Sunday, June 27, 2010


Thank you to Julie Wong and CK Au for pacing with me from KM36. Finishing it was was my aim no matter what,  but I would have gotten horribly lost from 40 to the end ..

Kash, Rais, Karen and the gang at 36KM, you were what made me still go and go !!And Kash, that kiss you gave me tambah my semangat !!

And sungguh sungguh terharu, I was almost in tears (tapi control macho, makcik menangis nanti tak leh stop hahhah) when I saw that you guys actually waited for me (lama tunggu tuuu). Shuk, Diket, Ian, Nik, KA, Dett, Ziff, Nizam, (if I missed anyone, sorry but you know who you are) you guys made me feel like I won the marathon .. It was really painful for me to run the last leg but since you guys were there, I ran and ignored it .. and I am glad I did .. mesti people were wondering I ni celebrity mana lah !!! Its so funny collecting the medal and the finisher T, the guy thot ALL of us just arrived, hilarious !!! Err upload gambar edit lah mana yang patut ok? hahaah

And my buddy from Penang,  Kumar, even though doing only Half, still waited for me hours and hours!!

And all the hugs and kisses after the run even though I must have stank ..... will not forget this gesture, ever.

And to the many many people that said hi to me, kisses, taps , encouragement, I cant thank you enough. One point of time the guy pacing with me was like "you are popular" LOL LOL ..

And to those of you that sent good luck messages, worried messages (Ian, Yim, and few more) and calls, so sorry I did not respond, I was afraid if I broke my momentum even a bit I would be forced to DNF, it was go, go and go till the end then stop ! And Azza &Haza who were worried sick that I took sooo long ;o)

I am a  bit disappointed because my stamina berkoyan-koyan ada .. and mentally I was focused and no wall came, but my knee sakit from 3rd km and after 22k I was walking .. but hey I finished, that's what counts !! My knee is now swollen giler and bruising too LOL but its worth it .. I have ice on  skin direct and no feel at all .. that's how bad it is but I proved Dr Chan wrong, even when the pain set in I finished my marathon .. must go and tell him lah ..

Haza, thanks. You are the inspiration that made me do this.

It will be a loooooooooooooooooooog race report , soon .. I can brag kan? ahahahah


tolldoll said...

congrats! how do you feel? must be feeling like a million bucks :)

take care of the knees. no need to tell you that the knees will be suffering for quite some time post marathon.

Yimster said...

Woohoo pape pon you've finished and that counts! Good job, more rest now and come back with a big bang hehe. Ice the knees and take care of them.

Haza said...

Thank YOU for the euphoria ;)

RaYzeef said...

Kak June congrats, i'm glad you finish the FMV..

bit worried when i saw u walking at KM14 when i high fived u.

pls brag, u entitled every minutes of it :)

Khairul said...

Congrats once more. Have a good rest kak. Bragging is very much welcomed. U deserved it. U turned many ppl who are not FM runners into one. There'll be many more to come. For that, I give u a lot of credit.

And the vest is actually NICE. Very. It fits very well. Gonna be my fav gym top from now on :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

It was a pleasure for us to be escorting you to the finishing line.
Memang terasa macam escort celebrity lah. Hihi.

well done once again. this week we'll have lots of interesting stories to read on blogs..

Hope you have a fast recovery too.

Zaki said...

Congrats on the courageous run! You're now a marathoner! Huhu! Be very proud of that. Brag all you want, you are entitled to it. Take care of them knees and hope you recover soon.

Che said...

ape pun congrats! sempoi betul vest korang.. rugik tak join. makcik pun boleh buat, inikan org lagi muda betul tak? probably due to cold weather kot? hujan kan masa korang start? sorry lah x jumpe semalam.. :)

rest well, really well. start lari sampai kaki betul2 ok :)

rusfarizal rusli said...


KOOKY KASH said...

great job, June! Rest and heal.

Tuan Senang Besar said...

they guy who said you're popular must be me :)
well done, June. And you never waited for me when I took a pitstop! haha!

June Malik said...

thanks all .. today satu badan sakit and moving an inch is an effort LOL.

TSB, sorry i did slow down but since tak see you I went on, I cant stop fearing if I did I cant continue .. but hey congrats, you finished it !

crushhio said...

congrats kakjune!