Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It starts here for Yana

I didnt write this earlier because I hadnt seen her in person to congratulate her. Now that I am home and all that is out of the way, I can do it.

Yana got through her SPM with 2A's for Maths and Science and B+ for the rest of the subject. I am happy and proud of her. We are not the type of parents that  demand straight A's. As we see it, as long as they had given it their best, we will be there for them.

Yana has never been the studying type and sometimes I am amazed that she can get through her exams. She hates the idea of being cooped up and have to study things that she will not use at all in future (which is quite true) and simply do what is necessary to just make it. Barely sometimes.

Lots of small talks, and discussions and finally we did see her making a better effort at studying for her SPM. I am not going to dwell on "without proper studying she passed all her papers, if only she had studied more" because she is what she is. 

She has decided to pursue Mass Comm/PR and photography on the side. And it suits her. You see, she may slack in the studying department, but she excels in the people department. She is bubbly, energetic and has a pleasant personality , she easily makes friends and has deep empathy. I know she will do well in life because of these traits. And she is street smart too. She reminds me of me. A lot of me. I guess that's why we logged heads sometimes ha ha.

So Yana all the best, and know that we are here for you, for something, for nothing, for everything. Congratulations and you are now venturing into a totally new adventure. Good luck sayang ! We all love you :)


Haza said...

Gosh. Finally, a mother who thinks like me ehehehehehehe. You know what, J, I've been so fed up with being in a soc where mothers compare their kids' achievements and what grand kindies, then grand schools up to grand unis and grand courses their kids take after spm. So boring lah.

And congrats to Yana. Yup, actually it doesn't even begin here. It begins when she leaves a learning institution and goes into the real world, kan?

June Malik said...

H , very true how they want to gloat abt the A's their kids get .. its funny when ppl ask me and I proudly say 2A, you can see it in their faces, like laaa 2A jer pun excited? hahaah, academic is important I agree but if they lack all other qualities, the straigt A's not gonna get them anywhere lah :)

mummy-who-cooks said...

Salam June... Dont worry ... Theory and Practical are two different things. One can score xx number of As, but will they excel @ College/Univ? Only a handfull.. I shall reserved my comments. To Yana.. she is very lucky to have parents who thinks that the world doesnt revolve around 'As'. She nak ambil Mass Comm/PR - I say- Go for it. I was a MC/PR student b4 (lepas finish SS10), tough but very interesting course... Leceh..kena sit for Law paper juga la for the first 2 Sems... :P By the way, Congrats to Yana.. Love, Aunty Nita

Justiffa said...

Congrats to yana :D my no. 2 is doing mass com, majoring in advertising and from what i see, its pretty interesting.. n good luck osso k!!

Sue said...

Congrats to all!! Now is a time to relax and enjoy before the next stage starts!

ARZ said...


We share the same outlook about academic Qualifications. It's great to score straight A's if student is well rounded. Most who are successful in life somehow tends to be the naughty ones. And success is not measured by how just how deep the pocket is.

Yana is full of life, the traits of the mum! Congrats Yana.