Saturday, May 08, 2010

JB - the good, bad and worst

Well, we found our nest in JB. Not our first choice but the best compromise. Its huge, and thinking of cleaning the place saddens me LOL .. lucky for me my kids are big enough to maintain their own rooms and minimum mess too. We are in Plentong. I like the quirky name. I thought of “Orang plentong pandai klentong”. Hehe. We are right beside Dorsett Regency Hotel. The one we liked was smaller and felt so much like home when we walked in, but much further and a headache traffic for my husband to travel to work.

This is a penthouse condo, 5+1 rooms, 4 baths, (more than enough space for guests, hint hint) reasonable kitchen (I am going to miss MY kitchen back home) and wash and drying area, etc.

It has a club house that holds a small cafe, a mini mart, laundry, a small gym, tennis court, squash court and a wonderful two tiered pool, the upper tier a jacuzzi. Its almost empty in the morning, which means I have the pool all to myself! For the few days that I've been here, spying from my floor, I saw only one or two swimming in the morning.

The good points :-

- Its walking distance to Tesco (for leisure, makan, and light buying) and less than 5 min drive
- 10 min drive to Giant (Giant “owns” JB, in every town there is at least one Giant)
- Less than 20 mins drive to Carrefour and a huge pasar borong in the same vicinity that has a wet market too
- I can run in the condo area
- I can run in Tesco's humongous car park too
- Less than 20 min drive to work for my husband

The bad points :-

- No elevator up to the unit from the car park. So if we went shopping we'd have to park our car at the entrance, and bring up the stuff few trips up and down .. and its a card system building, you swipe your card to open main door, you swipe your card to go up to your unit .. a security feature but a hassle too! If it rains there is no covered pathway from entrance to car park!

- We have no neighbours at all, four units on our floor and we are the only occupant on this floor. My husband is a bit wary of staying alone ha ha, he doesnt do well alone at night – a boo will scare the hell out of him LOL. Takut hantu dia tu.

- Quite a distance to either of the schools that we would eventually choose for Azam. The traffic here can be quite bad so probably we will have to leave a bit early.

The worst,

The people in the condo area are not friendly at all !! Its so hard to get even a smile, let alone a hello or any kind of acknowledgement. The ladies are more snobbish compared to the guys. Of course there are some friendlier ones but on the whole, its a snobbish community! Maybe I am too quick to judge, I am new but then again, the ones that I met were mostly unfriendly.

I am by nature very friendly and it really amazes me that people can be so unfriendly like this. Not even a smile, A SMILE. Wow. I am the kind of person that easily make friends, heck I can even talk away with the stranger that's in front or behind me or both in a long queue!

Our most unbelieveable encounter would be on the first day when we moved in. There we were with our hands full of bags and my husband was struggling to take out the card from his pocket, and this lady was behind us. Instead of her just swiping her card and we could have entered with her courtesy lugging our things, she simply stood behind us and waited till WE opened the door and walked in behind us. We shared the same elevator and again she pushed her button floor and dont even bother asking us. Its like we were invisible. So I had to put my bags down and swiped my card and pressed my floor. Common courtesy act would be helping to open the front door and offering to press the elevator button seeing we were laden with things! We simply cant fathom her attitude.

Ooh, if and when the wheels are turned in my favour, I would walk in and close the door on her face, let her get her own ****ing card and swipe it herself. Duh!


adnil imzan said...

hi kak june,
dun forget to contact angie..she's in far as i know,her house just nearby dorsett..:) hope u'll catching up with her later...:))

tolldoll said...

Dorsett Regency hotel is where would stay if I had to go to JB, which is always often. I stayed there for a week and used the gym at your condo (i think, it's just beside dorsett right, depan warung kedai makan). That place is quite alright, and the running routes around tesco is awesome except banyak budak rempit bersiul.

June Malik said...

TD : gym dia first floor at the clubhouse, nanti i dah pindah sana for good, anytime u there taulah who to call :) i go early morning to run in tesco so still empty, rempits still in bed due to the late night out ha ha

Yimster said...

lol ... dun lah so geram. there are loads of funny people in this world. we just got to make do with what we can. perhaps in time they could change if you sprinkle your magic dust, in time lol

hope you and your family settle down soon in JB ya.

serena said...

sabar aje...i am sure in no time at all you will spread the friendliness around you. you have a certain charisma in you that people can't ignore. trust me!

June Malik said...

heheeh, i am sure the good ones are around, I HOPE hehe .. serena, if i break this group then i am memang queen of making friends, hehe trust me .. havent met ppl like this before lah!

Che said...

its always hard to move to a new place, as u get too comfortable with your old one. but thats the thing, u get new environment. new everything (incl new headache) :P u'll blend it, sooner or later. all the best at your new place, dont forget us here in KL/Putrajaya :)

atleast u'll have the pool all to yourself! :P

ian yusof said...

that sounds like a perfect place to stay .. I, for one, love condo living. People wise ... I'm sure that with your positive aura, it will slowly create smiles on their faces. It's a slow process but worth fighting for..... enjoy your stay. :)

June Malik said...

che : of course tak forget u guys, mana boleh?? dont forget, u suppose to cheer for me at scklm nanti hehe, i have been moving a lot this is our first within malaysia posting, tempat sendiri yang paling susah nak fit in, boleh??

Ian : hehee, insyaallah will not give up, am sure the good ones are out there, yet for me to find them hihi .. if not, like the say, cant beat em, join em LOL

Sue said...

June, I am sure you will make friends before you know it ..... even in your condo complex!