Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Yikes :)

this anak mami
got cita-cita tinggi
nak pergi lari
dari pagi ke tengahari

forgot about her knees
already use many many
now osteo sudah mari 
adoi apa mau jadi?

but this anak mami
the very panas baran
cos doctor tell me
i wont finish the run

so this anak mami 
the very the degil
when itu time itu  hari
will stand there gigil-gigil

nanti ada anak teruna
nanti ada anak dara
hot mama juga ada
ini anak mami group mana?

tinggal lagi 5 hari 
oh no, really?
the gatal very my jari
padan muka sendiri

but u know what?
lots of people give me heart
so i will slow slow buat
even though dah tak larat

and also guess what?
this one i very very like
lots of this and that
I no say my yikes !!

Thanks all for your support and encouragements. See you at Dataran on the 27th. Come and join us the FMVs at the starting line !! 

ITS NOW 4 DAYS TO D-DAY. Err, Yikes?


IJAM said...

no 1? yes..
wish you good luck..
see you at the finishing line, will snap photos of fellow bloggers..

RaYzeef said...

no more yikes? gud luck on race day :)

Diket said...

Is this a rap version of Yikes!? Cool. Sing it together at the start line :)
Change Yikes! to Yesza! now.

Khairul said...

hahaha....dah merepek ni. u don't try, u dunno kan. have a few good days ahead of sunday. watch that movie Yim gave u over and over again.

June Malik said...

heheeh, this is akibat cannot sleep and excited and anxious all in one LOL, and KA dah convert the movie into my ipod so can take it anywhere with me heheeh

mummy-who-cooks said...

June anak mami... don't play-play with knee injury... I dah rasa dah.. tobat... last year I had my shoulder Ops pulak.. and you dont want that also... Yikes..! :)

Justiffa said...

Yes i agree, sesuai utk rap ;p

All the best juney!!

rara said...

hahaha nice song/pantun/rap kak june!

Che said...

all the best mommy june! slow down the first sign of pain u felt, then cont slowly.. dont overpush.. :) dont stop too long kat waterstation too.. <err.. that one for me

see u on Sunday! Yesza!

Zaki said...

Hi June. Finally drop a note here...
Good luck for your FMV. Hope you'll have a good journey... to the finish line.

June Malik said...

Eh betul, Ijam the no 1 :)

Diket,Tiff, Rara
hmm boleh cari makan buat lagu rap lah camnie hehe ..

Rayzeef, no yikes, at least for the time being haha

Nita : I will take care

and Che/KA , Yesza !! KA, cari kalipop tau hahah

KOOKY KASH said...

Last one to comment :)

You know where we'll wait for you. So better make sure u drag your ass down at KM36. See ya!

crushhio said...


nice syair u wrote!

u sure can nail the 42 dragon!

run safe!

crushhio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
June Malik said...

Kash will look forward to finally meeting you in person :)

Syed, you too .. we shall do this!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Go go go FMV!!

Finally.. the 'yikes' rap/pantun. hehe.

ruby said...

all the best k.june... ;p

ARZ said...

wah...pantun anak mami
very good difficult to copy
and very sayang I cannot pergi
Nak bagi support anak mami jati

Anyways my well wishes is for U
Kalau dok last pun I know u tak malu
Orang tak cuba depa tak tahu

June Malik said...

haha encik ramli
u oso rap with me
i try my best the very
must habis sama hari

last tak malu
orang tak lari tak tau
tapi janganlah sampai camtu
second last i setuju

hahaha, thanks boss !