Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ismail Clan Gathering - Redang Island

We had our own tshirt this time, coolness .. 

It was a long bus ride but once we were on the island, all tiredness left us.

Crystal clear waters, colourful fish, corals, and the many different hue of the sea. I love the turqoise sea. Awesomely beautiful.

We had a great time, but less grouping up session since this time we had to share the chalet with hundreds other people unlike Kuala Woh when we had the place to ourselves. Nonetheless the outings to the marine park, open sea snorkelling and eating time sees us having loads of fun together ..

My favourite time was the open sea snorkelling, and then swimming with baby sharks, though I must admit I was looking around in case mommy shark decided to check on her kids , yikes!

We stayed at Redang Holiday Beach Villa, opposite end of Laguna Beach Resort. The place is comfortable, food is so-so but this kind of holidays, its rough out days and you cant expect 5 star hotel treatment ..  

Here is the chalet operator .. he cracked us up with his instructions, the part that's really funny was this :- 

"Balik makan tengahali pukul lua belat sampai pukul lua. Pukul lua sitengah boat mali, pegi snooking, lepas snooking balik ala minum petang boleh makan kalipop"  Snooking and kalipop became the favourite word for the gang heheeh ..

Here are some pictures and you can see more here and here .. Pictures are taken by Izzarul, Norul and Yana.

                               waiting to go out to the marine park

the adorable Kasih Zarina,

testing out the waters before venturing deeper in
                                                                                                                               anak mami extra tan ..
                                           Azam, my son .. not longer my little boy, but a young man !

Ian : the mamakness and maminess are dissipitating because many of our cousins are marrying the non mamaks he he and their kids are following suit .. yikes, we might be an endangered clan soon LOL


mummy-who-cooks said...

Aiseyman..I should have gone to Redang with my brother the rest of our clan too. Then, I might bumb into your Clan. You probably jumpa my daughter there.. African-Asian, Tall, slim, loud... etc..

Justiffa said...

Wowzers gf.. you guys must've had tons of fun but moving such a big group around must've also brought in its fair share of headaches!

Mmg cool la having ur clan's very own t-shirts ;p

sessionist lounge said...

i like the line endangered clan.. hahaa.. boy, you guys looked like you had tons and tons of fun, ey? :) jealousnyeeeee...

IJAM said...

bestnya mandi pantai...

Diket said...

First of all, nice blog newlook. You also like mountains eh?

What a fantastic vacation. Snooking and kalipap is like marathon & karipap also la.

June Malik said...

Nita, alamak rugi ..maybe ur girl saw me? lol

Tiff : i think the organising was a headache, once there all ok .. the clan are all very cooperative and punctual too !!

belle : it was fun, we are all three shades darker lol and ijam memang best mandi pantai, especially when the water is crystal clear with beautiful fishes in it !

Diket, hehe thanks, was bega-ing the new layout, it was a good holiday n good kalipop hehe .. masa muda2 my weekends were spent either jungle trekking or up a mountain somewhere but i hated our jogging training, always last and nak mampos and here i am attempting my fmv lol