Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Chat

Well, we got a place to stay. I will see it on Saturday. A new one that my husband found after I came back. Sounds fine. The first thing I would want to see would be if I could run just in the area .. tak mau lah tanya on the phone heeheh ..

Its 58 days to d-day. And I am getting really worried. I am running but certainly not enough. Stupid me did not count this up and down JB trips. But insyaallah, once he is settled then probably he will do the travelling back.  I told him after 27/6 I will even go every weekend if need be :)

I almost had a heart attack two days ago, I somehow changed the calendar on my laptop and the countdown went to 29 days! I swear my heart stopped. TWENTY NINE DAYS? what??? how???? gosh, how did I miss that??? After panicking for a full two minutes, I calmed down and realised hey, its not even end of April, there's 31 days in May and 26 days in June. Phewww. Talk about being paranoid LOL.

And our FMVs seem to be gathering fans. We now have 209 members, even though most are "non virgins" but for me its the coming together that counts most. The ones had done it giving us tips and motivation videos and pep talks, the ones doing asking questions, the ones going to do asking if they could join in .. We are even talking about our own running vest hehe, got a sponsor too :) Its totally awesome, if you are reading this and you are one of us, thank you for your support. Err, do spread the word around he he.

I hope I wont have to do the dreadmill for two and half hours again! 


Yimster said...

Not to worry, with the mileage you're racking up on the dreadmill, I think you're doing just dandy lah. Worry less and settle down first kat JB tuh wokay.

FMVs kat FB got the tag team to kau tim lah. And stop looking at the calendar every second lah, will not make it any easier ya. Oh and more importantly running up and down, stay well and eat well! And fun at the same time :)

ian yusof said...

Phieww ... Glad to be part of FMV - it's the most hip and happening club in town ..... :) ....

p/s - FMV's own tee! ... hmmm interesting ... there goes my CA drifit tee ... hehhehe

June Malik said...

hehe Yim cant help it lah, mata mesti pandang and its good, helps me to remember and not be lazy, will have fun dont worry, another date with sam & sasha is on the calendar !

Ian, we can join venture on the tshirts LOL ..

azza said...

Your Majesty, how can we add the countdown on the FMV's page like yours..? Any application to add? Btw, have a great time in Jaybee!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

In reverse to Ian who can't go into blogspot from office, i can't FB from office...
Too bad.

It would be cool if the back of the tee says something like:

"I'm a virgin, let me get mine ok."

P/s: ah-haa.. let's put a competition for who can come up with a best single line quote for the FMV tee shirt.. mesti best.

Justiffa said...

Hey gf..hope u find the house to ur liking and that the neighbourhood has 'running' potential lol

p.s. me osso want one of 'em virgin tees nanti laa, as collectible (kenot be member sbb not FMV tapi nak gak tau) ;p

Take care u!!

mummy-who-cooks said...

June, cuba hang try run from Kelang to JB... lol :p

June Malik said...

Nik : we are taking the idea, nak brainstorm when i am back in KL and the competition will be up :) wonder how quirky it will get haha

Tiff : u r our water bearer kan? heheh sure ada tee !!

Nita : haahah itu lari klang to jb will be super ultra, thanks but no thanks LOL

Azza, dont think can do the countdown in fb lah, or maybe i dont know?