Thursday, May 13, 2010

FMVs Hang Out

You would have read our meet up from Yim's blog. Just to add a little bit more. (or a lot more)

I picked Julie up at about 5pm, we decided to leave slightly early to avoid the traffic jam and we got lucky and  arrived at 530pm (despite having to do not one, but TWO detours .. miss the junction daa). By the time we seated ourselves at the Pelita Restaurant we were yakking away like we've been friends forever.  Yim came 15 minutes later, nonchalantly sauntered to the table and I recognized him immediately and blurted out, "eh you smaller in person lah" hahaha sorry Yim. From then on he didnt have a chance to be malu-malu kucing!

Azza came about half an hour later, and Syed joined us just before 8pm.

Haza texted to say that she wont be able to join us, was still at work and had the girls at home waiting for dinner and Ian texted to say that he was stuck in traffic and then again telling us he had to miss meeting us due to his other appointment and asked Yim & Syed to behave LOL. I read out these messages to the gang. Shuk chucked us for a date with Ramli Sarip and Choi couldnt make it either.

We briefly discussed the FMV group and plans to do with the money, etc and it was over in a jiffy. We were more interested to talk about other things and of course eating. I took a whole plateful of rice and dishes, all of us had rice except Azza who was the only one watching her diet LOL.

We sat and talked and laughed and poke fun at each other and talk/discussed about friends, *what goes on the table stays at the table LOL* LSDs,  runs, cramps,  food, running gears and  lots of other things .. Julie imparted with loads of tips for us virgins! Thank you Julie!

I managed to make Yim blush when I boldly asked if he was single or double LOL .. He had a hard time answering lor .. but for your information .. Yim is single, lupa tanya available ke tak. Syed , who looked more like a schoolboy (so boyish and young looking) is also single and I also forgot to ask available or not. (busy body betul I ni kan??) I guess being the oldest in the group gave me this edge and advantage to ask them all these personal questions heeeh .. and ooh I thought Syed was cute too, you bukan tak cute Yim .. Syed cute-er LOL. Tapi Yim macho with the famous moustache! Julie laughed so hard when I told her what I thought about Syed. Hey, god gives us eyes to see and appreciate kan? hahahaha, lagipun I am a harmless makcik, if he ada girlfriend pun she wont mind me complimenting her beau.

All these went on for more than 5 hours, real lepak marathon. What I like best is that all of us "clicked" just like that, I guess after being friends so long on fb, and learning about each other online , when we finally met up it wasnt akward at all!  We knew enough details about each other, personal preferences, etc to simply just be ourselves and went with the flow!! Looking in from outside, it would seem that we were a bunch of old friends having a meal and fun together. No one would have guessed that its our first meeting in person! I hope I did not frighten Yim & Syed with my endless talking and laughing .. Julie had an hour advantage to "really" know me and Azza met me once although briefly, and we talked on the phone few times she knew what to expect of me!!

If it was not a working day the next day I suspect the session would have gone longer. It was way past Yim's bedtime, according to him. No wonder he was sleepy during your night runs last weekend ha ha.

I seriously think we should do this on a more regular basis. One a month or once every two months. Just get together, sit and talk and simply enjoy the moment.  Can bring family members too (spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids that can handle being ignored most of the time hehe), hmm sounds fun right?

Let's have one after sundown so that Haza and Kash can tell us about their 84k experience and before SCKLM so that us virgins could korek more tips.  Hands up if you agree :)


azza said...

AGREE! Not only one but both hands up now :D Btw, i thought not only Yim had hard time answering but u also hvg hard times to ask Yim's status..kan..kan lol. K.June dear, mana pegi counting days calendar tu? azza mmg refer kat ur blog tau bila lupa lg berapa hari..huaaaa

Diket said...

Wow! That was a good hang out. Didn't know that unvirgin marathoners also can join. Missed the date. It's a cool idea to have this once in a while besides meeting up during LSDs.

p/s. Syed sure blush like watermelon right now X)

Yimster said...

Hah lepas nih kona lah hamba cari lobang tuk sembunyi :D

Yang nak masuk melamar tuh, kena beat my PB dulu ek lol

crushhio said...

here's raising hands up for bigger turn-out of next FMV and non FMV gathering.. the more the merrier, the lagi best korek rahsia. :)

p/s: LOL! kak june exaggerate sangat lah.. u know what they said about cuteness? cuteness is UGLY but adorable..

June Malik said...

azza , adalah the counter !
yim : wah bukan main lagi the terms, mesti ada yang boleh break tu ..

diket : all welcome, next one soon! hope u can join us.

syed : siapa yang kata cute tu ugly is really stupid hahah, cute tenguk tak jemu ;p

jue said...

next venue make sure we don't need to look for 2 U-Turn ya? . . . heheheeee