occassion that I can have the reason to don on the saree!

Highlight of the trip was of course being in the same room with Aishwarya Rai, a mere two feet apart and also the "announcement" by the big boss  making it official for my husband's new "position". More details to follow.

Some pictures , more can be viewed here and the ride (sorry, uploaded the wrong size and dont know how to change it lol) .. trust me its way faster that it looks :)


serena said...

You actually looked lovely and stunning in that! Ahem...looked like one of the bollywood star.

June Malik said...

haah serena thank you! but am on the darker side of the bollywood star lah :)

serena said...

Forget what you think!! To me you always look lovely & stunning!

June Malik said...

Uish serena, u make me blush blush (can see ka??) hahaahh, thanks *wink*

RaYzeef said...

Kak June,
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June Malik said...

rayzeef, thanks i will try it out .. memang selalu problem with pictures, tak tentu arah lol