Saturday, May 08, 2010

Eating out in JB

Trust me. If you cannot control your appetite, living in JB would surely put a "heavy" impact on your weighing scale. Abundance of food almost everywhere. Good and delicious food. Its a wee bit on the expensive side compared to Port Klang but the food is simply yummy. Its good that we run cos we can eat and burn them off. This should be the tagline  to intice people to run. Eat all you want, just run to burn it later!

They have their own "food terms" that an outsider need to learn, fast. Haha. There's roti canai biasa, roti telur, roti tampal and roti tampal goyang (I wonder apa yang dia goyang??) and murtabak biasa, special, super and hyper! Dont order a super if you are eating alone. Its HUGE. We ordered 2 supers and luckily for us, I saw him flipping the bread and got a shock! Its easily 9" by 4", quickly changed our ourder to only one and yet we had a hard time finishing it! I cant imagine what a hyper is!! They also have teh tarik gajah, again you have to share, unless you have a huge tummy!
Sam & Sasha brought me to Restaurant Singgah Selalu. It has a vast selection of dishes for lunch. You can order ala carte as well. Ooh do try the fried baby squid. Crunchy, spicy and simply yummy! You will be spoilt for choice and will have a hard time choosing what you want to eat! This was where I was introduced to teh tarik gajah! Sam & Sasha shared and I can only looked in awe. They fed me till I cant eat anymore :) I am yet to check out the places that Shuk recommended, putu piring place, laksa, and loads more.

We are yet to explore on our own to find our favourite eating place, things to do and to see. Lots of things to do once I move here permanently. I actually am looking forward to stay in JB. I just hope there will be more friendly people to meet and be friends with compared to the ones I have in my area. They suck, big time. Uugh.


Yimster said...

Food! Like that have to run double time, no make that triple time dah hahaha

Diket said...

Welcome to Jay Bee (that's how I used to spell during my school days). I lived there half my life. My hometown. Now perantau in KL la. Truly awesome foods. Of course my mom's the best :)

Later you can try kacang pol at Bomba Larkin & mee rebus hj wahid at Pasar Besar.

serena said...

wah! such fanciful names and just reading about it made me droooooling
already. it will take a loooong time to sample it all for sure. do enjoy it!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

heheheh... roti tampal goyang, the egg yolk tu runny lah K.June :D

June Malik said...

ahh the tampal goyang mystery solved lol .. thanks sasha ..

serena, dont think will ever finish trying

diket : thanks for dropping by! kita now exchange places, me merantau in your place! ooh i heard abt the kacang pol and mee rebus too .. aisshh nampaknya lebih makan dari lari nie haahh

Diket said...

It's my pleasure, especially for FMV members. Looks like when the going gets tough, the tough gets going for you X)

Good luck surviving your training and indulging your tastebud at the same time.

Julin Julai said...

Wo-hoo..kacang pool Larkin. Woot-woot

June Malik said...

ooh got fmv privileges hihi .. insyaallah i will survive this , thanks again D!

Julin : I cant wait to try all these recommendations .. nak join???