Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Still FMVs at this moment

The one spot to reach that kept me going

Ice, Ice Baby ..one of the few factors that helped
me finish the run

Kash sending me on my way, a kiss followed this and 
that really got me going 

just 6km more .. Rais & Kash rock!

Any agents out there looking for plus size model?

Macam tak betul jer jalan nie?
 but got the marker !!

the guys waited and greeted me 

and made me run the last leg 

so, even in pain I ran with them ..

See? kalah celebrity .. Julie & CK kept me company
from 36km and prevented me from getting lost, I would have 
gone somewhere else at 40-41km LOL

Proud new marathoners with 
the ultramom, Haza

   Finally, I get to sit down, Azza, Karen (FMV till PBIM),
 Kash's friend Tuan Senang Besar, Julie and tauke 
kedai runcit, Kash
Check out my new tan lines, my legs 
have 4 shades - with Azza and Syuk Yusof

the hard earned Tee ..

  1. Race Report, next change. 
  2. Pictures courtesy of CK Au, Nik, Kash, Nad, Terk and SCKLM .



..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Wah.. profile picture pun dah makin berseri sekarang ni...

Yimster said...

Bersinar2 lagi tuh. Cam ada aura baru jek. Maner dapat ek???

June Malik said...

Nik : berseri-seri kalah pengantin baru kan? haha .. eh, you #1!!

Yim : u perli? bersinar2 pasal dah gelap lagi? ahahah i seriously kena cari that girl yang jual fair and lovely cream, teeheeeheee

crushhio said...

u are one feisty lady! ur personality is beautiful enough, no need fair and lovely

it is indeed an epic day for all FMV kan?

Yimster said...

Need SKII kot .... *cabutsss*

Justiffa said...

I agree, no need cream la gf, lovely oredi ;D

Can pinjam ah the tee so that can tumpang the berseri2 & bersinar2 aura heheheh?

June Malik said...

Aww, syed. so sweet. Yim, ingat SKII murah? wait u wait ..*waits at corner with rotan besar punya*

June Malik said...

Hahaha Tiff, if u see me you will agree kena kot fair and lovely. semalam aje three people commented more on my skin rather than me finishing the run LOL .. nak pinjam? boleh, for you boleh. I nak cari Yim's and gunting *oh yess*

Diket said...

Finisher tee tak payah basuh for 42 days. Thats what they say la :D

ian yusof said...

kak june - congrats! from the look at your face @ the finishing line, muka cam tak penat langsung, betul ker you cover the entire 42km? .... :) ... i guess that's what happens when you run out of passion. way to go, kak june!

deo said...

Kak June,
Congrats on your FMV and nice to get to meet you in person. I was having nasi kandar when you pass Jln TAR, was waiting for you earlier tapi perut cannot tahan some more and to shout your name from inside nasi kandar shop, takut terbelahak pulak kari kat tekak.

Anyway, take care of JB ye. I'm done with it.

June Malik said...

Diket, dah dua hari pakai, 40 days to go!

Ian : kak june baru jer fb u asking mana hilang and here u are .. you are right abt not feeling tired. Story kat race report.

Deo nice to meet you. Its ok, the thought counts .. I would have been duly terperanjat and seronok if you called though. Cool giler lol. I am still not sure if I like JB or not haha. Will let u know.

rusfarizal rusli said...

mantopp..congrats..proud of you.. :)

serena said...

...from the pictures you are really well pampered! surely you will do it again kan??

mummy-who-cooks said...

June, WELL DONE. I bet masa ni hang tak terpikir whats gonna happen 'after the run-the next day'.. Once again congratulations, wish I was there to 'clap-clap' kat you..

Julin Julai said...

No one would look prettier in that finisher's shirt. Congrats again kak!

IJAM said...

Read first comment later (dah tau yg last)...
The photos of your sweet (or pain) moment...
congratulations kak june...kak june lari marathon pada bulan june, hey...it's rhyme!..

Kak june, lari marathon pada bulan june, jadi cun melecun...there you go..!

Zaki said...

Kak June, congrats. Musti senyum bawak sampai ke tidor kan? Haha.. More FMs after this since you've lost your virginity last weekend... :)

June Malik said...

ryzal, thanks. happy dpt see u few seconds :)

Serena : I am lucky surrounded by wonderful friends , sigh. heaven.

Nita, aku dah agak jugak but didnt expect sampai tak leh tunduk hahah

Julin, hehe so sweet of u .. thanks hun!

Ijam, boleh lawan Nik haha and Zaki, yeah tidur siap mimpi .. Azza slept over and she said i cakap dlm tidur "lariii" .. hahh and yes more FMs of course. Dah senior hahaha.