Friday, April 30, 2010

In love all over again ......

Aragorn, Arwen, Legolas, Frodo, Sam, Eomer, Eowyn, Elron, Haldir, Saruman, Gandalf, Gimli, Gollum, Urukhai - sounds familiar? They are  showing Lord of the Rings on TV5 tomorrow. Please dont tell me you did not watch the movies. Arrgh how could you not???

Seeing the snippet of the film again after so long, transports  me back to the time when I was (well, still am) obsessed with Aragorn. When all around me were going ga-ga over Legolas, I had eyes only for Aragorn. And I am in love with him all over again!!!

His soft voice, the way he looks at Arwen and how it just  shows how much he loves her .. Ooh he is so seductive while  talking Elf. And how heavenly good looking. And how arousing was the kiss ?? That moment, I WISH I WAS ARWEN. A rogue and a king. And superbly sexy.

Mind you, I dont really care for the actor, Viggo Mortenson. I am in love with Aragorn. I told my husband if Aragorn was real and alive then he was in real danger of me leaving him and pursuing Aragorn. LOL.

I had Aragorn poster on my kitchen wall for a long time. (I might be pushing the boundaries if it was in OUR room) And Aragorn's picture for my laptop, pc and phone background. And a pendant with Aragorn etched on it. My husband simply tolerates and shakes his head. Bless him ;p)

Dont ask me why. I find him intriguing, sexy, alluring and mysterious. The men from medieval times are soo .. I dont know, wonderfully manly and sexy? 

Standing close facing each other, he takes me into his arms, slowly moves his hands over my face, and trace the outline of my jaw and draws me close and whispers ooo some wonderful words in elf language, and slowly ooo ever slowly bends down for a kiss ....
I know, I know he is not real. But a girl can dream right? Ha ha. Me and my obsession of Aragorn. Ask my kids and my husband, they will attest to it. I am totally in love with Aragorn.

The red paragraph? I dreamt it a few times but everytime, every single time, I woke up just when he was about to kiss me. Sigh, guess its a sign. My real Aragorn is the one that's been sleeping next to me for the past 21 some years :) 

You know I love you Abang ;p) hihihi  but then again if Aragorn does come along ................

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Chat

Well, we got a place to stay. I will see it on Saturday. A new one that my husband found after I came back. Sounds fine. The first thing I would want to see would be if I could run just in the area .. tak mau lah tanya on the phone heeheh ..

Its 58 days to d-day. And I am getting really worried. I am running but certainly not enough. Stupid me did not count this up and down JB trips. But insyaallah, once he is settled then probably he will do the travelling back.  I told him after 27/6 I will even go every weekend if need be :)

I almost had a heart attack two days ago, I somehow changed the calendar on my laptop and the countdown went to 29 days! I swear my heart stopped. TWENTY NINE DAYS? what??? how???? gosh, how did I miss that??? After panicking for a full two minutes, I calmed down and realised hey, its not even end of April, there's 31 days in May and 26 days in June. Phewww. Talk about being paranoid LOL.

And our FMVs seem to be gathering fans. We now have 209 members, even though most are "non virgins" but for me its the coming together that counts most. The ones had done it giving us tips and motivation videos and pep talks, the ones doing asking questions, the ones going to do asking if they could join in .. We are even talking about our own running vest hehe, got a sponsor too :) Its totally awesome, if you are reading this and you are one of us, thank you for your support. Err, do spread the word around he he.

I hope I wont have to do the dreadmill for two and half hours again! 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cakap Utara Sikit No ..

Psst, mai sat. Chuba tenguk kat belah kiri tu, chek punya nike+ runs .. nampak dak? lapan belaih poin lima satu kilometer .. tak lah jeuh mana tapi pasai chek lari ataih mesin tu nak lah jugak gempak sikit hahah .. tapi ni cherita dua hari  lepaih lah ..

Tak taulah macam mana buat lagu tu .. lari sungguh sungguh - kot lari kat luaq sama ka dapat laju macam ni ? entah  apa super power dah mai, buleh dok lari tak stop stop .. chek seronok ingat dapat lah lari lebih dari 21km, tapi tup-tup nana chek hantaq sms kata dia nak balik lagi 1/2 jam, suruh siap nak keluaq makan .. potong steam sungguh, hari-hari dia balik lambat, hari ni lah pulak dia balik cepat. Kalau tak jeuh lagi kot pi no??

Tapi nak habaq lah bukan senang lari lama2 ataih mesin tu. Dua jam setengah dok pulun lari. Lagu takdaq, tak bawak ipod, ada tv tapi depa letak kat ataih dekat bumbung nun, bila langut nak tenguk rasa penin pun ada ..lepaih tu rasa macam dok pi belakang nak jatuh .. give up tutup tv .. dok tenguk lampu kat mesin tu ajalah .. time lah, km lah, kalori lah .. sampai kadang2 mata berpinaq2 dok jege kat situ aje .. abih2 tenguk bawah pulak haha ..

Hampa tau tak punyalah susah nak minum bila lari ataih mesin tu? nak slow down takut jatuh .. botoi gatorade tu kan mulut dia besaq? laa .. dok minum tu ayaq berkocak2, nasib tak tersedaq masuk hidung, bharulah nak haru ;p)

Apa pun saja nak share cherita, chek sebenaqnya tak suka sungguh kat mesin ni tapi pasai dah susah nak lari kat JB ni , lagi pun tak besa lagi dengan tempat depa kenalah jugak pakai mesin ni. Pasai dah gatai pi klik kenalah dok pulun training pulaq. Nampak gaya sampai hujung bulan kot chek kat sini, nana tu lah, manja sungguh .. nak balik dia dok kata tunggu lah dulu. Tapi dah habaq dah, masuk rumah dah kemaih2 chek nak balik, rindu kat budak2 lepaih tu nak kena lari kat luaq nun. Kat mesin aja mana buleh jadi. 

Tadi pi jugak, tapi makan tengahari dengan Sasha & Sam banyak sangat, perut berat, dapat lah jugak 10km. Esuk2 pi lagi ..kot2 chek dapat lari lebih dari 21km chek habaq no, tapi rasa2 susah kot nak buat lagi sekali ha ha

Hampa semua dok baik2 tau, toksah dok nakai-nakai .. seronok2 lah hujung minggu ni :)

heheeh , hope you guys can understand this :) have a good weekend guys !!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

FMVs Gather Round Now - Part 2

Yim wrote the first one here. And I am continuing on our mission. The funny thing is so far almost all the members are non-virgins, and so far we have FIVE known FMVs, me, Yim, Syed, Azza and the funny Chia Kai.

Its catching up. We have friends supporting and runners whodunnit contributing their experience to help spur us on. Haza shared with us her 1st Full Marathon. Her virgin effort. Now she no longer holds the title having done a whopping 9 FMs! No easy feat to match. Not even going to try. But I am sure gonna try hard to lose my "virginity" ahhaah .. sounds so .. pervert? LOL 

My friend who is choosing to stay anonymous (I am still trying to get him to come out) has told me that he wouldnt mind sponsoring the tshirt for us. Uuuugh, now we are going to have tshirts .. how did it come to this?

If you are reading this, please spread the word .. all are welcome to join us and we especially welcome first time full marathon runners doing the SCKLM because that is where we are going to be at ! Who knows another new team might want to take over this page for the next FMVs group ?

We are simply offering a platform for runners to get together,  the first timers. A place to gather information, to share their pains and troubles of training for this first attempt. A place for people aiming for the same goal. To cross the finish line.  And also to have fun. 

We hope we can get a group of FMVs with our non virgin counterparts to start the race together. All in unity at the starting line and off we go. 

So, yeah do let your friends, and friends of friends of friends of friends know about us. Come join us, visit our facebook page.

And Yim, looks like we might have to organise runs for FMVs for  fun and training eh?

Did I tell you that Chia Kai is going to run in a skirt? Yeah he accepted the dare and gonna run in one of these :p)

How's that for sportsmanship?? Anymore takers for this dare? I dare you !

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Full Marathon Virgin Pledge

Syed and Yim my blog/fb buddies are attempting their first Full Marathon, 27th June 2010, Dataran Merdeka. Standard Chartered International KL Marathon. And as of the count today, so are 1300 more. And as you know or dont know, I am too.

Syed jokingly suggested that we should  start a club for first time full marathon runners. Full Marathon Virgins, thats what we will call ourselves. Yim and me jumped into the bandwagon. And we are recruiting, drop any of us a line here or in fb and you are accepted automatically :) It has to be your first one. Ever. Hey, it is catching on and we are recruiting, ha ha. The FMV's, we stick together like UHU glue. We are going to pound on unsuspecting victims.

Imagine. All the "virgin" runners actually gathering and finally meeting in person with your cyberspace friends. All in unity, scared s***less, and all having the same goal : to reach and cross the finishing line. And to know that you actually have someone waiting for you at the end? Awesome.

Its daunting to even sign up. Your first full marathon. Especially more daunting when all around you , friends that have been running longer than you, have more stamina, runs faster, runs better, go for all marathons challenge almost every weekend state that they are not ready for the challenge. They cant do it yet. They dont have the courage yet.

And here I am, barely a year from my first ever run, only 6 runs under by belt, longest being the half marathon in Putrajaya, wanting to do my full marathon. I hardly do LSD's. So what makes me think I can do this? "Ticik, you are insane", a quote from my niece explains one of the reasons.

Reading blogs and write ups and stuff scares the hell out of me. Then I realised the most important thing. The one thing that sets me aside from them.

These people are not ready because they want to go for a good finishing time. A sub-5, a sub-4. My sub? I dont have one.  I just want to finish, (well, I lie, I have a sub attempt : a sub-6, at  5:59:59 ;p) Even if I exceed the official given time, I wont fret. My aim is just to cross the finishing line, preferably still able to walk and uninjured :) 

That's why I think I can do it. I just want to finish it. I will probably suffer after the walk, if only they could, my knees would disown me for life and so would other parts of my body that would suffer along. LOL. 

Even if this realisation calms me down a bit , every time I think of Yim's blog encouraging us to train (and scaring me with his regime hihi), the mere mention of full marathon, and looking at the countdown on my blog still gives me the shivers. He has gone over the 21km mark. I am yet to do it. Oh I have a huge fear that can stop my heart. I swear. But I am going to turn that fear into something that will actually help me do this.

I hereby pledge that I will give it my all, my best. I will train. Come 27th June, hopefully around 11:00am, I will not be a virgin anymore. Hehehe.

It starts today for me. 68 days to go. No more excuses. No looking back.
Yikes, sums it up nicely. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Anak Mami in JB

I dont know my way in JB so I cant tell you exactly where in JB I am. Till end of the month Grand Paragon Hotel, Jalan Harimau is home,  and Plaza Pelangi is merely few hundred metres away.

Its an apartment unit, small kitchenette, dining table for 4, sofa set and huge TV (can rotate between bed and dining) and the bedroom of sorts. Comfortable enough for Zaki till end of the month. We are also actually thinking that maybe Zaki should  just strike a deal with the hotel for long term stay price, find a house only when me and kids comes over. He is not too keen to stay alone in a house/condo.

I am yet to find other places of interest here in JB but at least I found a Standard Chartered Bank, much to my relief. SCB dont have many branches and it will be quite a hassle if JB didnt have one. We've had our account with them since we got married and do not wish to change to other banks. So, yeay one point. No matter where I stay, coming her for banking wont be so bad! 

Food stalls are everywhere, and quite a number opens 24 hours. Uugh, too much encouragement to eat all day long ha ha.  And Cold Storage if I need it. Not bad so far.

We will still go look at houses/condo this weekend and decide later what to do. 

Unfortunately the gym is quite bare, but the pool is not too bad. And simply not safe to run. So I have to hit the pool for the next few days to maintain some kind of stamina ha ha. Tomorrow I might go Danga Bay area.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ms Bond and her first (and hopefully the last) somersault stunt

My ribs still aches and I am limping a bit, but at the same time I cant help laughing thinking of what had happened. It wasnt funny at all then, but it sure is now. That poor little boy. I hope he will not have nightmares about this and would treat it as something awesome. Its not everyday you have a makcik fly over and above you. Intrigued yet? ha ha , read on then :)

You see, this morning I decided to cycle instead of running. Cross training lah konon. (larinya tak jugak, cross training lagi haha) Little did I know this change of plan would end up with me being a stuntwoman! 

There is a stretch of about 300-400 metres straight road at the end of the kampong, no bumps, no traffic just a row of houses and most of the time the occupants are inside. I decided to do some sprints there towards the end of my cycling. Up and down the 300 metres stretch a few times I thought. 

The first few sprints were good, I was taking it easy and ensuring that I am quite on my own, this stretch is always quiet around this time, when most of the kids are in school and the dads are at work and moms busy in the kitchen/house. I started to go faster each time. After 3 sprints I would also cycle a big loop and come back to this stretch and go as fast as I could or more aptly,  as fast as I could muster, ha ha .. I am a scary cat ok, give me a car I'd floor the pedal anytime, but on my bicycle I have my limits .. the fear of falling down and breaking various bones, especially at this tender age of mine, will take me on a long road to recovery. I  will be old and cranky when the bones finally healed LOL. Somehow I never thought of a bad accident behind the wheels of my car. (Uugh scary. Must change that mindset and have a little fear).

I have done 20km and I decided to do one last loop and sprint and then head home. Coming to the start of the stretch I started to  speed up and about halfway, out of no where this little boy on a tricycle came out from my right straight onto the road direct into my path.

I  was horrified and realised what was about to happen, and somehow I managed to brake hard with BOTH hands and the bike came to a complete stop just mere inches from the boy and that sudden stop sent me  over and above the astonished and somewhat awed little boy!

Slow motion, I was flying over and looking down at the boy who was looking up with his mouth doing the perfect O. It was actually just mere seconds and suddenly wham, there I was,  flat on the road looking at the beautiful sky, and the boy sat still on his bike with his mouth still in the perfect O, transfixed! There we were, like ducks in a row, me , him and my bike.

Somehow, I landed on my sides first and did not bang my head instantly. Thank god for the helmet that I wore. I never wore one before this but when I sent my bike for service few weeks back (explains the brakes taking me to a complete stoplah) I saw this and liked it and bought it on a whim. I am so glad I did. 

I slowly tried to move and my whole body creaks and swore. Nothing broken. Pheww. I slowly got up and sat down, head still spinning a little bit. (It was a hard fall and I wont be surprised that I'd turn a genius tomorrow, u know all the brain movement could just do it for me, no?) Oh, the boy. I forgot about him. He was still there wide eyed now, on his tricyle and suddenly, he was out of trance, he simply turned and rode away as fast as he could, before I could utter a word.  I saw him turn into one of the houses and was still too shock to get up. 

I continued to sit right smack in the middle of the road and I heard the sound of motorbike behind me. Alamak. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with embarassment. It must have been a sight to see me and my bike on the road like that LOL.

"Laa, nak oii, jatuh ke??" saw me looking up to a pakcik (and I was so happy we didnt know each other hehe) and I could just nod. He parked his bike by the road and helped me up .. ooh my legs almost gave way, didnt realise I was still shaking. Steadied my stand and he then picked my bicycle. Its a proton bike and its hardy. Hardly a scratch though I did chip the cover of the speed gear and my odometer went blank. (lost the mileage on it, all 600+ km!!)  He was talking away asking if I was ok and what happened, was it a hit and run thing or did I fall and I could only nod and shake my head in reply. Finally when he asked me where I stayed I found my voice and myself again. Thanked him and told him that I am ok and that my house was just a junction away. Assured him that I was ok to go home on my own.  You guessed it, I walked the 1km home with my bike ha ha. 

I was still in a stupor that I didnt try to see which house the boy belonged to. I plan to try and find him when I come back from JB (look for the tricylce or hopefully see him) Must warn the parents, it could have been a car instead of me. And I could have had still rammed into him. I am glad I did not hold on to the bike, it would have fallen ON HIM. He must have gone back and hid or pretended nothing happened because no one came out from where he turned into. No one witnessed the stunt, dank!

I escaped with no broken bones, some deep scratches on my sides and I will have some blue purple black bruise come tomorrow, and I think, some muscle inflammation on  my right leg, pain centred on the upper thighs. If I poked my ribs its a bit painful.

You dont think its funny? like I said, not at that time but afterwards, after I came home and showered and ate and sat and pondered, I found it to be so funny. The image of me flying and landing on the road  is priceless. And I hope the boy will not have the notion that cycling aunties do flying stunts all the time.

Typing this I remembered, Arlina had a similar incident two or three years back. I think part of the bicycle landed on her. I think we did a chest xray just to ensure there was no fracture. And if I remembered correctly, after all was fine I told her I thought it was funny, she didnt.
But you have to agree mine IS funny. Come on. Imagine this huge of a person flying over a little boy on a tricycle just inches below looking up awed (or scared to bones). No? Perhaps I wont too, if I had some broken bones, but I didnt so yeah, IT IS FUNNY. But I have to take it easy, good thing I am going to JB tomorrow and proper running is not in the plan except hitting the treadmill. Maybe I should stick to the pool the next few days. And there are tons of things to do today ! Just have to grit and go about. The bigger pain is the bruised ego. LOL.

I just hope Yana will not have the same experience. They say it comes/happens in three? Maybe I shouldnt allow Yana to ride the bike now eh?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Will I scare you away??

This is going to be my watch from now till D-day. Doesnt matter if it looks odd or does not match whatever I am wearing (mostly pun I am in jeans/tshirt aje ;p)  

Its my Nike+ sportsband that will measure my run distance, my speed, my calorie burn and my time. My constant reminder of what I had done and what I have to do. Will remind me to get my butt of the couch and go out and do something , like running instead of FB-ing. Hehe.                                             

This has been a crazy week for me, with only one run (but I managed cardio workouts) and another crazy week next week with probably no runs. (hopefully I can hit the TM and pool at the hotel in JB) Yikes! But insyaallah after that I can give it my all, or at least I hope to. Besides I dont have much choice do I? I clicked, remember?

I am doing back to back classes at my gym this week  to try out all the classes given and choose three that will be able to help me on my cross training days. Yogalates is one, cardio and dumbells is another and now one more. Maybe I should just keep my salsa/latin class to keep me sane eh? Or only two classes? Decisions, decisions. And I thought its gonna be a breeze.

I have to go and check out the swimming pool here too.  Best part ? Just beside my jogging path. I figure I could swim 30/45 mins ( or I might leave after 10 minutes??) and then just up from the pool and go out to jog and go home all dry .. I stopped going to the pool (eon years ago) because I didnt like the changing room, dark, gloomy, cobwebs, and eerie if you are alone LOL. Now that I dont have to change, its more comforting. And this is the nearest and only pool in my area. Beggars cant be choosers.

And then there's my proton bike too !! I guess I will be cycling in the kampong again. I dont dare venture out on the road alone. I must go for rides with my ex-boss lah. He will be kind enough to ride at my pace he he.

The thing is, or actually, the two things are, 

There's this two guys (Gr A) that has just started running at my jogging path. I like their pace. I tried following them, a bit too fast for my current stamina, but if i consistently follow them I am quite sure I can stay behind them. I will be happy if I can follow them for one full round at any one time non stop! And there's this two guys (Gr B) (I dont have a thing for two guys ok) that cycles around that area and would go out on the road and come back into the jogging area.

Do you think , they will think,  I am nuts or crazy, or scary, or all three, if I were to go and approach them to ask 1) if I can pace with them when they run and 2) if I can cycle with them? Well, I can easily pick up my pace and go after Gr A when they pass me, but I dont want them to think that I am stalking them or worst, trying to flirt with them LOL. Gr B, I have no choice but to ask them cos it will be totally weird if suddenly I am on my bike cycling after them ha ha. I might just scare them away and they will cycle and leave me all panting and huffing and stranded by the road! 

If you were the two guys, would I scare you away??? Ni lah gatal sangat go and click!! Yikes!!

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Lionel Richie woo-ed the ladies and awe-d the guys and entertained us all.

In all true 1Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh spirit, the show started almost one half hours late (hihihi) .. We were let in at 8:30pm (supposedly the starting time) and had to wait for the Majesties King and Queen and other VVVIP's arrival. (Dr Mahathir and wife were there too!) Someone whispered in my ears that they were TOLD to arrive at that particular time. Some bored fans started making some noise and doing the mexican wave and shouting "start the show", "start the show" .. and one mat salleh yelled, "get him a watch" when the emcee announced that the royals were arriving shortly, and another guy told him "hey have some respect or get out" That shut him up. Kudos to that guy!

As soon as the triple V, double V and single V-IPs arrived and settled,  Lionel was on stage. He wowed us from the start. He kept the songs going and stopped in between to talk to the audience and teased us endlessly. 

He was hot, suave, charming. Performed his songs flawlessly. His voice was just like how you get it on the CD. And oh, he sang his heart out. 

He teased the King endlessly, respectfully, that garnered laughter from the audience. My favourite part was when he imitated how the King was supposedly moving to the songs .. nodding and tapping his feet and looking cool .. Another favourite victim was the Prime Minister's wife. And whenever we sang along with him, he'd paused and tell us "show offs!!" 

80% of the audience was above 40. The VVVIPs section people came  in their best tux and dinner gowns and glittering jewelleries. There was a line that separated them from us but once Lionel started, all became one. He had us all (even the king and queen mind you) standing up and singing, and moving to the beat, and jumping and clapping and shouting. Imagine a room full of 40 year olds, all moving and dancing and singing and having a wonderful time. It was an awesome sight. And an awesome night.

He sang old songs, new songs, from his time with the Commodores, his own albums and when he belted out his trademarks songs of Truly, 3x a lady, Hello, dancing on the ceiling, all night long, the crowd went mad. 

He truly had us all eating out of his hands. My husband's sore throat got worst and I am hoarse too.

We are definitely going to see him again, if and when he comes back and I highly recommend that you do too. You will not regret it and its worth every penny. Every single penny.

I am still humming his tunes. 

Friday, April 02, 2010

June Bond vs 42.195km

I, June M. Ishak aka June Malik aka June Baby aka Anak Mami aka June Bond, did the deed. I clicked on 42.195km. Full Marathon. In June. (but of course :p ) at the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon. This  will also mark my 1st anniversary. This was where I first started and got hooked on running. Well, jogging. Ha ha. I did 10km last year. Come to think of it, have I done enough runs to do this? Alamak. But, I clicked anyway!!

I had wanted to wait and register much later but if I did, its a shorter time to train. I needed the booster to train hard from now. The commitment to work hard.  So I clicked.

And I am scared. Just thinking, gives me the shivers. I have not ran beyond 21km. And now I must try to increase it  to a minimum of 30km. At least. Two full loops of the 15km distance that I do on the road. Alone. And in reality, on that fateful day, there is actually  12.195km more. Uuggh. But, I clicked anyway!!

And with our pending move and my weekends that's probably spent either in JB or with hubs at home here, I might not even get to join many runs, or any runs at all,  to come till the race day. Uuggh. But, I clicked anyway!!

I am now getting my body and mind set up for this gargantuan task. Its a mountain task for me. Higher than Mt. Everest or whichever is the highest mountain in the world at the moment. It may be too soon for me. But, I clicked anyway!!

I am going to need all the help I can. Advise, nagging for me to do more, tips, more nagging, reminders, and whatever it will take to help get me to the finishing line. Oh my god. I still dont know why I did it but somehow deep in my heart I think I can do this, even though there's a nag of are you ready ? Only one way to find out.. and did I tell you, I clicked? ha ha.

And I am looking for volunteers to run with me. Hehhe. But you will have to sacrifice your PB and register a whopping new PW. Whole new record for you. Heck I will even pay for you :p) Any takers? You see, I have no choice but to do this. I clicked, remember?

Now that this is out of my system and I have made it official, I best start training. Letting this information out saps my energy. For those of you that had been here before knows how it is. Uuugh. Inilah, gatal sangat nak click!

But you know what? I am going to give this my best. I am going to train and go, and if I have to, crawl to the finishing line. No time target, crossing that line is. Why? because I clicked!

First thing first .. Serena? where are you? I need to ask you a question! Serena? Hmm .. by the way, Serena, Azza clicked too. You are going to click too right? Serena?? 

Oh well, I will find her. 

Wish me luck ? Uuggh. I clicked 42.195. Yikes !!