Thursday, April 08, 2010

Will I scare you away??

This is going to be my watch from now till D-day. Doesnt matter if it looks odd or does not match whatever I am wearing (mostly pun I am in jeans/tshirt aje ;p)  

Its my Nike+ sportsband that will measure my run distance, my speed, my calorie burn and my time. My constant reminder of what I had done and what I have to do. Will remind me to get my butt of the couch and go out and do something , like running instead of FB-ing. Hehe.                                             

This has been a crazy week for me, with only one run (but I managed cardio workouts) and another crazy week next week with probably no runs. (hopefully I can hit the TM and pool at the hotel in JB) Yikes! But insyaallah after that I can give it my all, or at least I hope to. Besides I dont have much choice do I? I clicked, remember?

I am doing back to back classes at my gym this week  to try out all the classes given and choose three that will be able to help me on my cross training days. Yogalates is one, cardio and dumbells is another and now one more. Maybe I should just keep my salsa/latin class to keep me sane eh? Or only two classes? Decisions, decisions. And I thought its gonna be a breeze.

I have to go and check out the swimming pool here too.  Best part ? Just beside my jogging path. I figure I could swim 30/45 mins ( or I might leave after 10 minutes??) and then just up from the pool and go out to jog and go home all dry .. I stopped going to the pool (eon years ago) because I didnt like the changing room, dark, gloomy, cobwebs, and eerie if you are alone LOL. Now that I dont have to change, its more comforting. And this is the nearest and only pool in my area. Beggars cant be choosers.

And then there's my proton bike too !! I guess I will be cycling in the kampong again. I dont dare venture out on the road alone. I must go for rides with my ex-boss lah. He will be kind enough to ride at my pace he he.

The thing is, or actually, the two things are, 

There's this two guys (Gr A) that has just started running at my jogging path. I like their pace. I tried following them, a bit too fast for my current stamina, but if i consistently follow them I am quite sure I can stay behind them. I will be happy if I can follow them for one full round at any one time non stop! And there's this two guys (Gr B) (I dont have a thing for two guys ok) that cycles around that area and would go out on the road and come back into the jogging area.

Do you think , they will think,  I am nuts or crazy, or scary, or all three, if I were to go and approach them to ask 1) if I can pace with them when they run and 2) if I can cycle with them? Well, I can easily pick up my pace and go after Gr A when they pass me, but I dont want them to think that I am stalking them or worst, trying to flirt with them LOL. Gr B, I have no choice but to ask them cos it will be totally weird if suddenly I am on my bike cycling after them ha ha. I might just scare them away and they will cycle and leave me all panting and huffing and stranded by the road! 

If you were the two guys, would I scare you away??? Ni lah gatal sangat go and click!! Yikes!!


Yimster said...

Alahai ... just smile and ask kindly lah. Worse is they will say no hehe. Well, at least you know the answer lah.

Click ... jangan tak click tuh :)

Justiffa said...

You're now one bz bz lady june bond lol... and all bcos of that one lil click ;p

Like this must be very careful of clicking woooh hehehehe. u take care gf, jgn burn out plak k.

I am sam said...

Gua caya lu lah jalapena june....hehee...vely2 bz lady. Train smart n listen to yr bodyyyy. Make sure d magic watch does its stuff. I believe u will peak juz right for scklm.

KOOKY KASH said...

June, I am like the last person to give you good advice, but since this is your first time running a marathon, i would suggest you keep things simple and just run diligently (at least 3-4 times a week, with one LSD). In your rest days after your long runs, you should rest. Keep cross training to recovery days, alt with bike and swim.

Having said that, there are really no hard and fast rules. but don't get burnt out or injured before your big day.

As for asking the guys, just ask, runners are a friendly lot. I'm sure they also need companionship on those boring long runs. But a word of caution, as I have always run with guys, they sometimes leave you behind, but don't take heart. Its inherent in their genes. :)

Good luck in your training. You have abt 10-12 weeks of training left.

rara said...

tanye je. from my observation, usually ppl with the same interest ni mmg friendly. mane tau they're more than happy ada tambah sorang lagi kawan.

June Malik said...

Yim u pun click kan?? haha ..

Tiff : itulah the single click is now controlling my life for the next few months, and sam, thanks, memang jalapeno betul haha.

Kash, you are being too modest! appreciate your dropping by and giving me pep talks, thank you for your tips, I was just rambling my fear actually :) avoiding injury and burn out is top of the list. And I will ask the guys and will not take heart if they left me (which they will I am sure hehe), but you had to remind me of the time frame (actually that is important) .. yikes ! lol

Rara : kalau u ask for sure they say yes ;p)

pakmat said..., you wouldn't scare me away..what more a charming woman as you..I'll be flattered..and will even let you outpaced me once in a while..must come and try jogging with this old coot in Bachok sometimes..:)take care and good luck..cheers..

June Malik said...

pakmat, i have relatives in kelantan and terengganu, insyaallah if i am there, will surely look u up :) thanks for support and faith !!