Friday, March 26, 2010


See my expression? Well we knew what the announcement was about, but the timing caught both of us off guard.

Now that it has been made official and been announced, I can tell you all.

We are moving to Johor Bharu end of this year. Well, me and my kids. My husband will be going middle of next month to start his new job (we initially thought it will only be in June) and he will be a weekend husband or once every two weeks husband or once a month husband depending on his work load, or I travel up (down?) to see him when he cant come down (up?). I decided to stay behind because Azam is sitting for his PMR this year and moving him now to a new school will really mess things up for him. And I still have to settle Yana into a University/College. We will all move when the school ends in November. My two girls will stay at their respective university hostels, they can choose to travel to JB or my mom's place for  weekends and back to us for longer breaks and I can travel to see them from time to time.
Zaki's job/position is such that we move every 3-4 years. We stayed in France for 3+ years, Japan for 3+ years, came back home for 2 years and went back to Japan for almost 3 years. But we've been back home for almost 5 years and he was in a different department, so we thought finally, we can settle down for good and wham, we got the news of this transfer. There were few places they had in mind for him, UK (this I wont complain), JB, Singapore, or Turmeknistan (or something to that sound) after crossing out and all, finally JB was decided for him. It will be a promotion and a totally new challenge for him. He will be working in Pasir Gudang and we will probably stay near there or JB itself.

So, this means beginning next year, I wont be able to run in many marathons since most are centred here in KL and surrounding areas. I will try to come back for the major ones. No more trying to join it all. So from now till year end, I am going to try to join as many as I could. But of course if Zaki comes back on a marathon weekend, he gets the priority. I will just register and keep my fingers crossed ! So I have to try and go to all runs and get acquainted with friends that I have not met in person while I am still here. I am just getting to know some of you.

It will be quiet there with only Azam at home with us. Honestly I dont want to go. I would stay if I could. But its not good for him to be there alone too right?  And my place is rightly with my husband. Once he settled in the first week, I will go over for a few days to look at our house options. Several places have been recommended.

It will get busy for me towards the end of the year. We have yet to decide whether or not to sell our current house. And one of the cars have to go too since another one will be provided there. This is a minimum 3 year posting. My sisters are willing to look after the house. But how often are we coming back to stay here? When we are back here, it will be a weekend trip, or a short holiday trip divided between our two families.

The one family member that is truly happy is Arlina. You see, her boyfriend is there, in Pontian. I guess this will give me an opportunity to get to know my "besan" to be? (I have a feeling these kids are gonna make it as a couple, insyaallah)

My only hope is that I can still run there. A park or a road like I have here now. Or I will make my own route. On a brighter note, its easier for me to go for the Singapore Marathon. And you guys can come and have a stopover in my place before crossing over or on the way back.  I can cook my fish curry. Not too bad lah eh?

I guess the people in whichever neighbourhood we will be staying will have to get use to the sight of this makcik running around hehehe. And think of the talks to follow. Juicy stories.

People will be watching us like a hawk. The new boss and his family. The newbies from town. LOL. Hehehe this can be fun too. From what I heard the current boss's wife is a really nice and quiet lady. Here comes Ms Bond outspoken and one who laughs heartily and still struts around in jeans and sleeveless tops  and running around in shorts. LOL. And I will be a totally different species of boss's wife the staff would have ever encountered. I wont be June Bond if I am like the others right???

Not one to surrender, and looking forward for new changes and challenges, JB folks, get ready! June Bond is making her entrance. Anak Mami is coming to town. I am not sure if they are ready for me or ever will be. Hehe. My oh my, what an adventure this will be.

Note to a certain friend :  that's why I can only confirm Bidor on week of run itself ;) .. err if I promise not to utter a word and keep quiet, really quiet  in the backseat, you wont even notice i am there, can I jump in your car?? eheheehheehheehheh


RaYzeef said...

Kak June, gud luck settling down in PG. I lived there for a year in 1999, don't worry about your running activities, u can run in taman bukit layang2 area.

Air quality in PG is very poor due to many factories nearby, i recommend to stay in JB than PG, plus there are more running routes there. Gud luck and welcome to JB food haven..he he

Justiffa said...

Sheesh june, i so hate to welcome you to the club. managing a long distance relationship is pretty tiring.. makes you feel like a yo-yo most of the time. tapi takpe its only johor and sat je tu.. pejam celek pejam celek its year end oredi ;p for me dah nak masuk 5 yrs but hopefully there'll be light at the end of the tunnel soon :D

Congrats to the hubs for the promotion. and btw its 'turkmenistan' and thats where my other half is right now ;p

mummy-who-cooks said...

Hey... tell me about managing a long distance relationship.. been there... I lived to tell a story.. :)

azza said...

No wonder laa ada org tak sihat minggu ni. Sbb pening fikir byk juga rupanya. I'm feeling butterflies in d stomach thinking abt tomorrow..huhu. Ok, make it a point to try reaching our target in June yea. Perhaps JB will be much popular because of this sorang running makcik! Why not u open a running club for women overthere? Why not, right?

serena said...

Congrats to your hubby for the promotion and remember to provide me a room cos I'm coming too..he he..joking lah. Anyway, would like to wish you the very best of luck in your future undertakings and do keep in touch in time to come.

monkey said...

ticik... we will visit you in johor for sure! yay!
on another note, if you sell your current house, then you come back after the 3 yrs posting, how?
house prices will shoot up by then and probly hard to find one in a good location.

and btw, if you are letting go / selling any furniture or house deco stuff, lemme know :p

Sabrina Ismail said...

sape eh monkey ni.. coz he/she is calling u by the name ticik.. must be part of the family.. =)

no worries la, PG ada McD 24 hour haha

June Malik said...

thank you all. i am torn between looking forward and not wanting to leave here.

Rayzeef, glad to know i hv route to run hehe and tiff, i dah biasa long distance ni jugak, first 4 years of our marriage, zaki was sailing heeh orang kapal .. naik kapal 4 months balik 1 month .. kerja darat pun banyak outstation .. but this will be first time after so many years, he dah mengeluh cos he will be alone and do everything alone hehe .. and thanks, turkmenistan. i can never get it right LOL

sabrina : monkey is your cousin yang share same birthday :)

serena : i will miss you most, my faithful walking/jog/run partner !

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Hi June,
First time dropping a comment here.
In JB, u'll enjoy running at Taman Kebun Bunga (nearby Lido beach), nearby Dataran Bandaraya JB. 1 loop is about 3km (there's also a 2km-ish loop), u can see Singapore while running.
That's where i enjoy my run.

June Malik said...

EnAikAY : thanks for dropping by and thousand thanks for the place to run tip. Appreciate it. We might run into each other someday like this :)