Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I kid you not

Sometimes  I wonder why they use the term "butterflies in my stomach" whenever one is feeling nervous, edgy or so close to hitting the panic button like me now. Was it ever tested? Like do you swallow a whole bunch of butterflies whole and they somehow survived and flutters in your stomach?? If not how do you know its butterflies in the stomach and not err cockroaches?? eeeeeewwwwww

The counter now shows 46 some days to D-day. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. It was 38 days ago I started this counter, more comforting at 84 days! Where did all the days go to??? Most importantly I am  not running enough. I sure pick the wrong race to do my FM. So much so for celebrating a 1st anniversary. Dank.

I did not expect JB to take a lot of my time. It was supposed to be a few days only. And then there was this to do, that to settle, those to finish up and others came along .. Eerrggh.

I am yet to do an LSD of 25k. I have only started again yesterday (I think I said this few weeks ago, the training mode on in facebook?? uuggh) and now shuffling back on the road.  And I have only 3 weekends left to do a 30. One weekend in June will be used for family holiday. You and I know it will be few days of no running but gorging on food.  I guess if I dont cover the necessary mileage now, I have to depend on my mental strength and will my legs to just go. And do the Murakami's chant "I am not human, I am a machine, I dont feel pain" over and over and over again.

Yana got her UiTM placement and will be registering on the 26th of June in Melaka. One day before the run. But of course !! Trust me,  I will be driving up and down to Melaka with a stomach full of butterflies up to my throat that a small sigh would probably pop one out of my mouth! Just my luck it has to be the day before,  but luckily its not on the 27th (hmm, maybe it should have been, then I'd have a perfect excuse???, LOL)

So, if you spot me looking much fairer on race day, its because all the blood's drain out and I am in sheer panic.  I kid you not.

YIKES. YIKES. YIKES. YIKES.YIKES. Not that its gonna help me but saying it does give me some comfort. YIKES.

If I cross the finish line well and fine, I do the jig for you :)


ian yusof said...

I want to see you doing the jig .... :) ... You'll do fine. You have time to re-charge the entire 7-week program. Go for it!!!

Justiffa said...

Heh anak mami.. dun la panic2, go tame 'em wild butterflies & just do it babe.

Osso hubs xde so u can hyper focus ;p

Go juney GO!!

ziff71 said...

Hi June

Go for it. Think many ppl also in "stressful" mode :)

pakmat said...

..maybe its time to put a tiger in..and chased the butterflies out..:)

tolldoll said...

remember i might be pirating the marathon too and i have yet to do any LSD. Don't worry, as long as we don't break a leg, sheer determination can carry us through.

Diket said...

everybody have the jitters. just be cool about it and as long as you have all the prep-ups, it shouldn't be any problem. on the good side, you have melaka to think about instead of SCKLM for a day X)

June Malik said...

Ian, will do jig if you there, if not orang lain tak tau hehheh

tiff/pak mat : i think its the lack of running giving me these butterflies, memang nak tiger power lah pak mat haha

ziff : i know i am whining, ramai lagi nak buat pun mesti sama kan?? but i have a platform to whine and get consoled!!

tolldoll : be a pirate with the FMVs lah :)

diket : thanks bro, hopefully melaka will calm me down hehe ..