Monday, April 19, 2010

A Full Marathon Virgin Pledge

Syed and Yim my blog/fb buddies are attempting their first Full Marathon, 27th June 2010, Dataran Merdeka. Standard Chartered International KL Marathon. And as of the count today, so are 1300 more. And as you know or dont know, I am too.

Syed jokingly suggested that we should  start a club for first time full marathon runners. Full Marathon Virgins, thats what we will call ourselves. Yim and me jumped into the bandwagon. And we are recruiting, drop any of us a line here or in fb and you are accepted automatically :) It has to be your first one. Ever. Hey, it is catching on and we are recruiting, ha ha. The FMV's, we stick together like UHU glue. We are going to pound on unsuspecting victims.

Imagine. All the "virgin" runners actually gathering and finally meeting in person with your cyberspace friends. All in unity, scared s***less, and all having the same goal : to reach and cross the finishing line. And to know that you actually have someone waiting for you at the end? Awesome.

Its daunting to even sign up. Your first full marathon. Especially more daunting when all around you , friends that have been running longer than you, have more stamina, runs faster, runs better, go for all marathons challenge almost every weekend state that they are not ready for the challenge. They cant do it yet. They dont have the courage yet.

And here I am, barely a year from my first ever run, only 6 runs under by belt, longest being the half marathon in Putrajaya, wanting to do my full marathon. I hardly do LSD's. So what makes me think I can do this? "Ticik, you are insane", a quote from my niece explains one of the reasons.

Reading blogs and write ups and stuff scares the hell out of me. Then I realised the most important thing. The one thing that sets me aside from them.

These people are not ready because they want to go for a good finishing time. A sub-5, a sub-4. My sub? I dont have one.  I just want to finish, (well, I lie, I have a sub attempt : a sub-6, at  5:59:59 ;p) Even if I exceed the official given time, I wont fret. My aim is just to cross the finishing line, preferably still able to walk and uninjured :) 

That's why I think I can do it. I just want to finish it. I will probably suffer after the walk, if only they could, my knees would disown me for life and so would other parts of my body that would suffer along. LOL. 

Even if this realisation calms me down a bit , every time I think of Yim's blog encouraging us to train (and scaring me with his regime hihi), the mere mention of full marathon, and looking at the countdown on my blog still gives me the shivers. He has gone over the 21km mark. I am yet to do it. Oh I have a huge fear that can stop my heart. I swear. But I am going to turn that fear into something that will actually help me do this.

I hereby pledge that I will give it my all, my best. I will train. Come 27th June, hopefully around 11:00am, I will not be a virgin anymore. Hehehe.

It starts today for me. 68 days to go. No more excuses. No looking back.
Yikes, sums it up nicely. 


Yimster said...

lol ... shocking gambars you have there kak June. The 2nd one sakit gigi ek hehe.

Anyway, not to scare you away lah with my posts and what have nots. Use that to fuel yourself, in determination, in motivation and the can do attitude.

Like you've said, its not about THE PB. It takes far more courage to clickity click on that very button, and commit yourself to a full marathon. Now, its time to finish that very last mile to the finishing line.

You go sista, in the honor of FMVs around Malaysia! Show 'em what you've made off lol

Seriously, I have my hats off to you for the courage/determination of wanting to complete a FM errmm ... in your age group, caya lah :). Now go plod!

azza said...

Hooray FMV's Queen! WE, the followers will support our queen from behind :)

June Malik said...

adoi yim and azza u all make me laugh ..nways Yim, you scare me (its normal to be scared kan?)but it helps to propel me, i need all the boost i can get ! azza, hail the queen? hahah, we shall do it side by side dear. now, how do we start a FMV fb fan page???

Julin Julai said...

sape sakit gigi? sape sakit gigi? hehe..
You go Kak June!!
And for kicks and motivation, try viewing Astro's sports channel for their marathon coverage..We just watched the Tokyo Marathon coverage just now. Last week it was the Milan Marathon.
Fuh naik semangat untuk Bidor nih..hehe

azza said...

Sounds like I'm going to be the 'dayang' for my Queen..hahaha. Yeah, we can create FMV fan page, so we know who else in the same boat like us Like u, I felt terrified too knowing Yim already surpassed 30 km for his LSD, padahal ada 9 minggu lagi utk SCKLM..power betul dia nih! So K.June, kita camne lak?

Yimster said...

lol @azza. I was choking on my nescafe latte when i read your comments. put it this way lah, instead of looking at what i did as defeat, use it to spur you on to do your lengthy LDS. its not about how fast you do it but once you finish it, trust me, you'd be ultra jubilant beyond words. so go on, get spurred and just do it! :D

tolldoll said...

i will pirate the run so will be cheering for the both of you along the way!

ian yusof said...

hehheh ... love the pics, over-dramatic is good.

No worries, just train well for it. I'm sure all the FMVs will do just fine.

June Malik said...

julin tergelak besar kak june, if only u r here, all of us gerenti your patients lah ;) good luck for bidor, i registered but am still in jb and balik probably wkend so miss jumpa u lagi ! next one insyaallah and thanks :)

tolldoll : why pirating the run? apapun we welcome all cheering squads with open hands and hearts :)

Ian : haha dramatic pics depicts dramatic feelings lol, insyaallah we will do it, still cant help saying yikes ! lol

azza : no dayang lah, side by side equals ! Yim u must wait for us !

rara said...

If nothing urgent comes up after the race, will definitely cheer for u at the finishing line nanti! best lah ada FMV club ni. u guys support each other. makes me wanna change category (macam la boleh n macam la berani) ;p

June Malik said...

rara : ditch 21 and come run with us .. we do it together from start to finish :)

azza said...

Kak June, sure Yim with his big heart can wait for us ..but at finishing line! Sapa nak pace ngan kita yg lari mcm siput..hahaha. Yeah, we run side by side.. crawling pun side by side mcm kat youtube tu..imagine that!

and Yim, u r way ahead of us man! I think i could only reach 30km Lsd for another 5-6 weeks.. wondering what else you can achieve within these 9weeks time :D

Yimster said...

lol no worries lah. I wait for you at the finishing line occay :D

i can become superman in the next 9 weeks lol

June Malik said...

yim, jadi superman must go all the way, pakai underwear on the outside lol :)

pakmat said...

..but I am sure when it comes to looks, the FMV's win hands down..:)..cheers and all the best..hmm..maybe pakmat will make that trip to KL..think a 65yr old can fit in as a virgin??

azza said...

K.June, setuju sangat psl suggestion utk Superman Yim tu..hehehe.

Pakmat, why not?? Check out Sister Madonna Buder's clips in FMV's page. She's still a virgin eventhough has ran in hundreds of marathon and ironman (err..i mean ironwomen) Dah 79 tahun dia tuh :)We welcome u to join us.

Justiffa said...

Juney.. ur group very the pandai to grab people's attention la lol. sebut virgin je terus jd value-added, like virgin olive oil and minyak kelapa dara to name a few ;p

Can join ah? kenot run the marathon la but sure can become water-girl (oops.. water-makcik hehehe) or sumthing ;D

June Malik said...

Tiff : we welcome all supporters in any manner .. water makcik yang bergetah is top of the list ;P

Pak Mat : hehe masih bisa lagi virgin tu hahah .. come lah join. or support.