Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Elusive 30

 I did it ! My long awaited elusive LSD of 30k. Finally. Pheww !! What a relief to me and a few of my friends thats getting worried that I have not reached this mileage yet LOL.

Two reasons that spurred me , one I might have something Saturday morning and thus wont be able to join Nik & gang for their 30k LSD and two, its Nik & gang. Ha ha. I am so intimidated by the thought of running with them. They are all good runners and I am S.L.O.W. Haza claimed she is as slow as the snail, well guess what? Ms Bond cant even keep up with this particular snail ! It will be my 1st struggle doing a full 30 non stop and by the time I finish the guys would have finished eating too (those aiming sub 5 would have finished their full marathon ;p)

So this morning I got up and decided just like that to do my 30. Was a bit chaotic cos I decided last minute and thus running around getting my pouch, gels, etc. Of course it had to be today that a lorry broke down on the road causing an extra 10 minutes than normal. My son made it to school in one piece heheh..

Started just before 8am and God was kind to give me cloudy day through out and even some windy moments! It was mostly jog and brisk walk. Long lonely route, but I got a lot of honks and thumbs up from the drivers today (especially after 11am) and that gave me the boost to go on. 

I experienced different degrees of cramps on my toes, ankle and calf but luckily, it wasnt a bad one. My only woe was my left knee. After 18, it was throbbing and painful. I wanted to stop at 23 but the thought of Haza and Kash training for their ultra made me felt like a wimp and I trudged on. You girls were there with me :)

And I kept on getting sand in my shoes. Had to stop many times to knock it out. Do you know why? It irritated the hell out of me.

And after 4:22:38, I finished my 30k. I had a banana before i left, sipped on gatorade, stashed a 100+ halfway in the bushes for the turn around, another gatorade, two power gels (1 1x caffeine and 1 2x caffeine) one bun and two ice cold mineral water, one to drink and the other for a cold shower hehehe ... didnt need any pee stop !

My nike+ bracelet went cuckoo (probably shock at the distance haha) I forgot to start for awhile and then the time went wrong (some itchy fingers were meddling with it last nite) and it went on and off .. registered my run as 4:59 duh .. am glad I had my phone to get the actual timing.

I am now much more confident to do the run. I am glad Nik & gang invited me via blog, fb and email heeh, that did the trick for me. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart ! If I dont have anything I will join u guys for a shorter run. I am totally burned even though the sun was hardly out .. cant imagine how I will look like if the sun decides to join us on the 27th. You might not recognise me when I cross the finishing line LOL. Maybe I should be like Ian (taking care not to be too tan, ehem) and run late evenings/night from now and spare the final blow for D-day.

Bonus question, can I do my 42k? Yes, I still had the stamina to go on and IT WILL BE REALLY TOUGH but I think I can do this. I hope my knees will carry me to the finishing line. I hope the cramps will stay at bay and then I have to worry only about my knees.

I shall sleep fitfully and happy tonight. 

Thank you to all of you, my dear friends for your encouragement and faith in me. Insyaallah I will not let you down on D-day. But hey, I am still entitled to my Yikes days, right???

Tell me I am exaggerating .. look at the different skin shades after my run .. this is on a cloudy day ok !! the tan line sooo prominent LOL. 

p/s : ignore the cellulite ok


Diket said...

Bravo! Thumbs up! "Well done" - for the tan line X)

p/s. Do something with the knee. You don't want it to spoil your race.

Haza said...

Look what we have done, Diket, Kash, everyone??? We have turned an ordinary mother of three into a pavement pounding giant!!! And she's not about to stop now!!!

And hey, you don't want to know my tan. My boss and everybody at work sume dah tau I'm doing another marathon. But tans, chafed skin, blisters are all badges of honor. You won't get those sitting on the sofa tengok citer hindustan ok.

I am so proud of you. Here's sending you to the streets of KL. I'll be there at the finish line with my cam!

Rest now, ice those legs. Tomorrow no run!

RaYzeef said...

Congrats clap clap! we all have faith in U completing the FMV.

Well i guess the healthy rivalry between u and "abg misai" did help your LSD...harap abg misai tak tersedak dlm kapalterbang tu :-)

June Malik said...

Diket : thanks and am on medication but it's also age lol

Haza : this post of urs goes deep, thanks! I have wonderful sifus esp you. Icing legs and rest 2moro, yes ma'am :0), my tan lines is a hit wt the kids LOL

rayzeef, haha kesian Yim tak ade pun kena gak, thanks 2u2 !

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Well done June.
Yeah, u need to keep up with supplements for the joints. I didn't know about glucosamine when i trained for my virgin marathon and suffered my knees too.

And by the way, since u've done 30km (on a weekday some more), u can now stop saying 'yikes'! Hehehe.

U n abg misai are now even. 30km each. so, let's do 32km this saturday, amacam? hehehhe.

crushhio said...

kak june rawkss!!

June Malik said...

thanks nik! adik misai still has 2km lebih than me i think hehe, but am planning another 30 or more week after next and then taper. will have to miss sat run, next week balik jaybee, takut my hubs get heart attack tenguk anak mami dia extra gelap LOL, doing night run either with Ian tomorrow or PoJ sat night - u guys have fun!

Yikes and me siamese twin .. lol

syed : hehe thanks

ian yusof said...

hehheh ... way to go ... admire your determination. I don't normally care much about the suntan but need to take care for this coming 2-3 months - have some projects going on. :)

ian yusof said...

come and join us on fri nite then ... we r slower than snails ... hehehe

amsyah said...

Ian is slower than snails? Seriously? hahaha

Dasyat tan lines, macam bendera pahang dah tu :D

30 done, the next is just a 12k... you do 12k any day kan? mesti boleh punye...

Julin Julai said...

kak June! Congrats! Tan lines adelah cantik, okay..hehe
ian : 'I don't normally care much about the suntan but need to take care for this coming 2-3 months - have some projects going on' <--nak jadi model ke? fewit!

June Malik said...

Yelah tu u all slower than snails haha .. i have to care a bit abt my tan lines cos me oredi dark as it is lol .. and it takes such a loooong time to recover .. now its like i dark brown stockings on heheh

rara said...

wow kak june! cayalah!! u did it! so 42 insya allah should be no problem for u.

anyway, have a good rest ok.

ruby said...

congrats k.june... u did it... nanti kiter buat LSD samer2 k... ;p

June Malik said...

julin, rara and ruby , thanks ..without u all punya encouragement mesti tak dapat, if last year someone told me i'd be running out on the road at noon memang i will kata gila lah .. LOL but i did that, tengah hari buta dok lari lagi hahah ... u all see my legs sure gelak, kuda belang kalah !!

am .. haha bendera pun tak line nya tak prominent camni haha ..

ya i agree with Julin, Ian ni mesti nak masuk magazine or tv !!

pakmat said...

..tan lines make a woman sexy..:) cheers and congrats..pakmat managing only 1k a week..

seah said...

you make it.
All the way is not easy, but you make it.
Ms. Bond, 42km already on you finger.

June Malik said...

pakmat : double triple colour sexy jugak? haha .. 1km a week pun jadi lah, dari takde langsung

seah : thanks for dropping by and i shall give it my best :)