Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ms Bond and her first (and hopefully the last) somersault stunt

My ribs still aches and I am limping a bit, but at the same time I cant help laughing thinking of what had happened. It wasnt funny at all then, but it sure is now. That poor little boy. I hope he will not have nightmares about this and would treat it as something awesome. Its not everyday you have a makcik fly over and above you. Intrigued yet? ha ha , read on then :)

You see, this morning I decided to cycle instead of running. Cross training lah konon. (larinya tak jugak, cross training lagi haha) Little did I know this change of plan would end up with me being a stuntwoman! 

There is a stretch of about 300-400 metres straight road at the end of the kampong, no bumps, no traffic just a row of houses and most of the time the occupants are inside. I decided to do some sprints there towards the end of my cycling. Up and down the 300 metres stretch a few times I thought. 

The first few sprints were good, I was taking it easy and ensuring that I am quite on my own, this stretch is always quiet around this time, when most of the kids are in school and the dads are at work and moms busy in the kitchen/house. I started to go faster each time. After 3 sprints I would also cycle a big loop and come back to this stretch and go as fast as I could or more aptly,  as fast as I could muster, ha ha .. I am a scary cat ok, give me a car I'd floor the pedal anytime, but on my bicycle I have my limits .. the fear of falling down and breaking various bones, especially at this tender age of mine, will take me on a long road to recovery. I  will be old and cranky when the bones finally healed LOL. Somehow I never thought of a bad accident behind the wheels of my car. (Uugh scary. Must change that mindset and have a little fear).

I have done 20km and I decided to do one last loop and sprint and then head home. Coming to the start of the stretch I started to  speed up and about halfway, out of no where this little boy on a tricycle came out from my right straight onto the road direct into my path.

I  was horrified and realised what was about to happen, and somehow I managed to brake hard with BOTH hands and the bike came to a complete stop just mere inches from the boy and that sudden stop sent me  over and above the astonished and somewhat awed little boy!

Slow motion, I was flying over and looking down at the boy who was looking up with his mouth doing the perfect O. It was actually just mere seconds and suddenly wham, there I was,  flat on the road looking at the beautiful sky, and the boy sat still on his bike with his mouth still in the perfect O, transfixed! There we were, like ducks in a row, me , him and my bike.

Somehow, I landed on my sides first and did not bang my head instantly. Thank god for the helmet that I wore. I never wore one before this but when I sent my bike for service few weeks back (explains the brakes taking me to a complete stoplah) I saw this and liked it and bought it on a whim. I am so glad I did. 

I slowly tried to move and my whole body creaks and swore. Nothing broken. Pheww. I slowly got up and sat down, head still spinning a little bit. (It was a hard fall and I wont be surprised that I'd turn a genius tomorrow, u know all the brain movement could just do it for me, no?) Oh, the boy. I forgot about him. He was still there wide eyed now, on his tricyle and suddenly, he was out of trance, he simply turned and rode away as fast as he could, before I could utter a word.  I saw him turn into one of the houses and was still too shock to get up. 

I continued to sit right smack in the middle of the road and I heard the sound of motorbike behind me. Alamak. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with embarassment. It must have been a sight to see me and my bike on the road like that LOL.

"Laa, nak oii, jatuh ke??" saw me looking up to a pakcik (and I was so happy we didnt know each other hehe) and I could just nod. He parked his bike by the road and helped me up .. ooh my legs almost gave way, didnt realise I was still shaking. Steadied my stand and he then picked my bicycle. Its a proton bike and its hardy. Hardly a scratch though I did chip the cover of the speed gear and my odometer went blank. (lost the mileage on it, all 600+ km!!)  He was talking away asking if I was ok and what happened, was it a hit and run thing or did I fall and I could only nod and shake my head in reply. Finally when he asked me where I stayed I found my voice and myself again. Thanked him and told him that I am ok and that my house was just a junction away. Assured him that I was ok to go home on my own.  You guessed it, I walked the 1km home with my bike ha ha. 

I was still in a stupor that I didnt try to see which house the boy belonged to. I plan to try and find him when I come back from JB (look for the tricylce or hopefully see him) Must warn the parents, it could have been a car instead of me. And I could have had still rammed into him. I am glad I did not hold on to the bike, it would have fallen ON HIM. He must have gone back and hid or pretended nothing happened because no one came out from where he turned into. No one witnessed the stunt, dank!

I escaped with no broken bones, some deep scratches on my sides and I will have some blue purple black bruise come tomorrow, and I think, some muscle inflammation on  my right leg, pain centred on the upper thighs. If I poked my ribs its a bit painful.

You dont think its funny? like I said, not at that time but afterwards, after I came home and showered and ate and sat and pondered, I found it to be so funny. The image of me flying and landing on the road  is priceless. And I hope the boy will not have the notion that cycling aunties do flying stunts all the time.

Typing this I remembered, Arlina had a similar incident two or three years back. I think part of the bicycle landed on her. I think we did a chest xray just to ensure there was no fracture. And if I remembered correctly, after all was fine I told her I thought it was funny, she didnt.
But you have to agree mine IS funny. Come on. Imagine this huge of a person flying over a little boy on a tricycle just inches below looking up awed (or scared to bones). No? Perhaps I wont too, if I had some broken bones, but I didnt so yeah, IT IS FUNNY. But I have to take it easy, good thing I am going to JB tomorrow and proper running is not in the plan except hitting the treadmill. Maybe I should stick to the pool the next few days. And there are tons of things to do today ! Just have to grit and go about. The bigger pain is the bruised ego. LOL.

I just hope Yana will not have the same experience. They say it comes/happens in three? Maybe I shouldnt allow Yana to ride the bike now eh?


rara said...

thank God you're ok.. but mmg funny sbb budak tu ternganga terkejut tgk kak june. hahhahaa.. coz i've been there, done that. but not to the extent of terbang over a kid la.. ;p sudden break lepas tu tayar belakang terangkat, then terus tergolek. T__T

Yimster said...

Halfway reading through the first bit on the encounter with the tricycle, I went WHAT? Who in hell lets their child cycle out unsupervised? When and if you do catch their parents, do give them a shelling :D

Secondly, you need to be spanked also. There's internal injuries that you wont know until perhaps way too late. Dah pun pandai from experience Arlina but when it comes to this big kid ... hampeh taw. If possible, go get a full check up lah.

Oits ... I still need you in my FMV club taw, so need to be well wokay :D

Justiffa said...

Ya Allah june.. theres nothing remotely funny about a fall like that!!! especially in our 'tender age' as you aptly put it heheh.. and i agree with yimster, go do a full check la. if nothing alhamdulillah but just in case.

Take care la gf :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

oh dear... you sure you okay K.June? take care yeah..!!

SAM0309 said...

aiyoyo.... good thing you got sense of humor about these episodes. take care ya.

Julin Julai said...

One day, I rode a bike and I fell on someone's prized flower bed. I heard a shriek from inside the owner's house and I ran away, knees bleeding and all before they found out who I was. That was 21 years ago. Never been on a bike since. Haha.
Kak June, do take care of yourself, bikes can be dangerous.

SuN said...

wohoo..funny but scary gak..do take care kak june..still on for ur FMV rite? CHAIYOK2!!

serena said...

i remember a few years back i was cycling around the neighborhood and suddenly 3 fierce dogs came chasing & barking after me. i was in shocked and freaked out and i cycled like mad to escape from it. from then onwards, I gave up cycling!!! so june, do take care in whatever you do cos life is precious.

June Malik said...

i bet there are a lot of bicycle mishaps stories out there ! thanks guys and i am glad nothing is broken, just really sore on the ribs :) .. went to doctor and got an a-ok after much prodding and checking and a jab too!

julin/serena : dont plan to bike ever again ka?? i will take care, promise !

seah said...

There is always higher risk on cycling thn running, due to its speed. But it is a learning process on falling and recovering.
Good to hear you are ok.

jue said...

reading your entry sent my pulse's rate high rocketing!!!!!

yeah, these days better be extra careful on kg road. many kids cycle & run out of no where unsupervised. just wonder where are their parents.

my blood pressure shoot up each time i heard parents said, 'its fate' when an accident took place involving young children. how i wish i could bang their heads hard on the ground to drill some sense into them!

take care & see u on sunday at Car Family Run . .

ARZ said...

June Bond,

My first instinct was to ask you, "did you wear a helmet?". I am glad you said you did. But I wasn't glad that you did not wear one before.

Cyclists should have the policy of "no helmet no ride".

Some of your friends said cycling is dangerous. There's danger everywhere. It's our responsibility to mitigate the dangers.

Anyway glad that you are OK. Hei, I still need your running pics in the future.

June Malik said...

jue , i agree , fate is fate but you can take steps to try and avoid it in the first place ..

boss : will not ride without my helmet anymore and i believe all sports has its own dangers, we simply have to take care .. i will cycle again soon! we have to make photo date for the run pictures lah

thanks seah :)