Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pre-Run Jitters - all the Yikes

The d-day is a mere 7 days away. Yikes.

I havent ran in errr one month? Yikes.

Been carboloading but no running for the past two weeks. Yikes.

Cant bring myself to step on the weighing machine. But I know I have easily gained 4kg , at least! Yikes.

Think (actually its reality) my jeans are a tad tight at the waist and tummy. Yikes.

Tried slow jog yesterday morning. The first km felt like setengah mati. Yikes.

Knee still throbbed a bit after the ooh so slow 5km walk. Yikes.

Still gonna be at the starting line. Yikes.

Hope to cross finish line walking and not crawling. Yikes.

See you on the 27th at 4:00 am. Gonna go early and calm pre-run jitters. Yikes.

Good Night. Started to have run nightmare dreams for the past two days. Yikes.

Hope tonite's dream is me finishing the run and not standing in the middle of the road , ALONE and laughing like mad. LOL.



KOOKY KASH said...

just be prepared to hurt, and you'll be OK. hehehe.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Finally.. the YIKES pantun siap juga...

Err.. this is pantun, right?

tolldoll said...

it's ok, im underprepared either. dont worry too much about it. :)curil

Yimster said...

*high 5s* k.june. sama boat je. lets rumble!!!

Diket said...

I am no Liverpool fan but "You'll never walk alone". Trust me. Take care & see you there :)

三人 said...

Good luck and see you at SCKL!

June Malik said...

thanks all, wont be here/there if not for u all !

ian yusof said...

we should do just fine. Just do a run + walk breaks thingy until the finishing line, even at the first 10km. see u on sunday

June Malik said...

thanks bro Ian, see u sunday ..