Thursday, April 22, 2010

FMVs Gather Round Now - Part 2

Yim wrote the first one here. And I am continuing on our mission. The funny thing is so far almost all the members are non-virgins, and so far we have FIVE known FMVs, me, Yim, Syed, Azza and the funny Chia Kai.

Its catching up. We have friends supporting and runners whodunnit contributing their experience to help spur us on. Haza shared with us her 1st Full Marathon. Her virgin effort. Now she no longer holds the title having done a whopping 9 FMs! No easy feat to match. Not even going to try. But I am sure gonna try hard to lose my "virginity" ahhaah .. sounds so .. pervert? LOL 

My friend who is choosing to stay anonymous (I am still trying to get him to come out) has told me that he wouldnt mind sponsoring the tshirt for us. Uuuugh, now we are going to have tshirts .. how did it come to this?

If you are reading this, please spread the word .. all are welcome to join us and we especially welcome first time full marathon runners doing the SCKLM because that is where we are going to be at ! Who knows another new team might want to take over this page for the next FMVs group ?

We are simply offering a platform for runners to get together,  the first timers. A place to gather information, to share their pains and troubles of training for this first attempt. A place for people aiming for the same goal. To cross the finish line.  And also to have fun. 

We hope we can get a group of FMVs with our non virgin counterparts to start the race together. All in unity at the starting line and off we go. 

So, yeah do let your friends, and friends of friends of friends of friends know about us. Come join us, visit our facebook page.

And Yim, looks like we might have to organise runs for FMVs for  fun and training eh?

Did I tell you that Chia Kai is going to run in a skirt? Yeah he accepted the dare and gonna run in one of these :p)

How's that for sportsmanship?? Anymore takers for this dare? I dare you !


Yimster said...

Yay for Chia Kai and his skirt! Betcha it's going to look ravishing on the day :D. Pink?

Eh who's this nice anonymous friend of yours? Berbesar hati tuh and the very least is for us to thank him personally kan.

5 isnt bad but 5 isnt 100 lol. So keep it coming guys and gals and lose our 'virginity'! Yay!!!!! lol

June Malik said...

hahah we attract non virgins more, the fmvs malu group eh? well we shall not surrender and try .. i am like lurking everywhere, posted on pnm page pun hahahaha

crushhio said...

kak june, maybe the rest had lost their virginities much earlier kot.. LOL!