Sunday, March 28, 2010

"The man's one ....."

Two days ago I was out walking with Serena, and as usual I was  the one who talked and she listened. I am a chatterbox lol.

There were this two guys behind us, catching up on us. I was telling Serena about my running shorts, and by the time the guys overtook us, what they heard was :-

"THE MAN'S ONE BETTER, BIGGER AND LONGER" , I didnt realise my blunder but Serena was already blushing and holding her laughter. I was looking at her, confused. Then she pointed out my sentence and the guys.

Oh my god. It dawned on me. Oh my god. Hahahaah. I wonder what they guys thought about that remark. They must think I am some kind of pervert. Hahahaha. Poor Serena got tangled into this. Sorry girlfriend :)

Seriously, what would you guys think if you passed by and heard that remark?????


serena said... really wrote it...i was only joking leh. Anyway, your remark still pusing pusing in my head and still ahem... blush blush.

ian yusof said...

errr .... the golf clubs, no?

June Malik said...

Haha Ian, finally someone brave enough to comment LOL .. hmm golf club pun boleh jugak kan??

aiya serena, still blush ka???