Saturday, April 03, 2010


Lionel Richie woo-ed the ladies and awe-d the guys and entertained us all.

In all true 1Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh spirit, the show started almost one half hours late (hihihi) .. We were let in at 8:30pm (supposedly the starting time) and had to wait for the Majesties King and Queen and other VVVIP's arrival. (Dr Mahathir and wife were there too!) Someone whispered in my ears that they were TOLD to arrive at that particular time. Some bored fans started making some noise and doing the mexican wave and shouting "start the show", "start the show" .. and one mat salleh yelled, "get him a watch" when the emcee announced that the royals were arriving shortly, and another guy told him "hey have some respect or get out" That shut him up. Kudos to that guy!

As soon as the triple V, double V and single V-IPs arrived and settled,  Lionel was on stage. He wowed us from the start. He kept the songs going and stopped in between to talk to the audience and teased us endlessly. 

He was hot, suave, charming. Performed his songs flawlessly. His voice was just like how you get it on the CD. And oh, he sang his heart out. 

He teased the King endlessly, respectfully, that garnered laughter from the audience. My favourite part was when he imitated how the King was supposedly moving to the songs .. nodding and tapping his feet and looking cool .. Another favourite victim was the Prime Minister's wife. And whenever we sang along with him, he'd paused and tell us "show offs!!" 

80% of the audience was above 40. The VVVIPs section people came  in their best tux and dinner gowns and glittering jewelleries. There was a line that separated them from us but once Lionel started, all became one. He had us all (even the king and queen mind you) standing up and singing, and moving to the beat, and jumping and clapping and shouting. Imagine a room full of 40 year olds, all moving and dancing and singing and having a wonderful time. It was an awesome sight. And an awesome night.

He sang old songs, new songs, from his time with the Commodores, his own albums and when he belted out his trademarks songs of Truly, 3x a lady, Hello, dancing on the ceiling, all night long, the crowd went mad. 

He truly had us all eating out of his hands. My husband's sore throat got worst and I am hoarse too.

We are definitely going to see him again, if and when he comes back and I highly recommend that you do too. You will not regret it and its worth every penny. Every single penny.

I am still humming his tunes. 


Yimster said...

Humming all night long eh :)

serena said... it me you are looking for??? sorry unable to join you for FM.
i believe you can do it cos you are 3X A LADY.

June Malik said...

Yim : it was an awesome show and night, humming all nite and day lol

Serena, so cute lah you, made me laugh .. hahah ..abt the other thing, u hv to comment at the right place !

jue said...

lionel ritchie one of my favorite singer . . . wish i was there . . . HELLO . ..

good to hear u are enjoying life . . . thats what life is all about . . . we need this to balance up all other obstacles that we face in our daily routine

June Malik said...

Jue, next time he is in town, do not miss it :)