Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Knee oh Knee

My last decent run was my 30k. Then I had few short runs and I havent ran many many days resting my knee.  The swelling has gone down noticeably!

Good news is the pain is bearable. Its there, niggling but nothing that I cant handle and I love that.

I had two hours of cardio class today, one advance and one intermediate class and I came back, there's some pain but  sans the limping yay .. tomorrow, RICE.

Its 16 days to d-day tomorrow. I was totally freaking out silently lol but somehow after my classes today I am much calmer. And after so many days of doubts, today, I somehow know , even without enough training, without decent mileage, without any real lsds, I think I can do this.

How can I not? with all the RBUs behind me, the FMVs, the FB buddies and friends and strangers -  I am so touched that I have you all with me.  And KA has promised to drag me if need be and Haza will stick with me even if it took more than 6 hours (hope not lah kan.. hahaha) and my loyal partner Azza, and of course Yim and Syed .. 

So, we the ori FMVs are going to be at the starting line. Yay. Yikes. Oh my god. Yikes, again and again!

p/s Nik : I am still trying to come up with the Yikes pantun LOL - not giving up !!


RaYzeef said...

K.June gud luck, 3 more weeks, we'll be rooting for u all the way :-)

Justiffa said...

You can do it juney.. anak mami mesti bole punya ;p n if not an fmv can osso go jenguk2 or not? ;D

Go june bond go!!!

Diket said...

I haven't been running since Sundown. Down with flu :) I feel like running today, hopefully. Go June! Even the month named after you. Make it a history. See you there.

Justiffa said...

Btw juney... talking about pantuns, heres one for you ;p

Alkisah seorang anak mami
Dia diserang penyakit misteri
Yikes sana yikes sini
Ramai yang wonder, apa ni?

Kerana hajat yg berkuntum dihati
Terklik la pulak tempoh hari
Tapi berdepan dengan realiti
Keraguan mula melanda diri.

Jangan diresah wahai juney
You’re a strong spunky lady
You’re gonna make it dun worry
Soon its goodbye to your ‘virginity’!!!

Yehaaa… GO juney GO :D

ian yusof said...

Kak June, it seems that everyone is hibernating right after Sundown. That's scary. I haven't done anything myself.

Do u have any target for the marathon? Sub-6 maybe? :)

June Malik said...

Rayzeef and Diket : thanks .. insyaallah, kenalah keep up the name kan, haha

Tiff, *hugs and kisses* LOL you sure made my day hahah, LOVE your pantun hehehe, I dok gelak tak habis lagi nie, and gf, am doing this for US!

Ian, of course lah sub-6, 5:59:59 hehehe dramatic finish heheheh , seriously I just want to finish, with my knee giving problems ni and when i do, You definitely get the jig LOL

IJAM said...

relax..the run will turn out to be have friends to cheer you up..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Wow.. what a nice pantun by JT there.

But i'm still waiting for a yikes pantun from you June.. hehe. tak kira.. nak jugak!

tolldoll said...

i did the accidental marathon with bad knees. my advice, run conservatively when you can, and if the knees start to hurt, then stop. you can always walk fast.

i would be joining the rest of you for this too... i think.

June Malik said...

nadia, u the terror one, will take ur advise and see you

nik , dont worry the pantun will be coming hehe