Monday, June 28, 2010


1. Woke up to whole body aching, and moving the legs seemed impossible

2. Getting up from bed , trying to stand straight required an effort

3. Sitting and getting up from the "throne", from sofa, even dining chair .. aarrgghh

4.  Putting on jeans, had to sit on the bedlah !

5. Walking up 15 steps of stairs, painful

6.  Walking down the same stairs, pure agony

7. Realised shuffling is the way to walk these few days

8.  Getting in and out of car needs special skills

9. Shifting foot from gas pedal to brake pedal, another special skill - thank god for automatic car

10.  Trying to walk as normal as possible in public needs great effort

11.  Going up on a three inch road curb requires pulling jeans from the thighs to get foot up

12.  Imagine all that and add swollen knee, swollen toes  (no shoes for minimum 
        one week, at least)
13.  Realised that will lose a toenail or two ..

14.  Body now has multiple tan lines that can put a zebra to shame

15.  So darn lucky managed to avoid getting chaffed, blistered  - sorry for those that had it

17.  Finds pictures in compromising poses on friend's facebook - and the blogs are yet to come !

18.  Gleefully planning when and where to show off wearing the Finisher Tee

19.  Sit down and playing the whole run in mind - nothing but  awesomeness

20.  Reliving the finishing,  of friends (hunks, actually !!) running with you to the finishing line, being escorted grandly like a   celebrity (despite coming in almost last) with all the gungho-ness and shouts - PRICELESS !!!!!!!

p/s : race report soon :)


IJAM said...


IJAM said...

1st comment! wohooo...

ziff71 said...

aiseyyyy, Ijam mmg pantas.

Kak June, did u manage to get the entourage pic? Boleh lah post in the blog

Tuan Senang Besar said...

2nd time would be more manageable. i'm surprised i'm at work today. with all the blisters :)

Diket said...

Hey! I got my sixth toe ready to POP anytime now :D

三人 said...

Kak June, congratulations on finishing your first Full Marathon! despite what the doctors say. What is your time? I like your writtings, you make running feels very very fun! Can i get your permission to post this article in my FB? Can i add you in FB? Please advise. Thank you! Ooi

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

#8.. sama lah kita!

P/s: Pantun yikes dah settle, pantun Yesza bila nak publish? hihi

June Malik said...

Ijam, memang terror #1

Ziff, gambar ada, nanti masuk hehe, courtesy of Nik !

I need see doctor, my toe macam menanah, yikes ! diket, hope urs pop camtu aje !

TSB, u KERJA ? i can hardly move without wincing! terror !

Nik : oh mesti ada yesza pantun !!

Ooi, boleh, sila, sila ..

Yimster said...

I have this prized blackened toe as a souvenir!

YS said...

Hi June, muahahahaha.... nice report on "First day..."... good one!

June Malik said...

YS , humble true accounts of a first timer lol ..

tsar said...

hi kak June. I'm going around, blog hopping :)
samalah kita. a number of those points will stay on for a few days :P hehe

plee said...

Congratulations and well done! You did awesomely well! keep enjoying the run

June Malik said...

tsar and plee, thanks and do drop by again heeh :)

diket i just realised u said your 6th toe??? yang mana ek ????????

Julin Julai said...

I always believe that post race aches and pains shows that we've given our best during the race.
Be proud of those pains..haha
Congrats Kak June. You're one iron lady.

June Malik said...

thanks julin, lama kan i jalan2 KL? haha

crushhio said...

ahh... those are badges of honour, a manifestation that you have toiled the most out of yourself.. :) proud of you!

June Malik said...

syed : proud of u too :)

kecy82afr said...

walking up stairs. shuffling to walk.
engaging clutch. driving a manual tranny car.

Remind me of my first Malakoff 2008 run back in Penang.

Congrats on ur run!

June Malik said...

afiq, thanks and all the best to your coming runs .. suffer but worth it kan??