Friday, June 11, 2010

Ismail Clan Gathering

 Our first gathering that comprised of uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews, nieces and our own kids was last year, and it was sooo much fun that we decided it'd be a yearly affair .. This first outing was organised by our beloved Uncle Yam & his kuncu-kuncu.

This time we are off to Pulau Redang, organised superbly by cousin Epi and his lovely wife Norul. 40 of us in total, I think we practically will "conquer" the chalet area hehehe .. We are missing few cousins that cant make it !

Here's a peek to last year's outing and this year's one will be coming soon .. 

(this is considered my calming down time before SCKLM LOL)

 you can see more pictures here and here  ..

Have a great weekend and holidays all, be safe especially those training for SCKLM and especially  the FMVs  :) Owh also to those driving heheeh ..


Justiffa said...

Oh june bond, what big family you have (ala2 macam red riding hood's question to grandma 'wolf' about her big eyes hehehe).

Must be fun eh? ;p hope yall had a great time gf.

ian yusof said...

interesting ... what a great family reunion! But I noticed the mamakness and maminess are dissipitating real fast there :)