Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tesco & Pool Incident

The first morning I went out I did not run. I walked. Just to explore the area, get to know it and measure the distance :) Just to see the surrounding first. No one runs here, didnt see any for the one week I was there either.

The condo area itself, two loops around it and if I add in and out / up and down the car parks will give me an easy 4km. Not bad.

I ventured out. Its not possible to run on the streets, fast cars swing by and dont give a hoot for pedestrians and they have bends in the road that would block me from their view till its a tad too late, no thank you. A public golf course is our neighbour. I want to call and check if they would allow me to run in there. I know some courses that allow joggers during non peak days.

Next route, Tesco car park. Its huge. 33 cars in width and pillars A-J in length. End to end length wise, up and down give me 600 metres multiply by width, do your math! Its empty in the morning but not deserted. Its safe. Staff trickles in and the guards are around. I get curious stares from them when I did my test runs ha ha. Once I am there, I am sure they will get use to the sight of me.  Its fully covered too yay ;p) 6km is easy and more if I want to. Judging from the time that people start coming in, its best I get out by 8:15am. So Tesco has to be my first route before running in the condo area. Next trip I have to check out the Garden. Not to sure how far it is from my place lah.

After checking out Tesco, I walked back and decided to see the facilities in the condo. Gym first stop. Its a small one but sufficient. Ooh I found out here that I had super power. I am invisible!! Three ladies occupied the three treadmills available, I was not even worth a glance! They could see me from the mirror but chose to ignore me and continued yakking. Like I am not there. Totally not there. I wasnt expecting them to stop and say hello, a nod or a smile? I was ready to flash my smile! Gosh, another bunch of snobs.

There's a squash court (hmm where is my racket??) and of course the wonderful pool. Its not deep, water just to my chest but its lovely. Been eyeing it from my floor and was the first thing I checked out when we first arrived. I wasnt planning to swim then. Later in the evening perhaps. I had my running shorts and PNM top. A lady was in the pool, in her mid 30's I think. She looked at me and I smiled. She didnt smile back,  (I seriously think smiling to strangers are prohibited in this area) And she blurted out to me, "you cannot swim like that, must be in proper swimming attire" Oh and they way she said it, so authorative, so arrogant. I was like??? huh??  did it look like I was going to jump in?

I didnt say anything, but I was really irked. Ladies at the gym and now her. What's up with them? Or was it me?? Did I have STUPID stamped on my forehead or something? June Bond got really pissed. I looked around. The place was deserted except for the both of us. Just a little after 8:30am, majority of the residents are at work and school. We are totally on our own. Totally. Good.

I walked to the deck chair.

Take a wild guess of what happened next?? (doing a Yim here ..hehe)

to be continued ..........

Note : Julia Lim, you are not allowed to guess. And dont tell hehe ;p)


Yimster said...

About the Tesco car park, just be careful running there even though there's not many cars in the early morning. Its the nook and crannies there you need to be alert, in case some loony is lurking around. Furthermore, its covered and huge ya. Be safe always.

Nice swimming pool though. Bery inviting. Dont care about the snobs lah and just do you thingy. Maybe they are just not used to strangers yet and will warm up in time. Give a chance ya.

Now what? Trajedi buah dorian ke? lol. You tried to sit on the deck chair and it collapsed with the LOUDEST BANG in the world?

serena said...

is there a prize for the correct guess? i think you slipped and fell into the pool onto that snob!!! am i right???

~Sasha Farina~ said...

eeeeiii... berlagaknya. kalau i dah terkeluar 'flash' daripada mata n mulut agaknya. baru dia tau! :D

Julin Julai said...

The woman said " Eh don't sit in that chair. All chairs are mine. I the very kedekut one" heheh.
betul ke my guess?

June Malik said...

hahah gosh, think u all pengsan kot if you know what i did??

crushhio said...

dont leave us on the cliffhanger that long pleaseee...