Monday, May 31, 2010

29 MAY 2010


We turned 22 yesterday, and I am happy to know that  we share this wonderful day with two other friends, Shuk & his wife Rozita turned 18 and my fb friend Mimi & her husband turned 11. 

Its been a journey of ups and down, winding roads with pot holes and hazards and monsoon drains and rain and thunderstorms and lightning and but also long smooth road, wonderful days, great days, blissful days and its all worth it. Will I marry him again if time were turned? Errr .. hmm .. if it was Aragorn's era, susah sikit lah nak kata haaaaaaaaa .. anyway, AHMAD ZAKI ABD MALIK, this anak mami loves you :) 

And a trip down memory lane .. 22 years ago I was the chubby one and he was the skinny one but now the wheels has turned and I hope it stays there heheeh 

Then ......

and now 

 and the product of Zaki + June = Arlina, Yana & Azam


Justiffa said...

Hey hey hey its ur 22nd anni..congrats to u & zaki. Smoga kekal bahagia dunia akhirat :D

Ole pics are simply the best arent they hehehe..dua2 pun comey ;p

Julin Julai said...

What a handsome couple.You and your hubby look pretty much the same then and now :)

rara said...

happy anniversary!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Abang misaaaiiiiii!!!!!!!

Congrats Zaki and June.
Happy anniversary.

Diket said...

wow! 22 years of loving life. awesome. those are jewels. congratulations.

ramlan said...

semoga tiap2 hari mcm pengantin baru...pehhh best, tahniah k.june & husband

serena said...

blessed 22nd anniversary and ...lovely product! may health, wealth & happiness be with you & your family always.

June Malik said...

thank you all for your well wishes and comments hehe ..

nik : nak buat camne memang berkenan kat abang ada misaiii lol

sessionist lounge said...

your offspring are cute and fun to be with. :)
you are fun to be with too! hahaa..
may god bless you both and the whole family! :)