Monday, May 31, 2010

29 MAY 2010


We turned 22 yesterday, and I am happy to know that  we share this wonderful day with two other friends, Shuk & his wife Rozita turned 18 and my fb friend Mimi & her husband turned 11. 

Its been a journey of ups and down, winding roads with pot holes and hazards and monsoon drains and rain and thunderstorms and lightning and but also long smooth road, wonderful days, great days, blissful days and its all worth it. Will I marry him again if time were turned? Errr .. hmm .. if it was Aragorn's era, susah sikit lah nak kata haaaaaaaaa .. anyway, AHMAD ZAKI ABD MALIK, this anak mami loves you :) 

And a trip down memory lane .. 22 years ago I was the chubby one and he was the skinny one but now the wheels has turned and I hope it stays there heheeh 

Then ......

and now 

 and the product of Zaki + June = Arlina, Yana & Azam

Friday, May 21, 2010


Nik started it .. and he sort of dared me to continue, so here it is .. cant find my first IC pic, its TOO long ago, so you guys have to be satisfied with this :) Go ahead, laugh, because I am  .. oh my ..

If you want to laugh some more, check out this link heeheh .. Have fun! 

This is the 19-21 age phase.  LOL .. gosh, has it been thhaattt long ago? ( I am old.)  But you cant beat me at being 25 at heart still :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Elusive 30

 I did it ! My long awaited elusive LSD of 30k. Finally. Pheww !! What a relief to me and a few of my friends thats getting worried that I have not reached this mileage yet LOL.

Two reasons that spurred me , one I might have something Saturday morning and thus wont be able to join Nik & gang for their 30k LSD and two, its Nik & gang. Ha ha. I am so intimidated by the thought of running with them. They are all good runners and I am S.L.O.W. Haza claimed she is as slow as the snail, well guess what? Ms Bond cant even keep up with this particular snail ! It will be my 1st struggle doing a full 30 non stop and by the time I finish the guys would have finished eating too (those aiming sub 5 would have finished their full marathon ;p)

So this morning I got up and decided just like that to do my 30. Was a bit chaotic cos I decided last minute and thus running around getting my pouch, gels, etc. Of course it had to be today that a lorry broke down on the road causing an extra 10 minutes than normal. My son made it to school in one piece heheh..

Started just before 8am and God was kind to give me cloudy day through out and even some windy moments! It was mostly jog and brisk walk. Long lonely route, but I got a lot of honks and thumbs up from the drivers today (especially after 11am) and that gave me the boost to go on. 

I experienced different degrees of cramps on my toes, ankle and calf but luckily, it wasnt a bad one. My only woe was my left knee. After 18, it was throbbing and painful. I wanted to stop at 23 but the thought of Haza and Kash training for their ultra made me felt like a wimp and I trudged on. You girls were there with me :)

And I kept on getting sand in my shoes. Had to stop many times to knock it out. Do you know why? It irritated the hell out of me.

And after 4:22:38, I finished my 30k. I had a banana before i left, sipped on gatorade, stashed a 100+ halfway in the bushes for the turn around, another gatorade, two power gels (1 1x caffeine and 1 2x caffeine) one bun and two ice cold mineral water, one to drink and the other for a cold shower hehehe ... didnt need any pee stop !

My nike+ bracelet went cuckoo (probably shock at the distance haha) I forgot to start for awhile and then the time went wrong (some itchy fingers were meddling with it last nite) and it went on and off .. registered my run as 4:59 duh .. am glad I had my phone to get the actual timing.

I am now much more confident to do the run. I am glad Nik & gang invited me via blog, fb and email heeh, that did the trick for me. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart ! If I dont have anything I will join u guys for a shorter run. I am totally burned even though the sun was hardly out .. cant imagine how I will look like if the sun decides to join us on the 27th. You might not recognise me when I cross the finishing line LOL. Maybe I should be like Ian (taking care not to be too tan, ehem) and run late evenings/night from now and spare the final blow for D-day.

Bonus question, can I do my 42k? Yes, I still had the stamina to go on and IT WILL BE REALLY TOUGH but I think I can do this. I hope my knees will carry me to the finishing line. I hope the cramps will stay at bay and then I have to worry only about my knees.

I shall sleep fitfully and happy tonight. 

Thank you to all of you, my dear friends for your encouragement and faith in me. Insyaallah I will not let you down on D-day. But hey, I am still entitled to my Yikes days, right???

Tell me I am exaggerating .. look at the different skin shades after my run .. this is on a cloudy day ok !! the tan line sooo prominent LOL. 

p/s : ignore the cellulite ok

Monday, May 17, 2010

40 hari lagi noooo ...

Orang putih kata, "life starts at 40" ..  tu lah kot yang gatai pi click butang 42.195km tu eh?

Ni dah tinggai 40 hari lagi. Chek dah mula ketaq lutut pasai lari tak cukup .. dua bulan ni la punyalah dok pulun buat macam-macam, lari yang jugak jadi mangsa. Ada aja hai .. bila buleh lari nanti mesti ada benda kalut nak kena buat, tak dapat lari .. tapi hampa jangan tak tau, ada sekali  tu buleh lari tapi chek lah pulak buat pasai, punya segan nak bangkit dari bangku pasai dok mengadap kat sini ! tapi sekali aje lah lagu tu, sungguh ! Ni cerita pasal lari panjang tu .. lari sikit2 tu dok buat jugak .. dalam hujan pun lari lari yang depa panggil LSD tu lah .. Long Single Distance, untuk chek LSD dah tukaq jadi Lowest Single Distance .. 

Nana tak dapat balik sebulan, dia dah pesan lagi dua minggu pi jenguk dia bawak budak-budak, lepaih dua minggu tu pulak nak pi merapu ramai2 kat Redang .. balik tu dua minggu cukup2 dah mai masa. Nampak gaya Tesco kat Plentong tu hari2 lah tenguk chek .. tapi ingat2 lari kat pantai tu seronok lah jugak kot .. kalau lah Nana tu nak lari sama, romantik lah jugak nho? Haih, Nana ni khorang sikit tang tu. Takpa lah chek lari sorang2lah, nasib beik dapat jamu mata !

La ni kalau tak dapat lari,chek pi kat gim tu .. kalau urat2 badan buleh cakap, depa mesti komplen .. 2 jam dok tutuh nak ganti tak dapat lari .. baju sampai buleh perah buat ayaq segelaih dua !! lutut tu toksah habaqlah .. dia kalau buleh nak pi jeuh jeuh , dapat tukar toke baru yang tak lari lagi lah dia sengih kot .. tapi kalau buleh mein tukaq2 chek pi cari Haille tu, pinjam kaki dia !!

Apa pun, chek nanti nak pulun gak lari 30km yang rasa nak mampoih pun kena buat.  Lagu mana pun, mesti buleh .. anak mami buleh!

Lagi satu nak habaq, hampa kenai kan yang lani dok gila lari, yang ada misai tu .. apa nama dia, Yim?? haaa dia tu kan, pi lari sana pi lari sini , lepaih tu suka habaq pasai dia tau nanti chek ketaq lutut lagi kuat .. tapi dengak2 dia nak pi holiday, khorang lah sikit lari dia nho? seronok  sikit kot2 cheq dapat lebih buat dari dia minggu depan !! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

FMVs Hang Out

You would have read our meet up from Yim's blog. Just to add a little bit more. (or a lot more)

I picked Julie up at about 5pm, we decided to leave slightly early to avoid the traffic jam and we got lucky and  arrived at 530pm (despite having to do not one, but TWO detours .. miss the junction daa). By the time we seated ourselves at the Pelita Restaurant we were yakking away like we've been friends forever.  Yim came 15 minutes later, nonchalantly sauntered to the table and I recognized him immediately and blurted out, "eh you smaller in person lah" hahaha sorry Yim. From then on he didnt have a chance to be malu-malu kucing!

Azza came about half an hour later, and Syed joined us just before 8pm.

Haza texted to say that she wont be able to join us, was still at work and had the girls at home waiting for dinner and Ian texted to say that he was stuck in traffic and then again telling us he had to miss meeting us due to his other appointment and asked Yim & Syed to behave LOL. I read out these messages to the gang. Shuk chucked us for a date with Ramli Sarip and Choi couldnt make it either.

We briefly discussed the FMV group and plans to do with the money, etc and it was over in a jiffy. We were more interested to talk about other things and of course eating. I took a whole plateful of rice and dishes, all of us had rice except Azza who was the only one watching her diet LOL.

We sat and talked and laughed and poke fun at each other and talk/discussed about friends, *what goes on the table stays at the table LOL* LSDs,  runs, cramps,  food, running gears and  lots of other things .. Julie imparted with loads of tips for us virgins! Thank you Julie!

I managed to make Yim blush when I boldly asked if he was single or double LOL .. He had a hard time answering lor .. but for your information .. Yim is single, lupa tanya available ke tak. Syed , who looked more like a schoolboy (so boyish and young looking) is also single and I also forgot to ask available or not. (busy body betul I ni kan??) I guess being the oldest in the group gave me this edge and advantage to ask them all these personal questions heeeh .. and ooh I thought Syed was cute too, you bukan tak cute Yim .. Syed cute-er LOL. Tapi Yim macho with the famous moustache! Julie laughed so hard when I told her what I thought about Syed. Hey, god gives us eyes to see and appreciate kan? hahahaha, lagipun I am a harmless makcik, if he ada girlfriend pun she wont mind me complimenting her beau.

All these went on for more than 5 hours, real lepak marathon. What I like best is that all of us "clicked" just like that, I guess after being friends so long on fb, and learning about each other online , when we finally met up it wasnt akward at all!  We knew enough details about each other, personal preferences, etc to simply just be ourselves and went with the flow!! Looking in from outside, it would seem that we were a bunch of old friends having a meal and fun together. No one would have guessed that its our first meeting in person! I hope I did not frighten Yim & Syed with my endless talking and laughing .. Julie had an hour advantage to "really" know me and Azza met me once although briefly, and we talked on the phone few times she knew what to expect of me!!

If it was not a working day the next day I suspect the session would have gone longer. It was way past Yim's bedtime, according to him. No wonder he was sleepy during your night runs last weekend ha ha.

I seriously think we should do this on a more regular basis. One a month or once every two months. Just get together, sit and talk and simply enjoy the moment.  Can bring family members too (spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids that can handle being ignored most of the time hehe), hmm sounds fun right?

Let's have one after sundown so that Haza and Kash can tell us about their 84k experience and before SCKLM so that us virgins could korek more tips.  Hands up if you agree :)

Pool Incident .. I walked to the deck chair ...

Caution : read, comment and move on. Trust me you do not want to imagine.

I walked to the deck chair. Sat down and smiled at her. Ooh an evil smile. And decided.

Took off my shoes, my socks. Sauntered to the shower area purposely. Showered in full gear while she looked at me in disdain. And I did it. The unthinkable. Sucked in my tummy and TOOK OFF MY TOP. I had my nike sports bra underneath. Quite decent actually but of course not for a makcik like me to flauntlah LOL. Walked to her side and asked, "like this can?" and before she could say anything, jumped in right beside her. Oh, she got a good splash. Oops. My bad.

Swam to the end of the pool, turned back and rested by the edge and gave her a look that clearly said, "You want to be a bitch, well guess what honey?, I can be one too. Bring it on"

She was shocked to say the least and stayed at her spot. Not few minutes after, exited the pool. Hmm I wonder if it had something to do with me??? I wondered what she told her friends. I made an enemy for sure and probably a few more from her clan, on my first day out of the unit. Two days after we moved in. Sigh. A record for me. I normally make friends. Dank!

I didnt stay long either. I jumped in just to annoy her and I think I did more that that haha. Dont want the guards on patrol to catch me in my most vulnerable state!! The poor pakciks would go blind on first sight. LOL. Besides, I cant hold in my tummy anymore!!

Jumped out, put on my top and happily walked barefooted back to my unit, swinging my shoes. Except for that snob, no one else saw me in my "proper swimming attire". Phewwww, thank you god. It sure was a hell of a morning.

What can I say?? Once in awhile, you gotta be THAT bitch.

told you not to imagine, kan dah pengsan ...... sorry hihihi

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I kid you not

Sometimes  I wonder why they use the term "butterflies in my stomach" whenever one is feeling nervous, edgy or so close to hitting the panic button like me now. Was it ever tested? Like do you swallow a whole bunch of butterflies whole and they somehow survived and flutters in your stomach?? If not how do you know its butterflies in the stomach and not err cockroaches?? eeeeeewwwwww

The counter now shows 46 some days to D-day. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. It was 38 days ago I started this counter, more comforting at 84 days! Where did all the days go to??? Most importantly I am  not running enough. I sure pick the wrong race to do my FM. So much so for celebrating a 1st anniversary. Dank.

I did not expect JB to take a lot of my time. It was supposed to be a few days only. And then there was this to do, that to settle, those to finish up and others came along .. Eerrggh.

I am yet to do an LSD of 25k. I have only started again yesterday (I think I said this few weeks ago, the training mode on in facebook?? uuggh) and now shuffling back on the road.  And I have only 3 weekends left to do a 30. One weekend in June will be used for family holiday. You and I know it will be few days of no running but gorging on food.  I guess if I dont cover the necessary mileage now, I have to depend on my mental strength and will my legs to just go. And do the Murakami's chant "I am not human, I am a machine, I dont feel pain" over and over and over again.

Yana got her UiTM placement and will be registering on the 26th of June in Melaka. One day before the run. But of course !! Trust me,  I will be driving up and down to Melaka with a stomach full of butterflies up to my throat that a small sigh would probably pop one out of my mouth! Just my luck it has to be the day before,  but luckily its not on the 27th (hmm, maybe it should have been, then I'd have a perfect excuse???, LOL)

So, if you spot me looking much fairer on race day, its because all the blood's drain out and I am in sheer panic.  I kid you not.

YIKES. YIKES. YIKES. YIKES.YIKES. Not that its gonna help me but saying it does give me some comfort. YIKES.

If I cross the finish line well and fine, I do the jig for you :)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Catching Up

Sorrylah .. since I was rendered internet-less for the one week I was in JB , I wrote my blog there and only now got a chance to post it. So its like overdose of postings. LOL.

So, whether you like it or not, there's three postings on JB , you can read it here, here and here ... and of course the continuation of the story .. hehehe

Have a good weekend !!

Tesco & Pool Incident

The first morning I went out I did not run. I walked. Just to explore the area, get to know it and measure the distance :) Just to see the surrounding first. No one runs here, didnt see any for the one week I was there either.

The condo area itself, two loops around it and if I add in and out / up and down the car parks will give me an easy 4km. Not bad.

I ventured out. Its not possible to run on the streets, fast cars swing by and dont give a hoot for pedestrians and they have bends in the road that would block me from their view till its a tad too late, no thank you. A public golf course is our neighbour. I want to call and check if they would allow me to run in there. I know some courses that allow joggers during non peak days.

Next route, Tesco car park. Its huge. 33 cars in width and pillars A-J in length. End to end length wise, up and down give me 600 metres multiply by width, do your math! Its empty in the morning but not deserted. Its safe. Staff trickles in and the guards are around. I get curious stares from them when I did my test runs ha ha. Once I am there, I am sure they will get use to the sight of me.  Its fully covered too yay ;p) 6km is easy and more if I want to. Judging from the time that people start coming in, its best I get out by 8:15am. So Tesco has to be my first route before running in the condo area. Next trip I have to check out the Garden. Not to sure how far it is from my place lah.

After checking out Tesco, I walked back and decided to see the facilities in the condo. Gym first stop. Its a small one but sufficient. Ooh I found out here that I had super power. I am invisible!! Three ladies occupied the three treadmills available, I was not even worth a glance! They could see me from the mirror but chose to ignore me and continued yakking. Like I am not there. Totally not there. I wasnt expecting them to stop and say hello, a nod or a smile? I was ready to flash my smile! Gosh, another bunch of snobs.

There's a squash court (hmm where is my racket??) and of course the wonderful pool. Its not deep, water just to my chest but its lovely. Been eyeing it from my floor and was the first thing I checked out when we first arrived. I wasnt planning to swim then. Later in the evening perhaps. I had my running shorts and PNM top. A lady was in the pool, in her mid 30's I think. She looked at me and I smiled. She didnt smile back,  (I seriously think smiling to strangers are prohibited in this area) And she blurted out to me, "you cannot swim like that, must be in proper swimming attire" Oh and they way she said it, so authorative, so arrogant. I was like??? huh??  did it look like I was going to jump in?

I didnt say anything, but I was really irked. Ladies at the gym and now her. What's up with them? Or was it me?? Did I have STUPID stamped on my forehead or something? June Bond got really pissed. I looked around. The place was deserted except for the both of us. Just a little after 8:30am, majority of the residents are at work and school. We are totally on our own. Totally. Good.

I walked to the deck chair.

Take a wild guess of what happened next?? (doing a Yim here ..hehe)

to be continued ..........

Note : Julia Lim, you are not allowed to guess. And dont tell hehe ;p)

Eating out in JB

Trust me. If you cannot control your appetite, living in JB would surely put a "heavy" impact on your weighing scale. Abundance of food almost everywhere. Good and delicious food. Its a wee bit on the expensive side compared to Port Klang but the food is simply yummy. Its good that we run cos we can eat and burn them off. This should be the tagline  to intice people to run. Eat all you want, just run to burn it later!

They have their own "food terms" that an outsider need to learn, fast. Haha. There's roti canai biasa, roti telur, roti tampal and roti tampal goyang (I wonder apa yang dia goyang??) and murtabak biasa, special, super and hyper! Dont order a super if you are eating alone. Its HUGE. We ordered 2 supers and luckily for us, I saw him flipping the bread and got a shock! Its easily 9" by 4", quickly changed our ourder to only one and yet we had a hard time finishing it! I cant imagine what a hyper is!! They also have teh tarik gajah, again you have to share, unless you have a huge tummy!
Sam & Sasha brought me to Restaurant Singgah Selalu. It has a vast selection of dishes for lunch. You can order ala carte as well. Ooh do try the fried baby squid. Crunchy, spicy and simply yummy! You will be spoilt for choice and will have a hard time choosing what you want to eat! This was where I was introduced to teh tarik gajah! Sam & Sasha shared and I can only looked in awe. They fed me till I cant eat anymore :) I am yet to check out the places that Shuk recommended, putu piring place, laksa, and loads more.

We are yet to explore on our own to find our favourite eating place, things to do and to see. Lots of things to do once I move here permanently. I actually am looking forward to stay in JB. I just hope there will be more friendly people to meet and be friends with compared to the ones I have in my area. They suck, big time. Uugh.

JB - the good, bad and worst

Well, we found our nest in JB. Not our first choice but the best compromise. Its huge, and thinking of cleaning the place saddens me LOL .. lucky for me my kids are big enough to maintain their own rooms and minimum mess too. We are in Plentong. I like the quirky name. I thought of “Orang plentong pandai klentong”. Hehe. We are right beside Dorsett Regency Hotel. The one we liked was smaller and felt so much like home when we walked in, but much further and a headache traffic for my husband to travel to work.

This is a penthouse condo, 5+1 rooms, 4 baths, (more than enough space for guests, hint hint) reasonable kitchen (I am going to miss MY kitchen back home) and wash and drying area, etc.

It has a club house that holds a small cafe, a mini mart, laundry, a small gym, tennis court, squash court and a wonderful two tiered pool, the upper tier a jacuzzi. Its almost empty in the morning, which means I have the pool all to myself! For the few days that I've been here, spying from my floor, I saw only one or two swimming in the morning.

The good points :-

- Its walking distance to Tesco (for leisure, makan, and light buying) and less than 5 min drive
- 10 min drive to Giant (Giant “owns” JB, in every town there is at least one Giant)
- Less than 20 mins drive to Carrefour and a huge pasar borong in the same vicinity that has a wet market too
- I can run in the condo area
- I can run in Tesco's humongous car park too
- Less than 20 min drive to work for my husband

The bad points :-

- No elevator up to the unit from the car park. So if we went shopping we'd have to park our car at the entrance, and bring up the stuff few trips up and down .. and its a card system building, you swipe your card to open main door, you swipe your card to go up to your unit .. a security feature but a hassle too! If it rains there is no covered pathway from entrance to car park!

- We have no neighbours at all, four units on our floor and we are the only occupant on this floor. My husband is a bit wary of staying alone ha ha, he doesnt do well alone at night – a boo will scare the hell out of him LOL. Takut hantu dia tu.

- Quite a distance to either of the schools that we would eventually choose for Azam. The traffic here can be quite bad so probably we will have to leave a bit early.

The worst,

The people in the condo area are not friendly at all !! Its so hard to get even a smile, let alone a hello or any kind of acknowledgement. The ladies are more snobbish compared to the guys. Of course there are some friendlier ones but on the whole, its a snobbish community! Maybe I am too quick to judge, I am new but then again, the ones that I met were mostly unfriendly.

I am by nature very friendly and it really amazes me that people can be so unfriendly like this. Not even a smile, A SMILE. Wow. I am the kind of person that easily make friends, heck I can even talk away with the stranger that's in front or behind me or both in a long queue!

Our most unbelieveable encounter would be on the first day when we moved in. There we were with our hands full of bags and my husband was struggling to take out the card from his pocket, and this lady was behind us. Instead of her just swiping her card and we could have entered with her courtesy lugging our things, she simply stood behind us and waited till WE opened the door and walked in behind us. We shared the same elevator and again she pushed her button floor and dont even bother asking us. Its like we were invisible. So I had to put my bags down and swiped my card and pressed my floor. Common courtesy act would be helping to open the front door and offering to press the elevator button seeing we were laden with things! We simply cant fathom her attitude.

Ooh, if and when the wheels are turned in my favour, I would walk in and close the door on her face, let her get her own ****ing card and swipe it herself. Duh!