Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pool Incident .. I walked to the deck chair ...

Caution : read, comment and move on. Trust me you do not want to imagine.

I walked to the deck chair. Sat down and smiled at her. Ooh an evil smile. And decided.

Took off my shoes, my socks. Sauntered to the shower area purposely. Showered in full gear while she looked at me in disdain. And I did it. The unthinkable. Sucked in my tummy and TOOK OFF MY TOP. I had my nike sports bra underneath. Quite decent actually but of course not for a makcik like me to flauntlah LOL. Walked to her side and asked, "like this can?" and before she could say anything, jumped in right beside her. Oh, she got a good splash. Oops. My bad.

Swam to the end of the pool, turned back and rested by the edge and gave her a look that clearly said, "You want to be a bitch, well guess what honey?, I can be one too. Bring it on"

She was shocked to say the least and stayed at her spot. Not few minutes after, exited the pool. Hmm I wonder if it had something to do with me??? I wondered what she told her friends. I made an enemy for sure and probably a few more from her clan, on my first day out of the unit. Two days after we moved in. Sigh. A record for me. I normally make friends. Dank!

I didnt stay long either. I jumped in just to annoy her and I think I did more that that haha. Dont want the guards on patrol to catch me in my most vulnerable state!! The poor pakciks would go blind on first sight. LOL. Besides, I cant hold in my tummy anymore!!

Jumped out, put on my top and happily walked barefooted back to my unit, swinging my shoes. Except for that snob, no one else saw me in my "proper swimming attire". Phewwww, thank you god. It sure was a hell of a morning.

What can I say?? Once in awhile, you gotta be THAT bitch.

told you not to imagine, kan dah pengsan ...... sorry hihihi


Haza said...

I'd like to do that one sweet day.

Yimster said...

You b**** lol. That's showing her who's boss. One less friend kat sana takpe lah. I think there will be more fainting accidents there when June moves on hehe

crushhio said...

coolness kak june!

bitch-splash is equivalently evil with bitch-slap..LOL!

azza said...

Splendid! K.June, since u hv guts to do this, our 42k will be a bit easier :)azza imagine mcm dlm movie lak, cuma belum ada scene tarik rambut@tolak2 tepi kolam..hehehe. Looking forward to read the next chapter!

ian yusof said...

love the suck-in the tummy part .... hehheheh.
p/s - I'll teach you how to stay longer ... I did it all the time :)

June Malik said...

H : do! feels sooo good, so evil but i felt good, teruk kan? haha

Yim, hehe ... no more fainting spells i promise heeh, itu pasal tempat was totally deserted .. besides i do want to make friends, really!

syed : i like the equivalent thingie hehehe
azza : tarik2 rambut drama jer, ni in style lol

Ian ; I need the tips ... share, share!!

pakmat said... took off your top..and shorted my brain..:)..and now pakmat is out for a week..

rara said...

hahaha.. mcm dalam movie gitu..

June Malik said...

hahaahahahah adoi pakmat , u had me in stitches , sorry !!

rara : itulah kan, kak june kan rasa keturunan anak mami memang drama lebih selalu LOL